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Chapter One

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What happenes when she moves away from it all? The Pain, The friends, The one who broke her heart?

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Chapter One

'DAMN!' I said, grabbing the keys whilst running to the car.
I was late again. Very late. They were going to kill me.
As I quickly jumped in the car I tore down the street, not even bothering to turn on the music.
Once I pulled into the driveway I made my way up to the front door. I knocked three times, then let myself in. Slowly I walked downstairs, trying to catch my breath so I didn't look like a big buffoon. The moment I entered Brendon swept me into a big hug, while crashing his lips onto mine. He let go as he said "Your late. I was starting to get worried" I laughed.
"I'm always late. Just not..... this late"
I looked over at the couch to see a couple making out fiercely. It was Ryan and Trixie.
"What is she doing here?" I whispered to Brendon as he entwined our fingers together, and said softly
"Ryan said he just couldn't leave her alone. He would miss her. So she came." Looking over he said, "Time to go party at the club! Break it up you two" he added in Ryan's direction, because they refused to resurface.
As we began to walk to the cars Taylor pulled me aside.
"I hate her. I can't stand it"
"I know, I know. Soon enough he will dump her."
"No, you don't understand Meg, she is cheating on him. I saw her at it with Kevin"
My eyes grew wide as I looked down to see the two walking up behind us.
"Your joking, right?" I asked.
"No. And it's killing me. We have to tell him!"
"No way! Are you crazy? It would break his heart"
"Well she is doing a good job at that herself. What is going to happen when he finds out?"
I sighed
"Something I hope to never have to witness."
As we all piled into the car Ryan came up behind me "Hey Meg, how are you doing?"
I smiled "Great! How about you?
"Doing good. Umm, I was wondering. Is the reason you hate Trixie so much because you like --- " Brendon entered the car, and for some reason Ryan stopped abruptly.
Putting it aside I gave Brendon a quick kiss as Brent began to drive. I rested my head on his arm as Sam started to tell us about a puppy she saw on the news.
Once we arrived at the bar Ryan and Trixie immediately left for the dance floor. The rest of us ordered drinks, and sat to talk. Laughing and joking we began to slowly drift to the dance floor and back again every once in a while.

1 hour later

"So then she looked at me funny, and said 'NO! It's not a mask, it is my face!'" and we all went down laughing at Brendon. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He grasped me in a hug, and I laid back, relaxing in his arms. I noticed Ryan walking over as I got up, and took a sip from my coke and rum.
"Hey guys, have you seen Trixie?"
"No, sorry" I laughed. He lost her in the crowd probably.
I scanned it to see if I could find Taylor, but instead found Trixie, With her top off, kissing another guy. I gasped in horror, as Ryan followed my gaze. He stared at her blankly. Then took a look at our faces and ran from the bar.
I looked at Brendon. "I am going to go talk to him" he nodded, letting me go. I ran outside to find it pouring. Shivering, I looked about but found no Ryan. Right when I was going to go back inside I realized he was sitting on the ground, next to the brick wall. Walking over slowly, I bent down to be level with him. He looked up, and I saw the hurt in his eyes.
I grasped him in a hug, rocking back and forth
"It's okay, calm down" I said in a soft voice.
"I am so fucking stupid. How could I not see it?" He said.
"Your not stupid"
"Yes I am. I fucking let her fucking cheat on me. I should have caught on earlier, and listen to you guys"
"No! We were wrong to doubt you! We didn't like her because she was taking you away from us. That's all"
"You guy 's always hated her. Don't give me that bullshit."
"Yes, we hated her, but we shouldn't have. Because you loved her."
He looked over at me. The two of us standing up.
"I didn't love her" I looked at him, with a confused look plainly on my face.
"I loved you" and he leaned forward and kissed. Me. I was so shocked I didn't pull back. Once reality set in I pulled back, and looked at the door to see Brendon standing there. A look of surprise on his face.
"No. No. No Brendon, it's not what it looks like at all !" I stammered, pushing Ryan away, and walking towards him. He shook his head, "How couldn't I have seen it" he said, barley above a whisper.
"How could I not see that you were FUCKING MY BEST FRIEND" I gaped at him.
"I would NEVER do that to you! I would never sleep with him! I don't love him, I love you!" I shouted, running towards him, while wrapping my arms around him. He pushed me off forcefully, making me fall back down into the mud. I looked up at the rage on his face.
"Don't lie you whore! I bet you never even did love me, did you?" He asked, as I began to cry loudly.
"No, I did! Brendon please, forgive me. I love you"
"DON'T! It's over. Forget you" and he began to walk away as I sat on my knees, crying into my hands, the hard rain beating on my back. I heard him drive away, and I wept more. My throat would surly tare from the pain. I couldn't stop. I felt a hand grasp my shoulder, and a voice I knew as Ryan's say, "It's okay." I lifted my face from my hands, rage taking the best of me. I turned around quickly and slapped him as hard as I could in the face.
"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT" I spat, as he stumbled back. I through a punch at him, plainly getting him in the mouth. "BECAUSE OF YOU" I screamed, trying to hit him as hard as I could. He grabbed my arms as I went to swing again. I began to yell all different things. 'it's your fault' 'I hate you' everything. But slowly I began to cry again, as he grasped me in a hug. I cried into his shoulder for a long time. I hated him, but I just couldn't right now. I just couldn't.
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