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Chapter 5

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Franks POV

On the couch.
Slowly making out to the sound of Dawn of the Dead in the background.
He was heavenly.
"If the world ended right now, id be ok!"
Crap, I said that out loud
He giggled and nodded his head in agreement.

I had no choice but to giggle to that.
I broke the kiss and grabbed his hand.
"Did I do something?" He asks me kindly looking confused.
"No, but my lips are dry so.." I feel so awkward.
"Thats why theres saliva, makes your lips not so dry" he giggles and leans in for another kiss.
"Well, I Was kinda hoping we could talk about us?" Now ive done it.
He faces me and sits crossed-legged.
I do the same.

We start talking about his old life.
How he has no friends.
How he gets shoved into walls.
How it haunts him every night.

I tell him about Bob.
He tells me about Mikey.
I Tell him about my mom.
He tells me about his parents.
I ask him about New Jersey.
He goes to the window and says "Your lookin at it sweet thang"

We spent the next hour talking about ourselves.
Our music.
What we play.

And then it started.

"I dont really play anythin" he stares at the ground.
"Well, I play guitar"
"Can I hear?" He whispers.
"Gotta guitar"
He runs upstairs and returns with a green and yellow electric.
"Oh, shes beautiful"
"Yes I am, now say something nice about the guitar"
I laugh and grab the beauty.

I play a little of Nine in the Afternoon.
All we could hear was the sweet sounds of me playing.
Then a faint whisper took over.

Nine in the afternoon,
Your eyes are the size of the moon

I stop playing and he continues singing,
Apparently unknowing that I stopped.
"Oh my god" I stare at him and he looks scared.
"Oh god" he gets up and runs downstairs.

I follow him down there.

He heard me sing.
He actually heard me sing.
Im dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

"Gee. Gee. GERARD" he calls from behind the lock door.
"Go away Frankie"
"Your in my house Gee"
Im screwed.
I get up and unlock the door.
"Thank you ever so much for allowing me into my bedroom"
I laugh and start crying.

He sits beside me wondering why im crying.
"Baby, whats wrong?"
"No one can hear me sing" I choke back tears.
"Your amazing, dont hide that"
"I have to though"
"Why baby, dont hide your talents"

I get up and rome the room.
He gets up and pulls me down to the bed.
WE sit on the edge and he pulls me into his warm chest.
I feel so at home.

Then I start the story.
Why I cant sing.
Why I hide behind it.
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