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After the crash

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The winged figure was indeed Radziel carrying Balthazar. Radziel landed near the truck and Paul and Larry hurried to grab Balthazar. Balthazar had gotten several wounds on the side of his stomach and several on his right shoulder’ It used a blade laced with Hypericum and Osmium, "said Balthazar holding his side.” What is that,” I asked.’ It’s st.john's wort and metal. They are poisonous to demons,” said Paul. "Where did the other Angel go,” asked Brandon.” I don't know. He flew off once I got a hold of Balthazar,” said Radziel."Larry and Radziel sat Balthazar in the back of the ram who was spitting dark red blood.” You think there are anymore out here,” asked Brandon.” I don't know.We need to get out of here, before anymore come or a passerby sees the mess,” said Radziel.Paul began to pick up some pieces of truck that was damaged in the crash.” What are we going to tell Zachariel,"asked Paul looking at Radziel."We are going to tell him the truth. I mean what can we do? We did not know if..." Radziel did not finish his sentence and began to look around. Paul looked up."Yall smell that,” asked Larry. I looked around I did not smell anything. I learned that since they were all supes they had a keen sense of smell."Yeah,it smells all rotted and...dead,” said Brandon.” You don't think it's a ..."SHHH"said Radziel quieting Paul.” It’s over there. I backed up and clutched the revolver Paul gave me. I only practiced using a gun once for class, but never ever did I think I would use it too soon. It was quiet for a moment and of a sudden some heavy footsteps came from the woods. Whatever the thing was had growled. The footsteps came closer and closer and leaped right in front of the headlights.” There it is,” shouted Paul. I gasped in horror. It was indeed a person but it was dead. I then could smell it's rotting flesh and see it's filthy skin, lifeless grey eyes,distored features that has long been damaged."A zombie,"I whispered to myself. I had never seen something that was alive but not alive. It was so horrible I did not know what was keeping me from gagging at it's appearance. The thing let out a blood curdling scream and charged at Paul who was a couple of feet away from it. I then heard some gun shots come from a distance. The thing screamed again trying to dodge the bullets flapping it's arms. Larry shot at it but it did not have any effect. The thing was still alive and came after us screaming with rage. Paul then swung a piece of the truck's bumper at the thing with full force making the thing lose balance. Radziel and Brandon then ganged up on the thing and grabbed it’s arms. ”On the count of three,” said Radziel. In a quick second both Radziel and Brandon ripped the arms of the creature causing it to scream in horror. Green sludge poured of it’s sockets. I began to heave at the sight of the massacre. Brandon then grabbed the thing by it’s head trying to avoid it’s bites and twisted it until it was off it’s shoulders. Brandon grimaced at the sight of it’s severed head in his hands and tossed it far into the distance. Radziel did the same with it’s body and thrown it far into the night sky. ”Damn what a night,” said Larry. I wiped the sweat off my brow. I was not expecting or prepared to see a gratuitous display of horror in one night.” I guess some zombies like to stalk during midnight,” said Paul.”Yeah, I think so, ”said Radziel.”Wait,’ said Larry.” I looked up and saw another angel standing in front of the truck. I could not tell if it was male or female. It was rather androgynous looking but still very intimidating. ”What do you want,” shouted Radziel.’The other angel did not answer but stared coldly at us. ’Well,” asked Radziel.”You are on the wrong side Radziel. Having Zachariel as an ally is not going to change the inevitable,” said the angel.Radziel stared back at angel who then flew off.” Was he the one you fought,” asked Paul.”No’said Radziel shaking his head.
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