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Dinner time!

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Balthazar and Larry finally got up. Radziel walked in motioning for me to follow him. I walked in between Larry and Balthazar who was still giving each other the eye.” Nothing like a before dinner fight,” I said.” You should come for breakfast,” said Radziel grinning. The kitchen table had four plates placed on it. I sat down on the side of the table.Radziel grabbed a chair and sat next to me. Paul then went to the stove and grabbed a tray of French fries and sat it on the table.” This is what took you so long,” said Larry with a frown wiping the remaining blood from his nose.” I had to defrost them,” he said. Why didn’t you use the microwave instead,” asked Balthazar.” I needed it to warm up the hotdogs,” he said grabbing a plate filled with hotdogs from the microwave.” The hotdogs were plumped and hot. It wasn’t the best dinner but it was the first time they actually had food in the house I could actually eat.” Looks good. Where are the buns? “I asked. Paul reached over the counter and placed the bag of hotdog buns on the table. I untied the bag, grabbed my bun, and handed the bag over to Radziel. Larry got up from the table, and went to the fridge. He came back and sat a cart of Michelob beers on the table.” All yours,” he said to us. Larry then grabbed a beer and took the top off with his teeth. His big arms flexed when chugged down the beer down his throat."Hey wait a minute. Is Gemma old enough to drink," said Balthazar."Oh, yeah that is right,” said Larry."Im about a month away,” I said smiling."Oh, noes, we can’t have you drinking with us. Sorry you can’t drink with us. Wouldn’t want to get in trouble for underage drinking,” he said grinning.Relax, Larry. I am in my second year of college. You can guess I had a few swigs or two. However, thank you for being concern for my safety. I will get water instead. Eating hotdogs with beer will give me bad indigestion,” I said walking over to the cabinets to get a glass. I then looked in the other cabinets to see if they stored any food condiments. I even looked in the fridge and only saw more packs of beer and bags of blood. I then rolled my eyes and reminded myself that I was not in an ordinary bachelor's pad. I was in a house full of non-humans. I sat back at the table and saw that Larry had already helped himself to three hotdogs and another bottle of beer.Radziel was eating slowly taking a few bites from his hotdog and then put a handful of fries in his mouth. Balthazar just ate hotdogs without buns. He said he does not like food with yeast or gluten in it. I did not know if it was because demons had to stay away from it or if it was his preference. Paul was busy putting more hotdogs in the mircrowave.Like Radziel he was an angel too. He was shorter than Radziel but like everyone else in the house, he was muscular. He worn his light brown hair in a bowl cut and had small ethereal features. You could say he was a stereotypical angel from his looks and he played the harp. Brandon then came into the kitchen. He looked over at us eating the hotdogs. He went to the fridge and grabbed a bag of blood .” What’s up Brandon? What you are doing while we enjoy being carnivores,"Radziel said while grinning at me.” Playing "Call of duty 2" he said.” Don’t you ever miss eating meat? I could not stand being on an all liquid diet,” said Larry."Naw, blood is better, said Brandon taking a sip from the plastic bag. "How, is it better,” asked Radziel."You gotta be a vampire to understand it. It is just like food. There is bad food and then there is sweet food," he said looking at me licking the blood from his lips. "Watch, it, "Radziel shouted.” I drunk blood before,” said Balthazar.” Everyone looked over at him.” I mean it is alright.But I prefer meat. I’ll only drink blood when there is no food at all,” said Balthazar. ”So demons drink blood too,” I asked. ”Yep, but we don’t really need it like vampires” said Balthazar, Paul then took the last plate of hotdogs from the microwave. Balthazar then reached over almost tipping the plate grabbing for the hotdogs.” Watch it, douche-bag” shouted Paul. Balthazar shoved a handful of the hotdogs in his mouth and growled at Paul. Paul shook his head at him and put the hotdogs on the table.” Did you see any around here,” Larry said to Radziel."No, but Malcolm saw a few near that old bar downtown,” said Radziel.I then looked confused. What were they talking about," I said to myself. "They don’t know where we are at. But if they do I don’t think a bunch of rebel angels will be easy on any of us,” said Balthazar.” It wasn’t our war to begin with but since they want to kill all of us we might as well try to hunt them down before they hunt us,” said Larry.” Rebel angels? Yikes! I thought to myself."Zachariel said he would team up with Remiel to fight some of them off. They had a few run ins with some demons and vampires but really have not seen a bunch of rebels,” said Radziel.Balthazar looked up.” They are good at hiding. Like some vampires, they are not solitary like demons. That is why we only run into them when we are at bars and clubs,” said Balthazar. It was quite jarring to find out demons, vampires, werewolves, angels, and even zombies exist. I was safe in my area because it was solitary and Radziel and his roommates were close. Being around these very attractive supernatural guys with super strength was cool. However, in a way it was intimidating. I could hold my own with a hand-to-hand fight with another human but not with a supernatural. I always felt like some prey animal knowing some of these creatures exist. I get a little jumpy sometimes thinking something is out to get me. Whether if it was a demon, vampire, angel, and werewolf. Many were not like Radziel and his roommates.
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