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Dani and Andy had finally stopped, neither of them had spoken and Andy decided to break the silence.

"I done it for your protection and the child's protection," Andy explained to her. Dani wouldn't look at him. Eventually he took her face in his hands and gently pulled her towards him. He kissed her but she didn't respond, instead she pulled away stubbornly and stared out the window gathering all her thoughts together.

"Dani i am sorry, i will take you back" Andy said.

"Okay," Dani said not taking her attention away from the window. Andy sighed and drove back to Gerard's house. There was a stoney silence between them. They of course arrived too late. When they had knocked on the door noone answered. Dani stormed away from Andy.

Back at Dani and Louise's house. Louise was staring blankly at the off television her knee's pulled up to her chest replaying the argument between her and her mother in the house moments earlier over and over in her head and her arm was stinging when her mother had slapped her.

"Why," Louise muttered when the door opened to the T.V seeing Dani's reflection in it.
"It wasn't my fault, Andy just drove," Dani whispered.

"My life is over." Louise's eyes were bloodshot when she turned around to Dani.

"Oh yeah and my life is peachy perfect!" Dani snapped at her.

"DON'T FUCKING START WITH ME," Louise stood up and stood inches apart from her sister.

"Why are you such a moody fucking bitch?!" Dani yelled right into Louise's face. Louise cracked, she slapped Dani so hard across the face. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of Louise's hand against Dani's face and Dnai falling to the ground. Dani stared at the floor gobsmacked for a second and then got up and punched Louise hard.

Louise looked at Dani, not saying anything always keeping eye contact for a second and then left the house once again and when she got out she text Dani.

'2 b honest, i hope u hve a happy life bcuz i aint bein part of it' She didn't regret it one bit.

After reading the message Dani packed what remaining clothes she had left in her house in a suitcase and phoned Andy. It was too heavy for her to lift due to her pregnancy. Dani ignored her mother's screaming at her. Wendy had watched the scence between the sisters and wanted exactly what happened to happen. Andy walked to the next house and got the her.

Louise knew herself she couldn't go to Gerard's. Donna would call her mum and maybe won't even let her in. She decided to go to Alicia's where luckily Mikey was. She explained what had happened and the bruise on her face. They both listened not interrupting her once.

"I will phone Gerard now," Mikey smiled giving Louise a hug getting his phone out. When Gerard answered Mikey handed the phone to louise. Louise choked up, she had no idea what to say.

"C-come over to Alicia's" Louise managed. Her rigth side of her face was heavy and stingly like fuck.

"Okay i will be over soon," Gerard then hung up and then made his way to Alicia's which was a few street's away. Louise heard the sound of his jeep pulling up and opened the door walking out. Gerard smiled and got out of the jeep. He then noticed the bruise which made him worry.

"What happened?" He murmured, the smile soon fading as he pulled Louise close to him. "Wait!" he said, pulling Lousie out to arm's length. "Did your mum hit you?" Louise shook her head unable to find her voice. "Then who done it?" He asked.

"Dani," Louise muttered in a bored tone. Gerard stared at her in shock.

"Dani?" He asked incredulously.

"I-i may have slapped her first but trust me i had a fucking good reason to"Louise muttered.

"WHAT?" Andy roared when Dani told him where the red mark which was slowly turning purple had came from.

"I swear to fuck i will kill him," Andy yelled, his fists shaking with anger.

"Him?" Dani was confused.

"Gerard," Andy explained

"But, Louise is the one who hit me?" Dani spoke.

"I don't care he is a dick," Andy shook his head.

"Okay, you know what?" Gerard's anger was starting to show.

"What?" Louise asked,

"You will see," Gerard said kissing her softly.
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