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"Alright ready?" Frank smiled standing up. Mikey, Gerard and Ray nodded standing up and leaving the shop they decided to get food. Mikey was carrying a large bag of popcorn and Frank held a six pack of beer. They were going to have a night in.

Dani and Andy had been researching L.A apartments and had came across the perfect one and had bought it without second thoughts. Dani was beeming with happyness and excitement, she decided to phone Louise and talk to her about it.

Louise snapped out of her daze as her phone rang in the silent park, startling the birds nesting high abover her. It was dark out and she didn't manage to answer it in time as it took a moment for it to register in her brain that she was getting a phone call.

She checked the caller ID and a picture of Dani flashed on the screen. She was smiling not looking at the camera as she played one of her favourite songs on the acoustic guitar Louise had bought her for her 15th birthday 2 years ago. The memory made Louise feel even worse and she sighed loudly.

- 1 week later -

"Where is she?" Dani asked Andy, Louise still hadn't came back from the park. Andy hugged her tight as Dani sobbed. Andy may hate Louise for being the centre of attention and leaving Dani in the dust but afterall Dani loves her and they were twin's.

"You were the last one that seen her, sow here the fuck is she?" Frank ranted to Gerard, anger visible.

"I dont know!" Gerard exploded.

"If i knew where she was, she wouldn't be missing now would she?" Gerard shouted.


"We..... we had a fight" Gerard whispered. Frank sighed loudly. "Fuck Frank" Gerard said

"What?" Frank snapped

"It's my fault!" Gerard cried. Frank watched helplessly as Gerard crumbled to his knees and broke down. Mikey patted his brother's back.

"It's okay! It aint your fault!" Ray said kneeling down.

"IT IS!" Gerard said standing up and grabbing his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Frank asked.

"Where do you fucking think?" Gerard said.

"I'm coming with you" Frank said running to get his jacket.

"No i want to go alone" Gerard picked up the keys to his car and drove off leaving Frank, Mikey and Ray.

He drove around aimlessly for two hours but then he saw it. Her convertable. He slammed on the breaks then whipped out his phone and called Dani.

"Hello?" She answered eating an apple.

"I found her convertable at the park" Gerard's voice was hopeful.

"Thank fuck" Dani breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay i am going to find her now" Gerard hung up and then sprinted into the forest.
Dani and Andy sprinted out to Andy's truck

'Please be okay' Dani chanted in her head. Gerard was just about to give up when he looked over to his right. He was deep into the forest and finally seen her.

She was slumped against a tree, her back to him. His heart missed a beat and he called her name. "Louise?" His voice came out in a hoarse whisper. He wished it wasn't her but it was, he would just know her anywhere. He ran over and turned her body to face him. She was still breathing and he didn't know how. he shook her body and cradled it as it was ice cold.
Her hoodie was stained with blood. Most of it dry. her breath came in slow shallow breaths and spiked painfully. Her hair was matted with blood. A knife lay by her side. Covered in yet more blood. Gerard felt the tears roll down his face as he reached into his pocket for his phone. He dialled 911 his fingers shaking while the other hand was holding onto her's for dear life.

Once he had told the ambulance what he think happened, he lifted Louise bridal style and carried her to the entrance of the forest apologizing repeatedly and then when he finally made it to the entrance Dani was there and she screamed.

Andy held Dani as Gerard gently lowered Louise to the ground. Dani fell to her knees beside her and took in her twins blood stained body. She stroked her fingers through her hair, untangling it as she murmered to louise that it would be okay, that she'd be fine.
When the ambulance arrived Louise was rushed to hospital. Everyone blaming themselves. Even Frank was blaming himself. Dani just kept screaming into Andy's shoulder and Gerard refused to leave the side of the hospital bed.

Andy had to drag Dani home. He carried her the same way gerard had to carry Louise as she cried uncontrollably and shook violently.

"Everything is going to be okay" Andy whispered.

"NOTHING IS OKAY, I THOUGHT THINGS WERE BETTER NOW THAT SHE WAS BACK BUT I WAS SORELY PROVEN WRONG!" Dani outburst. "What if she- what if she di-di-" She trailed off not completing the word.
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