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Frank realises he's getting too attached to Gerard, Mikey and Bob...

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Frank’s POV

I woke up with Gerard’s hand softly stroking my hair, it took me a few minutes to register that I had my right arm wrapped around his waist; I glanced up to a one sleeved Gerard and tried to push myself to sit up straight, the pain flooded back through my shoulder as I did so, I glanced at my wound which was covered by Gerard’s missing sleeve, I glanced over to Mikey who was asleep in the passenger seat “Hey…” Gerard whispered nudging me softly in the ribs; I turned to face him and smiled “Hi, thanks for the sleeve…” I stated smiling Gerard chuckled lightly “No problem, Thanks for saving Mikey…” he said moving his eyes from mine to look at Mikey, “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him…” he continued trailing off slightly at the end, his voice starting to crack from the tears he was forcing back “Gerard it’s okay, we’re all alive…” I said to try and comfort him, he shook his head and began to stare out the window “for now…”

Gerard was silent for the next four hours, his head not moving, but every now and again he let out a deep sigh, I could tell something was wrong, I just didn’t know what yet, and I didn’t want to ask because it’d worry Mikey who’s now awake and rambling aimlessly at Bob, although I wanted to know what was wrong with Gerard, I wasn’t going to get the chance to ask, at the next stop I’m leaving, I can’t stay here anymore, after what happened earlier, I don’t think I could bear another day like that, almost losing Mikey, almost losing my life, Gerard being that hurt, I’m getting too attached, and that’s exactly what I promised myself I’d never do, it’s the last thing a survivor needs, to have emotional ties, if one of them were to die I don’t know what I’d do, the best means of my survival, is if I leave and forget about all of this, I need to get away from this, from Bob’s witty remarks, from Mikey’s awkward as fuck knees and Gerard’s piercing eyes, I need to get out, before I have a reason to stay…

Gerard’s POV

There was something about Frank I couldn’t quite fathom and it was really pissing me off, I’m usually good with reading people, but with Frank there’s just this constant mystery, I don’t know what it is or whether it’s just me, maybe it is just me, maybe it’s just the fact I haven’t really had a friend other than Mikey for such a long time, but then wouldn’t I have this feeling toward Bob too? I’m so confused and all I want is to know where my life is heading, but recently it’s just like I’m heading for the end…the end of everything, I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind, but if I’m not thinking about the future, I’m thinking about the past, and my past is something I don’t like to dwell on.
I focused my attention back onto the real world and realised it was now day light, and Bob was pulling in to a gas station, when the car came to a halt, the first person out of the car was Frank, which was strange, Frank rarely got out of the car at stops, unless he needed to piss, after Bob and Mikey got out of the car I decided it’d be good to stretch my legs, when I closed the car door, I noticed Frank walking the opposite direction of the toilets, so me being a nosey prick, I followed him…

Frank’s POV

Right this is my chance, my chance to leave, to escape this, I need to survive and I think I’m better off alone, people say there’s strength in numbers which there is, but I know I’m better off alone, for everything, I’ll Live, breathe and die alone, it’s just meant to be that way, I was walking round to the back of the gas station when I felt like someone was following me, so I stopped walking, I sighed heavily “I can’t stay here…” I stated announcing to whoever was following me that I knew of their presence “what…” the voice confirmed my thoughts, it was Gerard I turned to face him, his eyes glistening in the blaring sunlight as his eyes shifted to explore every part of my face as they often did, I took a step closer to him “I can’t stay here…” I repeated Gerard also took a step closer “Well we never stay at a gas station; you know we just keep moving…” The tone of Gerard’s voice told me that he knew exactly what I meant, he just didn’t want to realise it “No Gerard, I mean stay ‘here’ with You, Bob and Mikey, I can’t do it…” it was just starting to sink in how much the three guys meant to me, they were my family, and my best friends, people you don’t just leave, but I had to. “Frankie…is it because I told you about…” he trailed off, I felt my heart sink a little when I realised he was blaming himself “No, no of course not, I just, I’m just better off alone, I wanted to leave before I got ‘too’ attached to any of you…” I said emphasising the ‘too’ to say I was already attached to them all and it hurts me to leave “So you’re leaving? Just like that?” Gerard questioned taking another step forward closing the gap between us, his eyes staring into mine; it felt like he was staring in to soul “Yes, Gerard I have to…” I turned around and began to walk away, baseball bat in hand, not saying a word, “Has it not gone through your mind…” Gerard stated his voice croaking as if he was holding back tears “That maybe we’re already ‘too’ attached to you?” I stopped walking, I turned around to see tears once again staining his perfect face, to be honest it never occurred to me, No one had really ever cared about me, my mom thought I was a disappointment to the family and my dad was a drunk as fuck asshole, the only person who ever cared about me was Brendon, and he abandoned me, their most likely dead now, I could feel my blood boil with anger, just thinking about the people who hated me, the people who disrespected me, the people who should have cared about me “I’m not staying Gerard.” I stated matter of factly, Gerard walked toward me until we were centimetres apart “you’re the first person, I’ve told, that didn’t hate me, that didn’t run, that didn’t call the fucking cops, Frank, you’re the only person beside Mikey, that I’m willing to trust completely, you can’t leave…” the words stung me like a knife, my eyes started to burn as the tears began to blur my vision, “then you’ll trust me when I say I know what I’m doing…” I whispered, Gerard grabbed the fabric of my shirt and pushed me back against the wall of the gas station causing a flash of pain to run through my shoulder he pressed his lips against mine, I broke the heated kiss soon after it started, “you can’t leave me” he whispered into my ear before I pushed him away from me with my good arm I turned around and walked away, this time not stopping at the sound of Gerard’s voice but one sentence that left his mouth hurt me more than anything I’ve ever been called “cold hearted motherfucker…” again I stopped in my tracks, not turning around straight away, as I felt the hot, burning tears push their way down my cheeks and the anger filling my body, I turned back to face Gerard and walked toward him I stood millimetres from his face “My hearts not cold, It’s broken…”

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