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Movie Time(revived and rewritten)

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The movie time vote was deleted when I was editing it.I could not upload the original chapter because my computer was infected with a virus.So here's the "Movie Time" chapter again.Enjoy :)

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Inside Radziel and I walked over to the concession stand. The lines were not too long and I just stood there scanning the menu. Michelle and Balthazar were in the third line left of us. ”What are you having,” asked Radziel. ”Um, ill just take some Reece’s pieces and a water, ”I said. ”You know water is the same price as soda. So you are better off getting a soda,’ said Radziel. ”Well a Sierra Mist it is. I thought I was being frugal by just ordering water cause I thought it was free. ”I said holding up my arms smiling. Radziel laughed. Balthazar and Michelle came up with two popcorn buckets and large sodas. Balthazar had his head dumped into the bucket eating the popcorn while Michelle looked on giggling. “I see why there is hardly any food in the house,” I said to Radziel.” Yeah, he’s probably going to eat Michelle’s popcorn before the movie starts,” said Radziel. We saw the others sitting in the lobby area. ”Hey, look at them. Are they angels, ”said Larry pointing to two tall males and females wearing long raincoats. ”Yeah we can always tell our own,” said Paul.” You think they are rebels, ”asked Brandon. ”Naw, rebels don’t mingle with humans,” said Radziel. ”Hey, we gotta go before the previews end,” said Larry. We began to walk out of the lobby and I took one last glance at the angels. One had looked over at us with a cold stare even more menacing than Zachariel’s. Their stares weren’t the only ones our group was getting. Some people were looking at Michelle and I oddly. It was awkward for two girls to be with a group of guys. But these were no ordinary guys, they were supernaturals. I just shrugged off some of the stares people were giving us and walked into the movie. The theater had a good crowd of couples and friends. Radziel and I took our seats towards the back while the rest sat up close. ”Hey, yeah. We are at the movies now,” alright buy, ”said Radziel talking on his phone. ”You better turn that off,” I said to him nudging at his arm.” I will,” he said turning off his phone. Balthazar had already started eating Michelle’s popcorn and chewing loudly while she watched with amusement. He then let out a big loud burp that could be heard all over the theater. A group girls ewwed at him while others in the theater mumbled in disgust .”SAY EXCUSE ME GOODNESS!” Shouted Radziel.Some people laughed, clapped and agreed at his comment. ”Shhh, I said nudging him again laughing.” He needs to learn some manners,” said Radziel. The movie then started. Brandon cheered whenever the main vampire did something bad while the others cheered when he got owned. It was a fun movie which relieved a lot of stress and tension. The movie ended and we went to meet the others near the exit.” That was good,” said Brandon.Yeah especially when that vampire got his ass kicked, ”said Balthazar putting his jacket on Michelle.”Yeah but he was kicking the most ass throughout the movie,” said Brandon.” What time is it,” asked Paul.” It is 12:05 a.m..It is past curfew,” said Larry looking at Michelle grinning.”Oh,I have been out later than this. My father’s at work and won’t be back until the morning and my mom’s living at her boyfriend’s house,” said Michelle. All of them gave her a sympathetic look. Despite being hardcore fighters they all felt bad that Michelle did not have a strong family unit in which they valued. We left the theater and walked down the alleyway between the theater and a department.” Is anyone behind us,” asked Paul.” Brandon looked back,”No”,”said Brandon’ They both leapt up on the wall building and began to walk.” You think that is something look at this,” said Balthazar to Michelle. Balthazar then leapt on the wall and began to hop from wall to wall in rapid speed. Michelle just looked on.”Hmph” I may not be able to defy gravity but I can bite through metal and break it with my bare hands,” said Larry.” And turn into a four legged beast on a full moon,” said Radziel smiling.”Oh, yeah that too. “Hey you guys get down before someone see us” said Radziel. They all leapt off and started walking normally.
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