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Disrespectful guests

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Brandon's jerk friends visit.

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There was a knock at the door. Brandon quickly jumped up and answered the door."Wassup you bloodsucking s.o.b.’s,” he said. There walked in two other handsome looking pale guys. I met them before. It was Aiden and Joseph. They were Brandon’s vampire friends. With them was this girl. She looked like a teenager. One had his arm around her neck while she just giggled."Hey, Bran Bran. Have 'nt seen you around the old dive bar,” said the tall one with messy blonde hair.”Yeah, you know im all business now,” he said. The rest of the guys did not pay any attention to their new guest.” We picked you up a snack, knowing that you are on a strict diet of rabbits and deers, said the one with reddish emo hair. The comment made the girl giggle even more. She was wearing a short yellow skirt and some frilly looking blue tank top that almost looked like lingerie.” We got a full house tonight,” said Radziel.Paul and Larry stepped away from the foosball table."Oh, look what we have here. Nobody invited the leech brothers,” said Larry.” Shut up ya fleabag, we are just here to see Brandon and bring life to this lame ass frat like dump, "the blonde one Aiden said showing his fangs."Hey, are yall vampires too,” said the girl in a high pitch voice.” No im more of the lycanthrope variety,” said Larry. She stared blankly at Larry.."Uh, he’s a werewolf said Joseph the one holding her."Oh, wow that is awesome, she said grinning and laughing.” So what it will be Bran Bran? Are you going to take a bite or not? Michelle is more than welcome to serve you, said Aiden.” I don’t know Aiden.I prefer to hunt for my own meals, said Brandon."Oh, yeah right. You are just waiting for Radziel to turn his back so you can sink your teeth into his girlfriend,” said Aiden pointing in my direction and staring at me as if I was a piece of meat. Michelle had looked over at me."Oh, hi what's your name?” Gemma, nice to meet you, I said.” I thought I was the only one who knew about vampires,” she said.” And werewolves,” added Larry. She began to laugh at Larry's comment which was annoying.” Your boyfriend's a vampire too,” she asked.” No he's an angel."Oh my God, that is so awesome. Angels are real too, she said loudly with wide eyes.” Not just angels but demons as well,” Balthazar shouted walking over to her.“Hiya doing,” said Balthazar flashing her a grin.” You are a demon? Are you from hell or something,” she asked looking scared of him .” No I like to say I just come from another dimension it is not hell,” he said. She just stared back at him with confusion and shock.Radziel did not say anything. He was trying to tune out the conversation."Hi, im Paul. I’m an angel. This is Radziel and Zachariel over there. We are all angels."Hi,"she said excitedly.” So are you guys are from heaven and stuff? Do you wear long robes and play the harp,” she giggled.” Paul does,” said Radziel.She began to laugh loudly at Radziel’s comment which made me mad.” Well if you are not going to have a bite then we will said Aiden.Aiden and Joseph began to kiss and nip at Michelle's neck. She just giggled while they took little bites at her neck. She already had bite marks all over her neck. She was sporting them like how some slutty girls sport hickeys.She also had them on her thighs too.” What pervy vampires. And shame on her for letting them use her like that,” I thought to myself. Balthazar then just went back and played foosball with Zachariel.And Larry went back into the kitchen. Paul just grabbed a book from the shelf and perched himself over a chair like a bird. Brandon just looked on while his fellow vampires started to feed on the young girl. One was on her neck the other was at her wrist. She closed her eyes and let out a moan. I looked on with utter disgust and shock.Here I was sitting looking at not just one but two vampires feeding on a naive and ditzy girl. While the other guys just did not care. This was crazy. Being in a house full of supernaturals is crazy enough. The whole situation in the room was disturbing. Brandon went back playing the game with Radziel. I looked over and saw Zachariel playing with Balthazer.All of them were oblivious to what was going on in their living room. My guess was that they did not care or had no regards for her since she was no acquaintance to anyone in the house. You like it,” said Aiden."Yeah,"she said in a low voice.” I feel kind of cold though.” That is alright.I’m hungry and your blood is so sweet,” he said. “Aiden im cold” she said.They kept on sucking on her and she began to look pale.”Aiden stop,”she said in a weak voice. I had enough.Obviously these vampires had a intent on sucking her dry.“Hey leave her alone.“ I said. Everyone turned around to look at me. Aiden then dropped Michelle. “Mine your own damn business,“shouted Aiden.‘This is not your house so get out. You are not about to suck her dry,“I said shouting. “Hey, Aiden I think yall should leave,“ said Brandon. “Bug off Brandon. We are vampires.We feed off of humans not jackrabbits,” said Joseph.” Why don’t yall leave then,” I said.” No one asked for your opinion. Do you want to take her place? You smell a little sweet,” said Joseph showing his fangs."Hey, a*hole step off,” said Radziel getting up from the floor. "Well tell your girlfriend to mind her own damn business.” What’s going on”? Said Zachariel coming from the kitchen with a beer bottle in his hand. Nothing they were just leaving, said Brandon. Michelle did not say anything. She was on the floor whimpering. ”All right. I see how it is Brandon. Your times with these other supes have made you weak. You know this is our nature so why repress it,” said Aiden.”Yeah, Aiden I’m a vampire but I’m not going to be a total douche and disrespect someone’s house.” Aiden then flashed his fangs and charged at Brandon. Brandon then flashed his fangs and was in attack mode. Radziel held back Aiden. Everyone looked on. ”It’s not worth it Aiden. He’s already made His alliance with them,” said Joseph. Aiden gave Brandon one last harsh glance and shook Radziel off of him. "Have fun drinking deer Brandon. Come on Joseph. You can take care of this little snack seeing that you won’t feed off her,” he said pointing to Michelle on the ground. Both Aiden and Joseph walked to the door and left. Michelle was on the floor bleeding and crying. ”Are you o.k.,” said Brandon kneeling near Michelle.”Im…all right. I just feel weak and cold. They took too much blood,” she said. ”Hey, Paul do we have any candy and some soda,” said Brandon. ”Uh, yeah we have some twinkies and Pepsi,” said Paul heading to the kitchen. ”They never done this before,” said Michelle. ”Yeah, they can act like jerks sometimes,” said Brandon. ”Cause they are vampires,” said Balthazar grinning. ”Shut up Balthazar,” said Brandon. Brandon then went upstairs. Radziel then sat back down on the couch. ”What a night! You still wanna go home,” he asked. ”No, I ’m fine. I mean I have not played foosball yet,” I said grinning. Zachariel then came into the room staring at Radziel and me. I then put my head down to avoid his stares.” Tomorrow night, we have to go near that abandoned factory. Remiel and I saw a few there.” Said Zachariel in his serious deep voice. He was talking about those rebel angels they were discussing in the kitchen. “Are the rest going to help us too,” asked Radziel.”They can go and hunt near that old cemetery. We have to fight our own battles and they have to fight off others who are getting in our way. Our main concern is taking out the ones who threaten us mostly,” said Zachariel.”I guess I have no other choice. I wonder if Paul is up to fight,” said Radziel. ”So, like do you change during the full moon,” said Michelle loudly. ”Yeah. I haven’t changed in about a month but next week I’ll change,” said Larry. Zachariel looked over at her with the same icy stare he gives me. He really dislikes humans. He walked over with his heavy footsteps where Larry and Michelle was standing and gave Michelle an icy glare. ”Hi,”she said with a big grin.Zachariel did not say anything. Balthazar then used his super speed to sit next to Michelle. ”Want some soda,” he said handing her a can of Pepsi. ”Um, yeah sure,’ she said giving Balthazar a scared look.”Yeah, I know I am scary. However, I am not “that type” of demon,” said Balthazar. ”Yeah Balthazar is kind of harmless,” said Larry. ”So, you are not bad,” asked Michelle. ”Oh, I’m still bad but only to people who are a threat to me,” said Balthazar giving her a shy grin. Michelle then grabbed the can of Pepsi. ”So what do angels do,” she asked looking over at Paul then Radziel. ”Um, we fight and protect. We’re like the police of the supernatural world,” said Radziel giving her that same stunning grin he gives me. He could not help he was blessed with good looks. However, she was getting a little too personal .” You look like an angel,” she said to Paul. Paul smiled. ”Like you are one but you have the angelic look,” she said giggling. Zachariel just stared at her. ”So like how long have you and Gemma been going out? Where did you guys meet?” she said eying Radziel. “We have… ”We have been going out for eight months now,” I said interrupting Radziel. ”Were you scared when you found out he was an angel,” she asked. ”Nope,”I said. ”Hey, Larry where are my shoes,” shouted Brandon coming down the stairs. ”You talking about those old dirty things? I threw them in the garbage,” said Larry. ’What you a*hole. Who told you to touch my things?” Said Brandon showing his fangs pushing Larry. ”If you put your things away I would not have to clean up after your lazy ass,”said Larry ”You know what Larry you need to learn not take things that are not yours, said Balthazar frowning.” Shut up. I am the only one who cleans up around here. You two are always turning the place into a dump,” said Larry. ”You should have just told me to move them not throw them away,” said Brandon. ”Whatever, next time I’ll throw both yall asses in the garbage,” said Larry” You are the animal. So why don’t we put you out. Dogs are supposed to stay outside,” said Balthazar. “Leave Larry alone he has a point. Most of the messes are started by you people, “said Paul “Shut up fairy boy, “said Brandon. Michelle giggled a little. ”Here clean up after yourselves, ”said Larry throwing pizza and soda boxes at them, ”They both blocked it and charged at Larry .Paul got up and punched Balthazar. Brandon and Larry both crashed on the ground growling and snarling at one another. I rolled my eyes. They were always getting into senseless fights. Michelle then got up and sat next to me to get out of the way. All of this supernatural testosterone must have been shocking for her. ”Aren’t you going to break them up,” I said to Radziel.’Why? They are always doing this,” said Radziel.Paul’s angelic features went from soft and innocent to rough and full of rage. He gritted his teeth punching Balthazar who was also punching him in rapid speed roaring. Brandon was on top of Larry who was punching him. Brandon hissed and bit down on Larry’s shoulder.”Aww, son of bitch…”shouted Larry. He then took his hand and grabbed Brandon’s neck.Zachariel then walked over and grabbed Paul and Balthazar by their shoulders and through them across the room. Paul landed on the floor while Balthazar used his speed to crash land on the sofa.
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