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Chapter 6

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Well read and find out why dont you !

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"When I was young"
He scoots in closer and holds my hand.
"I was in a play. Peter Pan"
He giggles at this but stops when I give him a disapproving look.
"Well, naturally I was Peter Pan. The play went on and when it ended, my mom gave me a rose to say Good Job Gee"
He nods as he listens.
"Well, a group of 4 graders that were in my class. They came back stage and shoved me into the stage props, the beat me up for being Peter Pan"
His jaw drops as he kisses my cheek.
"I didnt know Gee"
"Well, thats why im telling you"
I smile and I continue.
"Well. I naturally went home and on the way, they caught up to me. The one boy tried out for Peter but lost the spot. He ended up kicking my ass and he broke my wrist. I had to go home with a bloody nose, a cracked head and a broken wrist. Well I told Mikey to tell no one and I told my parents I fell off the stage getting my green tights off"
"Oh baby, I now feel really bad"
I hugged him and held him to my chest.
"Im gunna fall asleep if you dont stop your heart beat"
I laughed and held my breathe.
He hit my cheek and giggled.
"Dont feel bad, please, I havent sung since"
"So no one knows you can sing"

I whispered in his ear about his amazing voice.
"Sing for me" I kiss his shoulder.
"No Frankie"
"PLEASE baby, for me"
"Frank, did I just say no?"
"Gerard, does it look like im listening?"
He giggles and kisses my cheek.
I dodge the kiss and he looks puzzled.
"Not until you sing"
"So you mean to tell me, if I dont sing, you wont kiss me. Well then were through Frank Iero, I never liked you anyways. Your a horrible kisser"
I shed a tear and he hugs me closer.
"I lied, Your amazing, I love you. Your a great kisser"
I laugh and shove him on the bed.
"Damn straight I am bitch"
He laughs and grabs my hips.
"I Want to feel your kiss down my body now"
A shiver goes down my spine.
"Gee. Baby, GERARD"
I have to yell so he will stop sucking my neck.

Im horny.
Im stuck in his house.
My mom lost my key so literally im stuck here til 6 when she gets home.
He will only let me kiss his head.
Cruel bicth.

Hey guys, so totally loving to write this .. im going to make this as long as I can.
Have fun reading.
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