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You Hate Me But I'm Gonna Help You

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~Frank help's Gee.

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A/N: Finally, after long wait, the new chapter. I really am sorry guys, I'm really lazy and I couldn't think of anything to write. I hope you like it c:

-LatherTheBlood xo

Weeks had passed since they last spoke. It’s funny how two people can live in the same room and just pass by each other like they don’t exist. I’ve known Frank for a while now. We get on like a house on fire, constantly talking and hanging out listening to music. Sometimes we talk about Gerard and how we both miss him.

You see, Gee doesn’t really speak to anyone anymore. Not even me..

I sat on my crumpled bed and stared out the small square window. People happily laughing and chatting with their friends, something I wished I could do. I never really had any friends, Gee was my only one. Then Frank appeared and made it bearable, for a while.
Gerard was in the room with me, his face in a comic as usual. Frank had gone to get some books from the library I think, I didn’t really pay attention.

“Hey, uhm, Gee?”

His head moved from his comic to look at me, making perfect eye contact. His hazel eyes masking his true feelings. I knew Gee, he hated not talking to anyone. He also hated admitting that he was to forgiving. He holds his grudges for a long, painful time, like he’s trying to prove to himself he can cope without people in his life.

“Please talk to me?”

He got up, walked over towards me and wrapped his lanky arms around my skinny body.

“I miss you Gee..” I whispered into his ear.

“I miss you too Mikes” He detached himself from my body and returned to his own bed, whisking through pages of his comic to find his place again.

He really meant it, he actually misses me. Maybe he’ll talk to me more now? Maybe he’ll even talk to Frank? Although, that was a long shot.

Speaking of Frank, he should’ve been back by now. I stood up and walked towards the window, glaring out of the glass.

I saw Tommy, Craig and all the other regular bullies. I saw Britney and Christie and all the other sluts.

But no Frank.

Franks POV.

My hand skimmed across the many rows of books in the library. There were so many to choose from. The librarian had some good taste.

I chose a few horror tales and a chemistry book and walked over to the counter where the librarian was waiting patiently.

“Yes m’dear?” her voice soft and calming.

“uhh, just these thanks”

“Alright sweetie, do you have your library card today?”

I took out the small plastic card and handed it to her.

“Aright Mikey, there you go darling”

Yeah, I stole Mikey’s card, it’s his own fault for leaving it lying around.

She handed me the card and books and I left swiftly.

The kids in this place were different to my last school, they kept more into their groups. Always with someone in case the jocks attack. See, I suppose you could call them ‘nerds’, they hang round at the library entrance and inside the library. The jocks don’t bother their fucking tits about them if they’re in here. Same with the rich kids, they think they’re all high and mighty, just because mommy and daddy have a few extra bucks in their pockets. Then there’s me, Mikey and Gerard. Yes, I still include him. We don’t have an area, so we get picked on all the fucking time. It sucks.

I walked past the main school building, I saw Gerard. He was walking up the huge amount of stairs. Into a giant pile of jocks. Oh no.


I needed to go see my English teacher, I can’t understand the fucking homework.

I started walking up the stairs to the building, unaware of the jocks collecting at the top. I stopped in the middle, uncertain if I should continue on, if I do, I’m most certainly dead.

I looked around me, scoping the area.

oh, scoping, fancy word for you, mate.

Yes, the voices inside my head are English, I have a fascination/obsession with their accents.

Mhhm, D’ya think Frankie can do a good accent for yah?

Haha, fuck off.

I looked over towards the direction of the library and he was stood there.


I mean.. Frank.

He was staring at me. Right in the eyes. I stared back, sending him a deadly stare.

I continued walking up the stairs, maybe they wouldn’t notice me?

“Oh, here he is boys, little Fags older brother” I didn’t know this guy’s name but he flexed his muscles under his coat.

“Oh shit..” I mumbled, scrunching up my eyes. I felt hands pick me up, I couldn’t move the grip was that strong. He shoved me up against the wall and I fell from him grip onto the hard concrete.

He lifted his foot to kick me when a voice from behind stopped him.

“I don’t think you wanna do that”

“And who’s gonna stop me?”


It was Frank.

Frank leapt onto his back, the fight begins here.
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