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Coming home

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Paul and Brandon began to pick up the remaining pieces of scrap from the truck. I went to the backseat of the ram and saw that Balthazar was still in pain.” Balthazar are you alright,”I asked.”Yeah I’ll be fine,” he said holding his side.” I heard a lot of commotion out there,” said Balthazar.”Yeah, um a zombie came out of nowhere,” I said. ”Oh,” said Balthazar.”Yeah, Radziel and Brandon took care of it,” I said. "It seems that the angels may want the undead to be their allies,” said Balthazar grinning. A pair of headlights came up from behind. ”Hurry Larry stand in front of the license plate,” shouted Paul. I got out of the truck and saw two other men looking at the damage.” What happened are you boys alright, ”asked one of the men.”Oh,yeah we are fine. We just had hydroplane a little” said Larry.Radziel came up on the side of me with Brandon.” You may have to glamour them if Larry is not convincing,” said Radziel.”Ok,are you sure you don’t need to call the ambulance and a tow,” asked the other man.” No but we need more ammo and allies is what need against zombies and rebel angels,” said Brandon jokingly.Radziel snickered.”Yes,we’ll be ok my friend owns a garage,” said Larry convincing the men.” They came in the right time,” said Brandon. The two men then got back into their car passing by and rubber necking at the damage of the vehicle.” So Gemma you ready to go home,” asked Brandon.’Um not yet, the night is still young,” I said sarcastically grinning. “Yeah but you have finals tomorrow,” said Radziel nudging me. ”Oh, yeah I forgot, ”I said climbing into the passenger seat. Paul had loaded the last pieces of parts of the ram in the trunk and headed back to Larry's car. Balthazar had sat up. ”I guess I may have to drink that goat’s blood after all,” said Balthazar. ”Yeah, that’ll make you heal faster, ”said Radziel. ”That’s good for me. You don’t have to touch my human blood. Just one of the joys of not living with other vamps,” said Brandon.”Yeah whatever,” said Balthazar. Radziel had started up the ram which took longer to start up and drove off. The ride back to the house was silent. Once we arrived Radziel parked the ram near the garage.” I guess this is not going out anytime soon,” said Brandon. Radziel did not respond. Balthazar opened his door almost toppling over. Brandon went over to his side and put his arm around his shoulder.Radziel got out of the truck to help him.Zachariel came out and saw Radziel and Brandon helping a bloodied and tumbling Balthazar. He looked over and saw the damaged of the RAM and looked over at Radziel. Larry had came up and took Radziel’s place helping Balthazar.” Don’t ask. The other guy got away,” said Balthazar.Zachariel did not say anything. Paul followed behind and did not look at Zachariel and went inside the house.Radziel stayed outside to face what Zachariel had to say for our night out. I came up stood close to Radziel and made sure I was not in clear view of Zachariel.Zachariel walked over to the RAM and inspected it.” What happened to your sh*t,” he asked in a low angry voice.”We got in a altercation with another angel while we was coming home,” said Radziel.”I guess that same angel harmed Balthazar as well,” said Zachariel inspecting the truck.” I helped Balthazar fight off the angel. We also got into it with a zombie as well. But everything is fine,” said Radziel.“Yeah, but you all use this thing to mingle with humans and travel to fight,” said Zachariel.”Larry has good insurance. It can be fixed,” I said.Zachariel shot a cold and angry look at me. Obviously he did not appreciate my two cents in the matter.”Look,me and Larry will look into getting a rental and finding a shop to get the RAM fixed.” That’s not the problem the other angel is. We need to gather more allies. One angel and a zombie is not the bane of our worries. We can’t risk not being prepared,” said. Zachariel.Radziel just stared back at him.”See to getting this over glorified chariot fixed tomorrow morning.I have to talk with Remiel and Ezekiel about these angels and other supes," said Zachariel walking away.Radziel looked down in annoyance.” He looked up and smiled at me. ”Ready to go,” he asked. ”Yeah, im ready to go, ”I said with a grin. He then gently kissed me to reassure me that everything was alright. ”So how much you think it will cost to get the Ram fixed, ”I asked. ”I don’t maybe a arm and a leg,” he said grinning. ”Oh, the zombie’s arm for a matter of fact, ”I said. He laughed. Looks like we got to take Larry’s car. I hope we don’t run into anymore supes. I don’t know if Larry’s insurance will cover another damaged vehicle,” he said. I laughed. We got into Larry’s car and drove off. The ride back to my home was more peaceful with no hint of danger.’ So how did you enjoy dinner at our house,” asked Radziel.”It was pretty good. I’ll come over again as long as Balthazar don’t eat it all before I get there,” I said.Radziel laughed and held my hand. I looked out the window. And looked forward to finals and a weekend worth of rebel angels,demons,vamps,and werewolves filled with hospitality.

The end.
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