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Cold stares

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."Wanna join Brandon in the living room,” said Radziel."Yeah.I would prefer to play guitar hero though,” I said.''Yeah but you know Paul and Larry always fight over who's going to sing or play the drums,” said Radziel."Oh, that is fine, I want to play the guitar instead,” I said with a smile. Brandon was into the game not noticing we walked in."Hey Brandon hand me a controller,” said Radziel.Radziel started to unwrap the controller. I took a seat on the couch watching Brandon play the game."Um, Radziel.Do you mind if you drive me back home,” I asked.Radziel looked over at me."Ok,"he said.” Like the rebel angels or something, do they ever come near rural settings,” I asked nervously. Brandon then stopped the game and looked over at me.Radziel stared blankly at me."No, not that I know of,” said Radziel."Hey, I want to play skyrim,"said Balthazar coming into the living room with Paul and Larry.” Do you have a security system asked Brandon?"Yeah is not effective. "I said shifting in my seat.” They normally do not attack humans,"said Radziel."Yeah but some supes are solitary and..."I did not finish my statement. The conversation they had in the kitchen made me a bit scared and worried.” Do not worry. Many supes prefer to live in the city. And if any try to come bother you…just call on us” said Brandon with a smile. I nodded my head and felt a little relieved. We need more dish detergent, said Larry.” Use the dishwasher,” said Paul.” For a one glass and four plates?” Said Larry. Paul shrugged his shoulders.” You always try the find the lazy way out of cleaning the kitchen,” said Larry."Look, dude I cook. I do not clean,” said Paul.” We need another pool stick,” said Balthazar.” You should replace that. You broke it,” said Radziel."I broke it off Brandon's back. He should replace it,” said Balthazar grinning. I giggled a little. Suddenly a big thud hit the roof of the house. I jumped a little."Zachariel is back,” said Larry.Radziel sat next to me on the couch. I then cuddled up with him.” I wonder if he going to get mad that I ate half of the hotdogs,” Balthazar said grinning.” He probably will. Nothing like fighting rebel angels and zombies and come home to an empty plate,” said Paul. I heard the backdoor from the kitchen open. It was Zachariel."Do you think he'll be mad that im here,” I asked Radziel."No, he knows that you are with me,” said Radziel stroking my arm trying to relax me. I heard his heavy footsteps coming from the kitchen and then enter the room."Hey, was sup Zachariel,"said Balthazar with a giggle."Hello, Balthazar. I see there is no food left over. I wonder why," said Zachariel."Yeah, I wonder why. Some people have an animalistic appetite for meat,” said Larry."Oh, yeah you should know that,” said Brandon. I then looked up and saw Zachariel standing near the kitchen entrance holding a giant club. It did not have blood on it this time. He was an angel like Radziel. He was very muscular and stood 7’0 tall. This made his muscled body even more intimidating. And that was not counting his wings. You can say that he was the leader of the house. He would be the one who would lead them to fight other supes and make sure everything is in order in the house. All the other housemates respected and feared him. He did not care too much for humans. He does not conceal his wings like Radziel and Paul because he preferred not to interact with humans. He only wanted to fight other supes.Whenever I was around him he would stare at me with a menacing look. It would scare me. He was very handsome with sharp features short black hair and vibrant grey eyes. However, despite his great looks you can sense there was coldness in him.Zachariel looked over and stared at me with his glassy grey eyes I hated the way he looked at me. It was like how a cat stares at its prey. It made me feel scared and helpless at the same time."Hey, Zachariel.She is just over for dinner. She is not spending the night,” said Radziel."I want to go now,” I said in Radziel's ear.” No, you are my guest;” he said and then lightly kissed me on the lips.” It cheered me up but I could not play video games or laugh and joke while Zachariel stared at me from a distance. I took a deep breath trying to relax."Wanna play foosball,” asked Radziel."No, I’m just going to sit here and watch,” I said taking off my shoes curling up on the couch."Want a beer, "Radziel said with smirk on his angelic handsome face.” Now you know im too young. What will Larry think if he knew you gave your underage girlfriend a beer,” I said grinning."Hey, get on that side Balthazar, your arms are in my way,” said Paul. I can’t help it if im into the game,” said Balthazar. Brandon then put the skyrim game on the x-box."Radziel joined him in the game.Zachariel was playing foosball and not in sight. That was good. I just stared at the game with a funny feeling in my stomach. I hated being around Zachariel.I tried to be acquainted with him. I would laugh at his dry wit jokes he said to the other guys but he would just have an indifferent response whenever I acknowledged his existence. And I was aware that he did not like the human/angel union I had with Radziel.
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