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Are You Sure?

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Are the guys having second thoughts?

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I'm writing for the guys from TDG, my wonderful collaboration partner Gontier-Girl ( is writing for the guys from MCR.

-Adam's POV-

"Adam, are you sure about this? I mean, it's a big decision for all of us. Maybe we should've thought this through more." My wife, Naomi is rambling a bit, but I get what she's talking about.

"I'm not having second thoughts, Adam, but Naomi has a point. Are we sure we want to do this now?" One of my best friends, Neil, says from beside me. His wife, Janin, nods her head as well.

"Well, maybe we are being a bit hasty. But let's just look today. We can see if we really want to do this. That sound like a plan?"

All my friends and their wives nod, Brad and Rhonda Walst, Barry and Heather Stock, Neil and Janin Sanderson, and my wife, Naomi Gontier.
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