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Lost In The Horde

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“I guess we walk from here…”

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Gerard’s POV

It’s strange, having Frank around really reminds me of the times that weren’t so bad, before the killing, before the virus, between the beatings, the little things in life that I could really enjoy, maybe Frank was one of those little things, I mean the kid is kind of small, he’s the first friend I’ve had in a long time, excluding Mikey that is, Frank is really nice, he’s funny, he has a great taste in music and let my homosexuality get a word in but he’s pretty cute too, but that’s beside the point, it’s nice for Mikey to have someone his age to talk and hang out with, even though we are constantly fighting for our lives, I think being social in some form or another is important, when it was just me and Mikey things sometimes got boring, I know there was two of us so we were lucky but, we already know everything about each other and there wasn’t really anything happening in the world that we weren’t aware of, so things got quiet, at least with Frank and Bob, we can exchange stories and talk about live before all this shit.

We’ve been driving down some highway to nowhere for about three hours and my left arse cheek has gone completely numb, you know what uncomfortable feeling you get when you can’t feel your arse, well that’s me right now, but only half of it, it’s fucking awkward, I keep shuffling around in my chair, Frank must think I’m crazy, not that I’m not crazy, I mean I shot someone, not even a zombie, a living person, you have to have the mind set for that shit, it doesn’t just happen, it’s a mentality, the mentality of a killer and it kills me, I’m constantly plagued by the memories of what happened, the scars on my body caused by him and myself, I’m no better than he was, I’m worthless and pathetic and I’m no good for Mikey, yet he stands by me, through it all, I really couldn’t ask for a better brother, I need him, he keeps me from becoming him, from becoming that person, which is why I’m here, for him, to keep him safe, to keep me sane…

I glance over to Frank who is staring out of the window, his face emotionless but his eyes full of thought, I’m worried about him, there’s something more going on with him, I care about Frank, I’m not really sure quite how much yet, but I know when I see someone suffering in silence, it’s something I’m very used to doing.

Frank’s POV

Gerard just brings it all back, those days at high school, the tormenting, the harassment, the heart break, I’ve never been in love, but if you asked a fifteen year old me I’d spill my heart about how much I was in love, it’s hard back then, to tell between what’s real and what’s a silly school boy crush, but if that was a crush, I don’t want to have to go through the pain of the real thing, his name was Brendon, yes his, I was fucking shit scared when I realised I liked a guy but anyway, he was awesome, we were really similar in every way, we had the same interests and we were really good friends, Brendon was one of those obviously gay people, he was so obvious but no one actually noticed so they all thought he was straight, like when he said he liked a girls outfit, he genuinely liked her outfit, but one day we were at an end of school year party, we got drunk and I might have been high I don’t really remember but we played seven minutes in heaven, and who else am I shoved into a small space with other than Brendon fucking Urie, I wanted to slap myself for letting myself get into this, but we ended up making out for the entire seven minutes, it was weird but great, we ended up dating for the summer, but three weeks before the start of school he went on holiday to somewhere in Europe it was two weeks into the new school year I heard the teachers talking about him leaving, he never told me he was leaving, he just left without a word…

I felt my body being forced forward as Bob hit the brakes; I was knocked out of my daze and looked out of the front windscreen of the car “Holy shit…” Bob muttered in the road was a plane and I mean a full on fucking plane split in two lying straight through the middle of the road, completely blocking the trucks path “I guess we walk from here…” Mikey stated.

We got out of the truck and grabbed some weapons from the trunk, Mikey took the cross bow, Bob has the shot gun, Gerard took the pistols and holsters, and I took the baseball bat, I watched as Bob picked up his wife’s Guitar in its case and slung it around his shoulders, then we started walking toward the plane wreck, as we got closer you could see it all in more detail, the broken chairs, the oxygen masks, the burnt corpses, it wasn’t a sight for the weak hearted, the ground around us was stained with blood but that was no surprise, you could tell looking at the bodies some of the infected had already been here, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t here now, we walked in a horizontal line Bob at one end Gerard at the other Mikey as close to Gerard as possible without pushing him.

We were in between the two halves of the plane now we slowed our pace as we got the view of the road in front of us we all stopped in our tracks, in front of us was a horde of about thirty zombies, I heard Mikey gasp slightly, I took a few steps forward and I felt Bobs hand fall onto my shoulder “What are you doing?” he asked with a quizzical expression I turned around to see Mikey and Gerard looking just as puzzled I looked at Bob and he took his hand from my shoulder “Well those zombie’s aren’t going to move themselves are they?” I smirked and caught Gerard’s eye as I turned back around to walk toward the small horde with my baseball bat over my shoulder right shoulder, I walked a few steps and heard the loading of guns behind me I smiled to myself as I continued to walk the others close behind.
It wasn’t long until the zombies noticed the presence of living people, the first few were pretty easy but when the others realised their dinner was walking around they soon joined in, so now the four of us back to back were surrounded by zombies, well there was only one thing we could do.

After battling with the horde for about ten minutes, I heard a voice from in amongst a crowd of zombies “GUYS I’M OUT!” it was Gerard, I turned on my heels and fought through the crowd to find him, when I got to him there was a zombie on top of him and Gerard was holding him back by holding the pistols in a cross and pushing them against the zombies throat, I noticed Bob standing next to us now, keeping it clear so I could save Gerard’s ass, I hit the zombie right in the left temple and he rolled off Gerard I struck it’s head a few more times to be sure and Gerard scrambled to his feet. “Where’s Mikey?!” Gerard shouted over the noise of the horde, I glanced around but I couldn’t see him, Bob shrugged and Gerard looked worried, “We can’t stay here, we have to get out.” Bob stated “I’m not leaving Mikey!” Gerard shouted at Bob, fury burning in his eyes for mentioning abandoning his brother, I placed a hand on Gerard’s shoulder “Gerard, you don’t have a weapon, you can’t get to him yourself…” I trailed off, Bob then grabbed Gerard’s wrist and dragged him away from the horde and away from his brother, even when Gerard was out of sight I could hear him screaming curses at Bob and through his tears, I could hear him shouting Mikey’s name…

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