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The shock, the search.

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Franks alone, passed out, left for death.

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Times like these: A frerard story~
Chapter 3: The shock, the search~

Gerard POV:
1:23am, Some after party.

My phone vibrated, I just ignored it amd decided to focus on this girl, who was doing wonders with her hands "uhh! baby!" i moaned, feeling dirty, but pleased with her skill for some, teenager who invited us over for booze, music and weed, Well of corse we accepted.
Suddenly there was a large hand on my sholder pulling my away "Gerard! Read your text now" It was Ray, panic across his face. So i did what he said Ray never paniced unless it was clowns he doesn't like them. I opened my phone looking at the text from frank, it was a note, a suicide note. "R-ray, we need to find him we really do." Was all i could say until i broke down into tears, mikey ran over to me, it looked like he got the text to. Oh, fuck this can't be true. "F-fr-frankie, won't die. w-will he?" Was all i could say...

Frank POV:
1:53am, The woods.

There was a sharp pain threw my body as i cut more, just to speed up the hole dying thing, i needed to die, the first cut, just made me black put for about 10 minutes. "Fuck!" i screamed as i hit a vein the pain was unbearable, straight after that, it went black and cold, so cold.

Gerard POV:

11:55am, in some woods, looking for frankie.

"Guys did you hear that!" Mikey asked,
"yeah, i did" replied Ray, looking worried like he was going to burst out crying in any second. "We need to follow it. I cane from somewhere over there" Ray pointed to a large oak tree, we walked behind it a pool of blood was around it. Then i saw him, my small lifeless frank, i fell to my knees pulling him into me. I am
never going to let go. "Oh my fuck!" Mikey screamed as he saw him "Mikey call a fucking ambulance, it's 999 here!" Ray screamed.

Well, Hello. This is all i got today my creative shit has gone sigh Damn anyway R&R please. Love yah RainbowRose xo
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