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Casting call, my dears. (Also known as auditions.)

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What the title says, really. Have a look and I'll love you. *Added a part that I forgot to originally put in.*

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Hey guys, this is Britta speaking. Or writing. Whatever.
First off, you guys seem pretty damned cool, and there are a lot of people that I say that about.
Second, this is the audition for what will be my first story on Ficwad. I've got some other fics that I've already finished writing, and I should probably just put those up first, but this idea won't leave me alone, so here I am, posting an audition. Anyway, here's a quick summary of the story. (It's a Frerard, in case you didn't guess.)

The year is 1923. Gerard gets sent to Paris, France to bring some revenue back into the country by writing a play for the Moulin Rouge. But there's one little problem. Nobody told him it was a cabaret.
Interested? Great! You're allowed to audition a male character and a female one. The parts up for grabs are;
Owner of the club
Gerard's first friend in Paris (I'd prefer it if this character was a guy, btw.)
Gerard's friend's girlfriend
Some performers
The performers' dance trainer/instructor
The costume designer
A few other important people whose parts would take me forever to explain

Form thingy-
Age (Over eighteen, please):
Appearance has been split for detail-
Hair colour and style (Keep in mind when the story is set and it will make my life much easier):
Clothes (Once again, keep the setting in mind):
Backstory (How they ended up at the Moulin Rouge, what their life was like before that, that sort of thing.):
Any other stuff you'd like me to know:

That's it, so get to auditioning, and I will try to post results soon.
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