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Camping Trip

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Ashley and Stefan need to get home quickly.

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“Stef, its time to wake up” Ashley said, shaking Stefan’s shoulders slightly.

“Hmm, what time is it?” Stefan mumbled, not opening his eyed.

“4:45” Ashley replied.

“Shit” Stefan said, jumping up and gathering his stuff.

“Hey, look what I made” Ashley smiled, handing Stef a piece of paper.

“A letter about the camping trip. When did you make this?” asked Stefan.

“There’s a working computer and printer upstairs. I made it when you were asleep” Ash smiled, taking his boyfriends hand.

Ashley leaned in to kiss Stefan, sliding his hands around his small waist.

Stefan put his arms around Ashleys neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. He moaned slightly as he felt Ash get hard.

“Come on baby, time to go” Ashley smiled, giving Stef a quick kiss before they left the building.

“I love you baby” Ashley sighed, stroking Stefan’s cheek.

Stefan leant his face into his hand and whispered “I love you to.”

“Meet Here tomorrow at 7, bring stuff for camping.” Ashley giggled.

With that they both turned and walked home different ways, not taking the risk of getting caught again.

20 minutes later:
Ashley strolled through his front door, ignoring his dad and running straight up the stairs.

“Oi, where have you been?” his dad shouted after him.

“Detention” Ashley replied bluntly.

“What for?” his dad asked.

“Smoking in the school toilets” Ashley replied, knowing his dad wouldn’t care.

“A detention doesn’t take this long” his dad said suspiciously.

“There was a girl there to. We got caught together” Ashley mumbled, not looking his dad in the eyes.

“Well done son. I’m proud of you. What was it like then?” He’s dad gushed, patting him on the back.

“It was amazing” Ashley smiled as he thought back to his afternoon with Stefan, “oh, just remembered, there’s a camping trip that starts tommorow, lasts til next tuesday, can you Sign my letter?”

“Is this girl going as well?” his dad asked.

“Erm, maybe” Ashley replied, not knowing which was the right answer.

“Then I hope you get laid this week” his dad laughed.

“So do I” Ashley smiled, before walking into his room and shutting the door behind him.
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