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So. The name of said novel is... drumroll

Our Take On The World

Kick-ass, eh? I love it. And I now have a motherfucking editor. I'm sure you've heard of a wonderful girl called AdnarimSmada?
She's my beta/editor person. I cannot believe it. My teachers have said that my fiction is ready to be published and I guess I finally believe it. I just want to thank you guys.

You guys have always said that you loved my work. I tingle a little bit inside when I get a review like that. On the shittiest of days, I get a review like: "This is amazing! Update soon!" and I feel heaps better. Do you have any idea how much that means to me? It means so much. So fucking much.

I won't lie, I have considered suicide. I've tried a lot of things. Some things worse than others. But I promise that I never again will tie a noose in my closet. I promise never to slip my head in it. Because what's the point of dying when I have so much to live for?

I love you guys. All the readers, all the lovers and all the haters. Because haters give me the want to write, to prove them wrong, to prove that I can write. The people who love my work give me enthusiasm. I anticipate reviews on the latest installments of whatever fic I'm working on. The people who read it, just because they've taken the time to click on the link that brings one to my work. The fact that they spend time reading it.

I love you all so much. And yeah. Has anyone heard of NoWaitILied? Well, she's sort of my girlfriend now. Just saying. I've known her for quite a while now. She's amazing.

So. Always remember that I love you- so so so so freaking much. FicWad saved my life.

-Claire xoxo
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