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That after show party

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Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Is how me and gerard roll.

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Times like these: A frerard story~
Chapter 2: That after show party~

Frank POV:
11:42pm, Some kids house in East London.

My head was pounding, my body was aching, the music was loud and fast, I feel high as a kite, but as slow as a slug, a ugly smelly, horrible, fuck up slug amd Gerard is that beautiful dragon fly so eligant and special, bu he can break your heart like it's a nothing like it's that crisp you ate and hour ago. Gerard was pushed up against the wall some perfect english girl, making out with him, her hand down his pants, all i could her was him
moaning, the moaning i usualy hear, the moans what make me happy, but these ones just crush me to pieces, i needed tp get out of there, and that just what i did, i ran straight out the backdoor and i climbed over the fence, sprinting into some kind of woods, i'm cold and scared, it's dark and cold. I hate myself, i hate me, i'm worthless, a fucking slug is worth more than me, i sat agaist this grand oak tree, and pulled out a blood stained blade, and pulled up my left sleeve, looking at the red scars imprinted along my arm, i felt dirty and shameful, i pulled the blade to my arm and ingraved a hole new word, the letters 'w.o.r.t.h.l.e.s.s' are now ingraved into the pale skin, my arm bleeding out. I didn't care, no one knew where i was, either do i frankly. Well, maybe i'll bleed out and die here, that be perfect and pnce they found me, Ray the only one who knows about my cutting, he can tell them all. Wait, what if he doesn't, i'll leave a note, no i'll text them all the same text, i sighed and started to type 'Mikey, Gerard and Ray. The three best friends i've ever had, by the time you've read this and tried to find me, i'll be dead, i would tell you where i am but i havd no fucking idea, where i am, truthly, i'm disapointed in my self for rnding it this way, but at least i'm alone thats how i like it alone. Ray, tell them everything about me, that would be perfect. Gerard, i love you.' After that i sent it, closed my phone and just lent back and let, death take me。。。
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