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The Job

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Scarlett gets a job.

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1985, June 06
Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California

It was a really, really bad day to be outside. From all the weather reports I had heard the previous day there was supposed to be some tropical storm, but it didn't matter to me. I was late for my job interview and it was not a good impression to make on my hopefully soon-to-be boss. As I make my way through the regular Sunset Strip crowd I realize my mistake. I left my camera. Fuck, fuck, fuck, not good! "Not good at all." I mumble under my breath. It was too late to turn back now, besides someone was bound to have a camera I could borrow.

On the corner of Sunset boulevard and North Doheny Drive was Geffen. If you wanted good music, you could trust Geffen t give that to you. They were the well known label of today and if everything went well today I would be working for them. Walking into the building I realized I had no idea where to go. Walking over to the information desk, I ring the bell. A man who looked to be about in his late thirties walked over. 'Ma'am, maybe I can help you." says the man. I look him over. Do I trust him or wait for the information clerk? "Ummm..." he gives me a small comforting smile. "Are you here for... what?" he asks. I run a hand through my hair, something I had picked up from my mother whenever she was stressed. "I was supposed to be here at 3 for a job interview but as you can see I am a tad bit late, have no idea where to go.." He looks me over. "Ms. Knight?" he asks. I nod wondering how this man knew my name.

"I am Tom Zutaut. I was told you would be coming in." he says. "You were?" I ask him, confused now more than ever. "Yes. Why don't you follow me to my office." he says. I look him over once again before cautiously following him. Once we get to his office, I notice a ton of records hanging on his wall. "So you are a photographer?" asks Tom. I nod before turning my attention back to his records. "Ms. Knight, If you would please take a seat. We can get right down to business." says Tom. I look at him before finding a seat across from his desk and sitting down. "Before we get started may I ask if you have any objections to heavy metal, glam rock?" he asks. I think about it for a quick seconds before shaking my head. "No, sir. Music is music in my opinion. If I had a problem with heavy metal or glam rock then I have a problem with music altogether." Tom types something up.

"Hmm... what are your plans for tonight?" he asks. What the fuck does that have anything to do with this? God, i hope he doesn't ask me out. "Nothing sir." I answer. He scribbles something down before passing the note to me. I read it over.

Guns & Roses
Fine Line

I open my mouth to ask what that was but Tom beat me to it. "What is it, you're going to ask me." he says. I take my eyes off the note and look at him. "You're first job. I want you to photograph all three bands. I want 10 photos each. Nothing more, nothing less. Understand?" he asks. I bite my bottom lip thinking about it. "10 photos for each band." I repeat. Tom nods. I stand up. "Is that all?" I ask him. He stands up and walks over to his door. "That is all. I want them first thing tomorrow." he says, extending his hand. I raise up an eyebrown. I was always taught that a man should wait for a woman to initiate the handshake but I guess it was different when the male is possibly my boss. I slide my hand in his and firmly shake it. "Thank you, Ms. Knight. It was nice meeting you." he opens the door and leads me out.

As I walk out of his office, and down the stairs I notice that the information clerk was still not there. Bad for business. I thought as I walk out of the building.
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