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You're My Romeo, I'm Your Juliet

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Gerard’s POV

After taking in what had just happened, and what was just said I went to join Mikey, Ray and Frank downstairs, only to see Brendon had made his return and was holding onto Frank like a leech, I noticed a bandage around his left arm, hidden slightly by his jacket, I glanced over to Frank and we made eye contact for more than a few seconds which didn’t go unnoticed by Brendon “What’s going on here then?” he questioned he award winning cocky little smirk plastered across his stupidly handsome face, a pretty face doesn’t make up for an ugly heart. His eyes glared at me “I do hope you remember our conversation Gerard…” he stated bluntly, I looked at Frank and I knew exactly what he was going to say “What conversation?” he asked, his eyes hovered on mine momentarily, he already knew the conversation, he just wanted Brendon to admit that it happened “Nothing you need to worry about baby” he speaks to Frank in the most patronising tone, Frank glared at Brendon, if looks could kill. “I’m not a kid Brendon, tell me, what did you talk to Gerard about?” he sighed “I simply told him that you don’t care for him in that way…” he smiled but Frank’s face was one of pure fury “Bullshit.” Was the only word Frank muttered, Brendon opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by an echoing bang coming from outside.

Instantly we all ran outside, weapons in hand, to investigate what was happening only to see a well built, muscular man, with blonde hair, pulling a shopping cart full of bottled spirits and cloths, lighter in hand, running from a horde of zombie’s and killing them chunk at a time by throwing hand made bombs at them, it was the one and only Bob Bryar, I felt a smiled stretch across my face, I looked over to Mikey and Frank who were also smiling “Bob!” Frank shouted, he turned his head in our direction and ran toward us, he opened the remaining bottles and stuffed cloths in them all, then lighting on, which lit another, which lit another and another, Bob pushed the cart toward the horde and ran over to us and then all of us ran back into the house before we got blown to smithereens, we all ducked down in the hallway when we heard the first of the many small explosions and they all went off in canon, one after another, after the final one went out we all stood up “Bob! We thought you were dead” Mikey said hugging him tightly “Do you bitches have no faith in me what so ever?” I smiled “We have every faith in you Bob.” I smiled, he smiled back and then his attention fell on Frank who was standing in silence “Hey kid, did Mikey give you the guitar?” he asked, Frank’s face turned into one of confusion “Guitar?” Mikey’s head shot up “Shit the guitar!” he ran into the other room and when he came back through he had the guitar in hand, he handed it to Bob, who then passed it to Frank “I want you to have it…” he stated, Frank’s face was one of disbelief “But Bob, it’s the only thing you have left of your wife…”
“I know, It’s time I started to let go of the past and start thinking about how I’m going to build a future from these ashes, it’s something I want you to have, it may seems strange but to me, you are what I would have wanted my little boy to be like, and I know the guitar is something your passionate about, I assumed I was going to die when I told Mikey and Gerard to run, I was going to buy them some time, but I survived, but I still want you to have it…” Frank placed the case down and leapt onto Bob gripping him in a tight hug tears stained both of their faces, Bob really was like a father figure to us, especially to Frank. He pulled away and picked up the case placing it around his shoulders “Okay, enough of the sentimental shit, we need to move…” Brendon announced grabbing Frank by the wrist and dragging him out of the door, the rest of us followed “who’s the jealous bitch?” Bob asked I rolled my eyes “That’s Brendon, he’s a fucking knob, but that’s Ray he’s fucking awesome” Mikey smiled looking at Ray again Ray was blushing but my brother didn’t notice, something is totally going on there, it’s a little bit obvious, I wanted to say something to Mikey but there was no chance, I glanced over to Brendon, whose bandage now had a lovely blood stain coming through it, “hey Brendon, what happened to your arm?” I asked, he stopped in his tracks and turned to face me “It’s not really any of your business, but if you must know, there was a nail sticking out of the wall in my room and I caught it on it, I went out looking for a bandage earlier in a local store.” His voice was convincing but his eyes weren’t they were flicking from place to place not focusing on me, but I went with it, I didn’t want to piss him off any more than I apparently already had.

Frank’s POV

When Gerard pointed it out I couldn’t help but stare at his arm, the blood was seeping through the bandage quickly, much like when I took an arrow to the shoulder, it would have been more entertaining if it was an arrow to the knee, because I’m a fucking skyrim dork, but I probably would have been eaten if it was, anyway Brendon caught my eye “It’s nothing Frank, you don’t have to stare…” he muttered sounding slightly annoyed, I dropped my gaze to the floor and just let him kind of drag me along, I felt like a five year old being taught how to cross the road, I was old enough to walk around on my own, yet Brendon insists on being as patronising as possible, his grip is allot tighter than it was before, ever since I told him what he had told Gerard was bullshit, he seems really pissed off with the world, or more to the point, pissed off with Gerard, Honestly I don’t see why Brendon doesn’t just back off, or I don’t get why Mikey, Gerard Bob and myself haven’t just left, I guess I’d want Ray to come too though and then Brendon wouldn’t survive alone, I guess it’s better if we do stay together, for survivals sake “I’m going back there with the others for a while.” I stated bluntly and pulled my arm from Brendon’s grip, he turned to look at me as I waited for the others to catch up only to bump into the brick wall that is Bob Bryar “hey kid, escaped the grasp of your clingy captor?” he said with a smirk, I shook my head and elbowed him in the stomach “Hey, what are you doing back here, surely Brendon doesn’t want you within two centimetres of Gerard…” Mikey asked I shrugged “I don’t remember Brendon giving birth to me, he can’t control what I do and who I walk around with, he’s just jealous…” I replied I saw Brendon’s head turn slightly toward us, I knew he could hear me, but quite Frankly I really couldn’t care less, I’ve told him straight up that I don’t care about him anymore. I walked over so I was walking beside Gerard, he looked at me “I’m sorry about earlier, I shouldn’t have kicked off at you like that, there was no need, I guess I was just scared…” he whispered apologetically, I looked him in the eye and wrapped my hand in his squeezing it lightly “It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it…” we carried on walking hand in hand, we walked in silence for a while until Bob spoke up “Um…does the kid know, we’re going in the complete wrong direction for the cure, it’s at the old BL/ind building, I mean that’s what they focused on, developing weapons for the military…” Bob whispered, Mikey, Gerard Ray and I stopped in our tracks “if it actually does exist.” Ray muttered soon enough Brendon was by our side “did you just say you know where it is?” Brendon voice was desperate Bob nodded “yeah the old Better Living building down town, I used to work around here, if you let me lead I can get you there quickly…” Bob suggested Brendon nodded vigorously and from then on Bob and Brendon walked side by side ahead of the rest of us.

“Is it me, or does Brendon seem kind of desperate for this cure that we don’t even know exists or not…” Gerard whispered, the three of us nodded, there was something extremely off about Brendon right now, and I’m starting to wonder his injury has something to do with it. we walked for about an hour, until the huge white building was in our sights, Brendon quickened his pace, he began to run toward the building, but stopped in his tracks when the rest of us caught up to him, we realised why he’d stopped. “We are so screwed.” I stated, Gerard squeezed my hand tightly “Fuck this, if we’re all going to die…” Brendon stated and then turned to me, his hands clamped my face and his lips crashed against mine, his eyes closed but mine wide in shock, I felt Gerard’s grip on my hand tighten quickly, Bob, Ray and Mikey were just staring awkwardly and when Brendon finally pulled back, his face was stained with tears “I’m not dying without telling you that I love you…” Gerard’s grip loosened slightly, I glanced at him and his eyes were glassy, and almost emotionless, the colour drained from his skin, he looked like he was going to be sick, I turned back to Brendon he simply nodded and started to walk toward the very, very large horde that was blocking our path “How many do you think there is?” Mikey asked shakily “I don’t know two hundred maybe…” Gerard muttered “Ray let me up on your shoulders…” I said walking over to him, he bent down slightly so I could climb up, now I was taller than the others I could see further into the horizon, and I could see just how fucked we were “How many?” bob asked “Ummm, a fuck load more than two hundred…” I tried to keep my voice steady but I could feeling it cracking, I climbed down from Rays shoulders and we walked toward the horde, toward what was most likely going to be our last battle, I was standing next to Gerard again, and his hand once again squeezed mine “I know this might be allot to take in, considering Brendon just…but I…I love you, I should have told you before, I don’t know why I didn’t, but I do love you, and I want you to know that before we die…” I looked at him as we walked, a smile formed on my face “For a while I thought you weren’t going to say it…” I whispered Gerard looked at me with a crooked smile on his face “I’d say let’s savour this moment, but really we can’t, we’re kind of committing suicide, I mean this is suicide.” He stated before turning his head back to face the ever gaining horde “well then, you are my Romeo and I’m your Juliet…”

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