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The Thoughts of a Dead Man/The Thoughts of a Murderer

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Two-shot fic. First chapter is L's POV (first person) and the second is Light's POV. Their thoughts on how they felt about one another.

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A/N: I wrote this at 5am while under the influence of a sleeping tablet, so I'm sorry if you find any errors. I wouldn't post it if I thought it was terrible though. Read & review!

Disclaimer: All characters and events mentioned in this story belong to Tsugumi Ohba, not me. He's just kind enough to let me borrow them for a while.

Death Note Oneshot: The Thoughts of a Dead Man.

I should've taken some sort of delight out of seeing Light's smirk appear on his face. The fact that it was there at all proved everything. He is Kira.

But happiness was not what I felt. An overwhelming sadness overcame me instead, along with something else. I couldn't bring myself identify what the emotion was. I just know that it was there.

Now, as I watch his exploits from above- I remember. The way he worked, his manipulations, the way he was one step ahead of his enemies; including me. He was my rival, the only one worthy enough of challenging me.

I can recall the glimmer in his eye which only appeared when he had a stroke of genius, like ways to bring down Yotsuba, and eventually myself. And even the way he would rest his hands on his temple when things just weren't going his way and lastly, the pure hate I saw in his eyes which he had reserved just for me.

He possessed other qualities too.

When he smiled at me- I smiled back. When he wanted to talk about something, even as trivial as his relationship with Miss Amane- I would listen. When he would stare at me- I would stare back and vice versa. We were two sides of the same coin.

I didn't ask him to join the task force just for the help. I asked him to join for company.

After observing him through a secondary resource, I had no doubt about who he was. I didn't care though, well for the moment. He was too hypnotising to watch and I couldn't settle for observing him candidly anymore. Kira or not, I was trapped. I was intrigued; no it was more than that- I was excited, that I had found someone who was so methodical, smart, talented and well…like me.

Months went by and I was obsessed. I even went as far as to chain myself to him (for safety reasons of course). We joked around, we fought and we worked. It was our cycle, our relationship and it worked.

As the game of cat and mouse became serious, I knew that my stupid fixation with him had to disappear. My life, among others was at stake. So I informed him that we would be parting ways soon. I knew that one of us would claim victory over the other. We were natural enemies; it was the way it was always meant to be, Kira vs. L.

Now I'm up here watching his final moments play out, his world of lies unravel. He doesn't even repent. Nor does he need to. He's too far gone to understand repentance and too far gone to save.

Now I remember what I felt in those final moments, the pang in my chest.

It was regret. Kira was my enemy, but Light was my friend. I was murdered by my friend, my only friend. I regret not saving him before he lost his humanity. If only I had more time, he might have been able to join me up here.
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