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Light on L

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It's Light's turn to look back.

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The Thoughts of a Murderer

My instant reaction back then was to run to his side, he was my friend after all. It was only when I saw his body on the floor and his eyes flutter; I remembered why he was even in that position in the first place.

I ordered Rem to kill him. I murdered him.

I panicked and tried to think of ways to rectify the mistake I had made; however, one of the major flaws of the Death Note is that you can't take back someone's name after you write it down.

After the shock dissolved, I regained my composure and smirked at him, it was the least I could do. I couldn't let him die without confirming his theory, he deserved that. He couldn't do anything about it anymore and I really don't think he would if he had the chance to either; he just couldn't die without knowing for sure that I was Kira. So I gave him that, a last request of sorts because that's what you do for a friend.

Things back at Headquarters will not be as exciting as they were when he was around. No one else is capable of challenging me on the same level as him. Not the Task Force, not Mello and certainly not Near. He talks the big talk about how he will prove that I'm Kira, but he's not capable enough. He's an L imposter, nothing more.

L knew what he was doing when it came to Kira and even if I won one battle, he was always sure to win the next. I'm almost positive that he would've caught me too if I didn't have the help of a certain supernatural being on my side. That's why I had to eliminate him early on; if I waited any longer, I would be dead or in a prison cell somewhere.

Near would never be able to even come as close as L, he was too cocky and brash. L would be more humble and spend time to sit back and observe the situation first before making his move. He was sneaky and sly. I remember when he set the FBI on me without the police force knowing before he even confronted me for the first time. L took time out to get to know his opponent before deducing whether or not they were guilty.

However, through all the praise I finally remember why I wanted him dead in the first place. He opposed the God of the New World and the only punishment for that sin is death. If he wasn't so hell-bent on catching Kira, catching me- he would still be here.

Friend or not, when you try to take on God you ultimately lose. It was nothing personal L, strictly business.

If only he possessed the right perspective, then he would've been able to join me: as co-ruler of the New World. I have to face it, Misa isn't exactly the brightest tool in the box and although her ocular powers are an essential asset to me, her mind isn't. But L and I working hand in hand and our minds working together? We would have been unstoppable.

Sadly, that can never be. He opposed me and paid for it dearly. This is war and every was has casualties. I can't afford to treat someone who doesn't agree with Kira's ideals differently from another- no matter how I feel about them.
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