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Shut Up and Let Me See Your Jazz Hands

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“Let the games begin!” Gerard shouted in joy.

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A/N: Hey you guys, thanks so much for reading this far. I got a note last chapter that there is so much drama so fast. So I thought I would just take a break from the drama and just slow things down for a little. If you guys disagree just let me know, but I hope you enjoy this chapter. I am not too good a calm things haha. But R&R thanks so much!

Chapter 15: Shut Up and Let Me See Your Jazz Hands.

Two Weeks Later
Sarah’s POV:

I felt the hot water crash against my skin, relaxing the muscles in my body. I ran my hands through my wet scalp dragging some of the left over conditioner out of it. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. As I pushed the door open a cloud of steam poured out. I grabbed an orange towel off the rack next to the shower and wrapped it around my body. I looked at the mirror and saw the condensation covering it. I wiped some of the condensation off the mirror. I stared at myself and thought about how things have changed. The past two weeks have felt like a dream. Things were actually going well; I was going out to bars and shopping. I felt normal, the feeling was so abnormal to me that I wanted to reject it at first, but as the days have gone by I’ve been beginning to accept that maybe my life might be a normal now. I would be able to just live, and I got to do it with Frank. Things with Frank were still undefined, we didn’t say we were dating or talking. We didn’t label whatever was going on. We acted like friends a lot of the time, but we had these random moments of intimacy. They mostly happened when we were alone. We still haven’t slept together, I was still afraid I would have another meltdown if he touched me that way again. I was glad though, because I knew he wasn’t just waiting for me to sleep with him; he was here for the long haul. I couldn’t be more grateful for him. I looked at my body through the steamy mirror and could see some of my bruises that hadn’t healed. I tried not to think about Peter, I tried to not remember all the years I have spent in pain with him, when a better life was waiting for me. I wasn’t sure if there was a God, but if there was one he was looking out for me. I took the towel off of my body and wrapped it around my head. I walked into Frank’s room and looked through some of the new clothes Molly had recently helped me buy. I could feel the cold air brush against my naked body. I picked up a shirt a slid it over my body. I could feel it cling to me because my skin was damp. I slipped on some shorts and started getting ready.

“Hey! You gonna be ready soon!” I heard Molly yell from the kitchen.

“Yeah I just gotta put my face and some clothes on.” I yelled back.

“Okay, and remember socks! You can’t bowl without socks!” Molly pointed out the obvious like she usually does.

I grabbed some socks and threw them in my purse. I walked back into the bathroom, now that the steam had cleared up and fog cleared off the mirror. I ran my fingers through my hair, deciding to let my curly hair have its moment tonight. I quickly covered up the flaws in face with some foundation, and whipped some onyx liquid eyeliner on the tops of my eyes.

“Come on Sarah! I wanna beat the rush” Gerard said quickly.

“It’s a bowling alley, there are never any rushes!” I laughed back, as I stroked mascara on my eye lashes.

“You tell that to the leagues.” Gerard huffed back.

“Clothes, clothes.” I muttered out to myself trying to find something to wear. I grabbed some dark washed skinny jeans with ankle high black boots. I jumped into the skinny jeans, and slipped on my boots. I didn’t even bother putting on socks, just because I already put some in my bag. I pulled the big shirt off my body that I had put on and slipped on a black bandeau with a white tank top that was cut low on the sides.

“Okay, I’m ready you guys!” I yelled as I pulled on my brown leather jacket and swung my purse around my body.

I walked out into the room and saw everybody waiting for me.

“Finally, you girls take so long to do everything.” Gerard whined, and grabbed his apartment keys off the counter.

“Gerard would you like some cheese with that wine.” Frank laughed and put his jacket on.

“Whatever let’s go, we’ve got a couple blocks to walk.” He huffed and grabbed Molly’s hand and they were out the door. Frank and I quickly followed.

The four of us wandered out into the cold streets of Jersey City. Each time one of us spoke you could see the breath flow out of our mouths. Gerard and Frank were smoking cigarettes so it looked like twice as much smoke coming out from their mouths.

“Okay so you have Betty White, Megan Fox, and Lindsay Lohan.” I heard Gerard say to Frank.

“Oh that’s easy I’d marry Betty White, kill Megan Fox, and fuck Lindsay Lohan.” I heard Frank reply back. I was confused as to what they were doing.

“Really? Because I would kill Lindsay Lohan.” Gerard said skeptically.

“Well that’s not your choice is it? “ Frank laughed. “All right, let me think…Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis.”

“Damn, let’s see…I’d marry Oprah, kill Natalie, and fuck Mila.” Gerard smiled.

“Wow. Is this what you guys did before we came along?” Molly laughed, jumping putting her arm around Gerard’s waist.

"Yes it was actually, and it’s fun.” Gerard defended their little game.

“You guys need to get out more.” I laughed and jumped on Frank’s back. Molly jumped on Gerard’s.

“Race ya?” I cocked my eyebrows at Gerard.

“Oh you’re on!” he shouted as he took off.

No sooner Frank’s leg were moving so fast, and I held on for my life. Molly and I’s screams of excitement were echoing through the streets of Jersey. My nails were gripping into Frank’s chest. I saw us approaching Molly and Gerard and within a few seconds we had passed by them. I shut my eyes, still terrified of falling off, and suddenly we stopped. I opened my eyes and saw us outside the bowling alley. I got off of Frank’s back and saw Gerard and Molly slowly coming.

“All right children let’s bowl.” Gerard panted as he set Molly down.

Frank’s POV:

We walked inside the bowling alley; honestly I was kind of excited. I haven’t been bowling in a few years, but Gerard wanted to go so why not? We walked to counter, where an unnaturally peppy girl whose pony tail on the top of her head suggested she was stuck in the 80’s greeted us excitedly. We avoided eye contact and got our shoes and paid, we weren’t the kind of group of people who loved socializing with strangers.

“You thinking what I am thinking?” Sarah looked at Molly.

“Beer?” Molly questioned. Sarah nodded and they ran off to the concessions.

“They have a point nothing is more than bowling, except drunken bowling.” Gerard smirked at me as he started entering the names into the screen, and since he was Gerard he gave everyone ridiculous names. I was Short Stuff, Molly was Dances with Trees, Sarah was Slut, and Gerard was The Master Commander.

Sarah and Molly arrived back with beer and glanced at the screen their faces were a mixture of confusion and happiness.

“Okay so I guess I’m Slut, way to be creative on that one Gerard.” Molly laughed gulping down a beer.

“No, Sarah’s slut, you’re Dances with Trees, and yeah after I gave Frank and me names I just gave up.” He chuckled grabbing one of the beers Sarah had just placed on the table.

“What! I am not a slut.” Sarah laughed, “But that name won’t matter after I kick all of your asses, all I need is some liquid courage.” She grinned and started gulping beers.

“This is going to be interesting.” I smirked as I picked up a ball and bowled my first strike.

“Let the games begin!” Gerard shouted in joy.
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