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Ask Prince Vegeta _1_

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First episode of Ask Prince Vegeta. Enjoy.

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bulma,Chichi,Goku,Vegeta - Published: 2012/08/15 - Updated: 2012/08/16 - 348 words

Vegeta: Hello and welcome to the first official episode of Ask Prince Vegeta. Now for our first question.

Question One:
Anonymous asks...
What is your favorite line?

Vegeta: (smiles at the slip of paper) Well, Anonymous, my favorite line is no doubt when Bulma said something stupid and I said: "Shut up woman! You haven't said one useful thing since you got here!"
Bulma glares at Vegeta but remains composed, obviously taking a mental note to slap him later.

Question two:
Anonymous asks...
What do you think about fangirls?

Goku and Vegeta gance nervously at each other nervously. They stare for a moment before Vegeta finally speaks.
Vegeta: Well, the best way to describe fangirls is... what's the word?...
Goku: Obsessive and overbearing?
Vegeta: I was gonna say insane, but that works too. Time for our final question.

Question three:
Anonyomus asks...
Why is the show called Ask Prince Vegeta if all of you are in it?

Vegeta now seems really annoyed.
Vegeta: Ok, I've got a question for YOU, Anonymous; do you send in ALL of these? Really? There's a thing called overkill, you know! And another thing; what kind od a name is Anonymous anyway? What are you, Namekian?
Bulma rolls her eyes and whispers something to Vegeta, who blushes.
Vegeta: Um, weell the show is called Ask Prince Vegeta because I am the author's favorite character.
Goku: No you're not! I am!
Vegeta: Huh? LIES! How could a low class like you be her favorite character?!
Goku: Maybe because I'M not a JERK!
Vegeta: How dare you!
Goku: She only named the show after you because she thought you'd Galik Gun her to Namek if she didn't!
Vegeta: That little wretch!
Goku: Don't you talk that way about the author!
Chici: Would you two shut up!The author says it's a tie between you two and she likes you equally!
Goku and Vegeta both blush and Goku ruffles his hair, chuckling. Vegeta looks to the camera with a fake smile.
Vegeta: That's all our time for today, so keep watching and keep sending in questions!
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