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The Evilest Witch At Hogwarts

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Willow is the evilest person you will meet she never nice to anyone only Hugo Weasley. But when Albus Potter tell her she a worthless person who will never get any one to ever love her. She makes i...

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Chapter 1: We're Not Born Pure Evil

Terrible shrieks blaze painful tormenting sounds in to my ears. Making them feel as if blood is dripping, drop by drop, down my swollen check. I gaze at a blur image of a man who has a snake, wrapped around his neck, constricting the oxygen from his lungs, making his face look agonizing with pain, turning a crimson red. All the air has been suck out of the man.

His bewitching bright blue eyes were all I could make up of his face. He mummers his last words holding the rims of his index finger apprehensively shaking uncontrollably. He attempts to whale out, but I only make out the shapes of his thin bleeding lips with gums discharge human tissue with ever shift of his mouth. He mouthed "Never trust or love no one" and you would see the lifeless glimpse of his eyes fade into pure darkness. _________________________

I scramble in terror and finally pierce my left eye from my coma like sleep, shaking in terror. I catch a concerned encounter with Hugo's hazel golden brown eyes hovering above me. He happens to be rattling my shoulders, begging me to expose that I'm truly awake. He carefully wrap his arms around me protectively and I hastily sit up. I rest my head lightly on his shoulder blade. Nausea over comes my insides and I began hyperventilating.

Hugo picks me up as if I am a child and rocks me on his lap ,as he done so many times. Between involuntary sharp breaths I verbalizes the words "I...I....had that vicious dr... dream ag.... again." Hugo kisses my trembling hand and affirms what I'm thinking the reason is for him to wake me up with such worry. "I know Willow, when I woke up and saw you shaking as if someone was stabbing you. I panic and knew you were having that dream again" his voice is so soothing and mellow. I know he is apprehension and frighten to death inside, but he is acting so strong. That is so like Hugo .He's the courageous and selfless one between both of us.

He always puts people before his needs and he's there when you need a shoulder to cry on. He helps people with their emotional problems, but hates when other see him vulnerability. Even though he has the right to be a weak person. When Hugo was just a child a year before starting Hogwarts, he saw his cousin Lucy being slaughter to death by a death eater and a werewolf. He has vile nightmares since that day and rare panic attacks. However he act if he is fine and the cruel murder he witnessed did not traumatized him.

But I know for a fact he is fooling the world. Just as I can, I saw my father being killed by my uncle who happen to be a death eater. He did not approve of my father marrying my mother ,even though they were together for 10 years and already had me. Just because she is a muggle, he execute him with me watching tie up in a chair. He wanted me to establish the same belief as him and his fellow scholars death eaters. I pretend to obey him and he took me away from my helpless mother, who lost the two beloved people in her live all in one day. Living with my uncle I become filedl with hatred and resentment.

Eating on my inside making me a dreadful, insignificant , ferocious person you will ever have the displeased to meet. I'm cruel to everyone around me, just like my uncle has been cruel to me. The only person who ever connected with me is Hugo. It started the day he kept admiring me from a far and I got ill-tempered and caution him to quit starting at me. I remember stating "Take a picture it will last longer". He didn't even hesitation to grab his phone from his right pocket, take a picture of me ,and put his phone in his pocket.

He didn't even get bothered by my rude remarks and I knew he was going to be a challenge. I kept spitting out malicious and hurtful insult and all he did was talk back and defend himself. I was completely undertaken by his bravery. He began moving closer and closer until we were inches apart. He sat next to me and we have never been apart since. Hugo understand how the awful nightmare burn at your soul and haunt the mind. Him and I both have a dark outlook on life. Seeing things differently from others, because of the terrible circumstance we saw when we were children. Our perspectives are tainted by the memory, but were the only people who understand the sour taste of traumatizing.

I look into Hugo's eyes as he still rocking me and wished I could be in his arms for eternity. However a knock in Hugo Gryffindor's head boys room made him place me back on his bed and answer the door, only peaking his head outside and it is Dominique. She sticks her head in Hugo's room and eyes do not even get alarm that I'm in Hugo room. This may have been my room even though Dominique and I are both share a slytherin 5th year girls dorm.

She knows I never sleep there and Hugo has a room all to himself for being a head boy. We practically live together. We're so comfortable being around each other, I don't even care to change in front of him. We have both expected each other just the way we are. For example, he is use to me making rude remarks to others for no reason. He's the only person I'm truly kind to. He is the only person who's insults hurt and cut deep in my heart. Only him, no one else.

I am use to Hugo faking a smile everyday and acting like he was not crying in his sleep until I woke him up and wrap him in my arms, letting him take out all of his emotions. I'm just use to his short tempter to anyone who attempts to hurt anyone close to him. Dominique invited herself in and her green combat boots tap loudly against the cold wooden floor .Her straight blonde hair with green highlights flows as she walked with a letter clutched tightly in her hands . "Guess who we all hate with a burning passion has just bane us from Rose's birthday party in this letter?". We all knew who she was talking about. It is Albus. He is a wannabe badass who hates Hugo just as much as Hugo dislikes him. Albus tries to act like a bully, but he only does it because of his low self esteem, which is obvious to anyone who happens to be a bully himselfs.

He bought a magical horn that makes realistic animal noise. He spot Hugo coming down the hallway, puts the horn on werewolf and squeezes the horn with all his might. Flabbergasting Hugo into a full on panic attack. Making him shake and hyperventilate. Albus laughs so revolting the next day. Hugo crashes is fist into Albus face and broke two ribs and busted up his jaw. Leaving to know they will never overcome that and still loath each other. Hugo mouth tighten at just the thought of Albus's name, angering him. His hands were in a tense fist and he states "Albus, that imbecile bandied us from my sister birthday party." Dominique nodded her head and gave as a pity smirk "I know, I swear my middle finger gets a boner every time I think of him, Rose was not happy about him sending the letter, she is pissed, you have no idea."

I crack a smile and think of an idea "Who gives a flying fuck if we're baned, Rose wants us there so likes us, so let crash that party and give Albus a piece of our mind, if he even dares to say anything." Hugo and Dominique face light up in delighted, both express it with smiles on their faces and we all agree to crash the party and do whatever the bloody hell we want there. Who care if Albus get frantic? What is the worst that can happen?
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