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Chapter 24

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(Ok so this is almost over. BEAR WITH ME OK! Its a little everywhere but I had to add Cam in somehow and this was the only way I could OK!! JEEZ GET OFF MY BACK WOMEN!! Srry Im tired)


~TIME LAPSE: Wednesday, 2 days into the plan~

Hes done so good.
Though the things that pop into his mind scare me.
Yesterday I made Kraft Dinner for lunch and he yells out "MUNCHY MUNCHY YOUR SO FUNNY NOW YOU LITTLE BASTARD BE IN MY TUMMY" And went on like nothing happened.
I laughed so hard but he glared at me like I WAS THE CRAZY ONE!
Hes kinda of retarded but I love him anyways.

Its 5 o'clock and I let him make dinner tonight.
Bad mistake.
Not my fault though.
He told me he could make bbq chicken and rice.

He burnt the chicken and the rice was sticking together.
I threw it in the trash.
"What the fuck dude?" He frowns.
"It. Tastes. Like. ASS" I smile.
He grabs the phone and orders pizza.
He mumbles something that sounds like "Last time" and "Ungrateful bastard"
I laugh and walk into the living room yelling "I LOVE YOU TOO SNOOKUMS"

37 minutes later the pizza guy shows up and Gerard yells at him for being late.
HE battles with the guy until he gets the pizza free.
He walks into the living room clearly to pleased with himself as be won the war.
"You hate warm pizza, you stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes then eat it" I giggle.
He shrugs and sits beside me.
'Its what came into my mind OK!!"
I laugh and we mow down on the cheese pizza.

Im doing good so far.
Im sleeping.
Its weird to get to bed so early and wake up so early.
This is what Frank does every morning.

"how can he do this?" I mutter outloud and he glares at me.
"Nevermind babe"
He looks back at the TV.

20 minutes later Frank is crashed on the couch with drool out of his mouth.
Im laughing at the TV and at him.
He starts to talk.
"Dont ... What the actual fa...'
I smile thinking hes dreaming of me.
"God damni.."
But I frown as he starts twitching.
"Sto.. Get away from m.."
Im getting scared hes twitching so much.
He screams so loud I fly off the couch in fright.
Im laying on the floor wondering how I could move so fast when I hear crying from the couch.
Frank is huddled so close to his body crying.
"Baby. What happened?"
He shudders.
"Frankie. Babe?"
"I-I-I" He studders but I hold him in my arms as he crys.
Hes feeling my chest. My face. My eyes.
"Wa-wait your alive' He looks up at my puzzled face.
He grabs my neck and hugs me tightly.
What is going on.
I pry him off me but hes like a magnet.
He wont let go and hes still crying.
I kiss his lips and he lets go.
"I-I-I dreamt y-you were gone"
He chokes back words as he cries.
"Im here babe. Im right here. Always"
"Dont ever fucking leave me. Dont ever fucking leave me"
Hes hitting my chest crying into my shoulder.
I dont care about the pain.
Only the fact that hes crying whispering "Dont ever fucking leave me" repeatedly.

30 minutes later were lying on my bed.
Hes asleep on my chest.
I hear someone upstairs.
Were the only ones home til Friday.
Its Wednesday.

I shake him awake and he doesnt look to pleased.
"WHAT?!" He screams as I shove my hand on his mouth.
I point to the ceiling and then to my lips and move from the bed.
We crawl up the stairs and I opened the door slowly.
I got new hinges so it doesnt squeak.
I run into the living room not really scared but wondering who the fuck is here.
And then I saw something I would never wanna see.
I heard screaming and turned around to see Franks horrified face.
The 2 looked up and smiled awkwardly from the couch.

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