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rd Chapter

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Mikey sighed, "I forgot I was using a mechanical pencil and didn't realize it until the plastic began to break".

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A/N: I hadn't planned on updating so soon, but I was sort of inspired to write so this is the result. As for my lovely auditioners I'm so glad you liked the story and I'm going to try really hard to fit as many of you as I can because I'd hate to leave any one out since you're all so fabulous sorry if you didn't get the part you wanted but I tried to match the characters with what I felt would work best. thanks to infinity and beyond for reviews, rates, and auditions! anyWay hope you all enjoy!xox HHalo


"Do you like it?" A familiar voice sounded from behind him.

Mikey turned around to see the guy from earlier, "This is yours?" Mikey gasped.

The guy smiled broadly,"Yep.I got her in sixth grade".

"It's amazing" Mikey spoke honestly, "How'd you come up with the name?".

"Oh" He looked hurt for a second and Mikey wondered what he had done, but before he could ask the look vanished and he was smiling again, "My friend from elementary came up with it".

"That's cool". Mike said.

"Everyone to your seats please!" Their music teacher, Mr.Conor got the classes attention, "Come on now places everyone!"

"Do you mind?"Mikey asked pointing to the empty seat next to the guy.

He only smiled brighter, and Mikey thought what a great smile it was, "No. go ahead".

Mikey returned a shy smile and sat down.


The bell rang for the end of the period. Mikey stood and collect his music sheets and put them away. The rhythmic guitarist beside him got up as well and took a sheet of paper out of his pocket, he scanned it over and looked up at Mikey, " You wouldn't know where room 120 is?".

"Uhmm yeah" Mikey said, "That's my next class. Chemistry right?"

"Yeah". he answered blushing.

"Great". Mikey chirped, "we can walk down there together....err I mean if you'd like".

His cheeks burned brighter, but he smiled gratefully, "Really? Thanks. My name's Frank by the way".

"Don't mention it" Mikey said, "I'm Mikey". He stuck out his hand and Frank shook it. Mikey felt a tingling rush through his arm when their hands met, and he pulled away rather quickly and shook his hand slightly. The feeling was gone.

That was weird ,He thought.

"Well, we should probably be going then" Mikey said, "we don't want to be late"

"Okay" Frank said following Mikey outside the classroom, "So chemistry then? that any fun?"

Mikey shook his head, "I don't know it's my first year taking it, probably like any other science class though".

"Oh okay" Frank said, "Well, I was home schooled until this year so I'm still a bit confused on some things. All the bells at the beginning of the day seem a bit excessive".

Mikey laughed, "Yeah they are aren't they? But don't worry you'll get the hang of things soon enough".

"I hope so". Frank mused. He looked at Mikey, "You remind me of a friend I used to have".

"Really?" Mikey said, "How?"

Maybe his your imaginary friend ,He's voice teased him, You've finally cracked and your imaginary friend's come back.

"Well for starters you both had eye orgasms over my guitar..."

Mikey giggled, "I did not have an eye orgasm!"

"You have a really cute....I mean" He paused like he was stopping himself from saying what he wanted, "I like your laugh".

Mikey's ears turned pink, "Yeah right I sound like a twelve year old girl when I do that".

"and what is wrong with twelve year old girls I dare say?" Frank questioned.

Mikey shook his head, "Your so weird".

Frank frowned looking hurt.

"Don't do that" Mikey said, "I like weird. I'm weird."

Frank grinned, "well good or else I'd have to pummel you."

"And the only reason you'd get away with that is because I don't believe in hitting leprechauns"

Frank faked an outraged gasp, "I am not a leprechaun!"

"Whatever you say short stuff" Mikey grabbed his hand and dragged him into the nearest classroom, "Welcome to Chemistry". He let go as they stepped inside.

"I'm so excited". Frank said sarcastically. He and Mikey headed for a table in the back of the room.

"Fraaaank!" There was a girlish squeal from across the room making Mikey widen his eyes in surprise.

A girl around Frank's height came running uo him, "Oh my god! Finally someone I know!" She wrapped him up in a hug. Frank suppressed a smirk, "Mikey this is my cousin Megan Louise".

Megan let go of Frank and let out an almost silent gasp. She looked down at the ground. Mikey noticed her pale face turn pink even though she was trying her best to hind behind her curly mess of red-brown hair.

"She's a freshman so today's her first day at high school too". Frank explained.

"If your a freshman why are you in a 10th grade Chemistry class?" Mikey asked.

"It's cause she's a smart-ass" Frank stated.

She turned a deeper shade of red and gave Frank a harsh look, "They moved me up a grade in science and math". she answered Mikey not catching his eye.

"See?" Frank said, "She is a smart-ass"

Mikey laughed, "Don't be jealous Frank. I think it's cool".

"Really?" Megan said looking at Mikey directly for the first time. She had sea-colored eyes behind small wire-framed glasses.

"Yeah sure" Mikey said.

Megan grinned, "Thanks".

"Is it okay if she sits with us?" Frank asked.

"Yeah" Mikey said, "I guess that means we're sitting together?".

Frank blushed, "Well, I- I mean I guess we don't have to... I only assumed---"

"Dude I was only kidding of course we're sitting together". Mikey smirked playfully. Frank laughed.

"I like your laugh too".


"Yeah". Mikey replied, "It suits you."

"Thanks". Frank blushed.

"Psst guys" Megan mumbled out of the side of her mouth, "teacher's talking".

Frank and Mikey both looked up and sure enough their chemistry teacher was talking to the class. She had yet to notice Mikey and Frank chattering, but most of the class had and were glarring in their direction.

"Deaf Danzy" Mikey mumbled, "She doesn't seem to ever hear a thing".

"Ooooh, perfect" Frank said rubbing his hands together mischievously. Mikey snickered.

"Maybe you all should take notes" Megan suggested, "She's just told us what we're going to need for this class".

"You're hardly taking notes, you're just doodling a cat". Mikey pointed out.

Megan blushed, "I've already written the list down it's on the board genius".

"Oooh, this one's sassy" Mikey said, "fine,but I've got sharpen my pencil". Mikey scooted his chair back and stood. Waiting to make sure he was out of earshot on the other side of the classroom Megan turned to Frank and smacked his arm, "Why the hell didn't you tell me you had such a hot friend?"

"One" Frank said holding up a finger, "Ouch! Secondly, I've only met him today...or at least I think..."

"Well you guys get along so well...oh wait! Mikey? With brown hair and glasses?" She gasped and covered her mouth up with her hands, "He's not your little boyfriend from sixth grade is he?!"

Frank turned a deep crimson and shook his head, "He was hardly a boyfriend we kissed for like two seconds and that was four years ago I don't think he even remembers me...."

She huffed, "This is hardly fair, you always get the guys I like! Remember Brian?"

Frank's jaw dropped, "He used me to make his ex jealous! He was a sleez!"

"Yeah but you got him didn't you?"

"That doesn't matter. Plus I doubt he sees me that way. That was a long time ago. You should go for it".

Megan's eyes's lit up, "Seriously?"

"Seriously what?" Mikey said coming up and sitting down beside them.

Megan looked back down at her doodles blushing again.

"It's nothing" Frank said, "you took a long time to sharpen a pencil". He changed the subject.

"You're going to make fun of me if I tell you why...." Mikey mumbled.

"What? No I will not". Frank said.

Mikey sighed, "I forgot I was using a mechanical pencil and didn't realize it until the plastic began to break".

Frank and Megan burst into laughter.

Between giggles Frank squeaked out, "You're giggle snort Price giggle Priceless".

Mikey crossed his arms defensively, "Some friends you are".

Their giggling slowly subsided, but Mikey was focused on what he had just said. Some friends you are.

I can hardly believe it, He thought to himself.

Neither can I The rude voice in his head stated harshly, Find out what's wrong with them, because no one normal would want to be around you!

A/N: Okay so I feel like that chapter wasn't very good I don't know why, it was a bit of a filler. Anyway tell me what you think in the reviews or rate please! Also I'd like to thank and give credit to Kaleidoscope-Eyes34 for Megan Louise. And again for the my other auditioners I hope to fit you all in sometime soon! thanks! xox HHalo
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