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Chapter 7

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They get coffee. (sorry hate writing summaries)

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Gee had to be home by 6.
My mom didnt come home til 6.
This works.
"She comes home, I drive him home, and we makeout. Perfect"
"Excuse me?"
/AH SHIT ! I Said that out loud/
"Oh ugh. Sorry?"
He leaned over and kissed my cheek as he giggled.
"If you wanna make out, then kiss me you dumbfuck"
I laughed and kissed his neck.
I kissed his collarbone and bit right where it made him moan the loudest.
"Frankie. Oh Frank"
"You like"
"Oh yah ... WAIT get the fuck off me"
What just happened?
"What baby?"
"Dont you 'baby' me. If I cant start the sex. Then niether can you buddy-boy"
"Ah, Fuck"

That sneaky little bastard.
Hoe dare he end my horny-ness and then start it back up an hour later.

We decide to go out and get some coffee.
Luckily we see no one from school.
Today has been a really off day for us.

First we meet in school.
Then we ditch an head for the park.
We kiss.
We date.
We spend like almost 4 hours at his house.
We talk.
Then he becomes a bastard and ends the almost-going-to-have-hot-sex!
Bitch Extreme!

Hes mad because we had no sex.
But he doesnt show it.
We get coffee and I find he lives minutes from the cafe.
Its almost 6:15 so I walk him home.

"You wanna come in" he asks holding open the door.
"Nah, Ill catch you at school tomorrow"
He leans in for a kiss, but his mom turns the corner.
He leans in and hides the kiss with a man-hug-type-thing.

I giggle, hug him back and make my way down the stone walkway.
I turn the corner when I feel something touch my shoulder.
Next thing I knew, Im being whipped around and kissed.
I Was scared for suprise but-sex.
But I smiled at that thought when I saw Gerard on the other end of the kiss.

"You forgot to kiss me good-night dipshit"
I smile and deepen the kiss.
He pulls away and smiles.
"Catch ya at school babes"
I smile again feeling myself turn cherry red from blushing.
"Asshole" I call back to him.
He runs down the street and yells "Love you too"
That cheeky little bastard !

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