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Here Comes Trouble

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Mr Clarke excludes the boys.

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“You had underage sex on school premises. Worst, it was gay sex. Its just disgusting. As of now you are both excluded. Collect your things, I don’t want to see you until next wednesday” Mr Clarke ranted, scaring the shit out of both of the boys.

“A-are you gonna call our parents?” Ashley asked worridely.

“I’m afraid I have to. You broke the rules” Mr Clarke shouted.

“P-please don’t. L-let me tell my mum myself. I d-dont want to hurt her” Stefan cried, tears running down his face.

No-one could resist Stefan’s puppies eyes, not even Mr Clarke.

“Okay” he sighed, “I’ll let you tell your parents yourselves. Now get out.”

They both left, running down the corridors until they left the building.

“I’m so sorry Stefan, I never meant for this to happen” Ashley whimpered, giving him a hug “please don’t cry!”

Stefan burst out laughing, “Oh my god Ashley, thick much?”

“Huh?” Ashley asked, stepping out of Stefan’s arms.

“We’re not telling our parents anything. Now we have a whole week to ourselves, duh?!” Stefan giggled.

“Oh my god Stef, you’re a genius!” Ashley exclaimed, kissing Stefan on the lips, “This is why I love you.”

“Ash?” Stef asked, uncertainly.

“What’s up?” he replied. “Can we, you know, make this official?”

“I’m glad you’ve finally said that! I’d be honoured to call you my boyfriend” smiled Ashley, taking Stefan’s hand and walking back to the abandoned house.

Once they were in the door Stef started squealing, “Ash, ash! I’ve had another idea! What if the ‘school’ organised a week long camping trip! It would be like a giant sleepover.”

“I doubt we’d be doing much sleeping” Ashley winked, putting his arm round Stefan’s shoulder as they snuggled up on the sofa.

“Today was great by the way” Stefan whispered, just before he drifted off to sleep.

Ashley sighed, “I love you baby.”
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