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I'm Not Okay

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Helloooo. so tonight i'll post another frerard, but this isnt my own frerard, my friend, Toni, written this freard, and this is her first frerard. yay. hope you guys like it xo

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As I woke up to my mom screaming "FRANK! You better get your ass out of bed now or you'll be late for school." Oh joy first day of hell, oh wait I haven't introduced my self have I....sorry about that hi am frank iero. I am 16 years old, I have no siblings (hey I have no siblings too!) , my parents split when I was about 6 (and mine is going to split this year sigh), I have black and blonde hair (mine is brown! And so is toni's hair) , I go to belleville highschool, I am what people would say classes as 'emo' but I hate the word it's just bullshit, I prefer the word different and being myself, ohh and am gay.
(If I were a guy I'll be gay for you Frankie)
As I realise someone, and by that I mean my mom, coming up the stairs I shout "yeah mom, I know am out of bed." Ohh why couldn't it still be summer break. I drag my tired and heavy body out of my covers and the comfort and safety of my bed, I walk to my wardrobe and pick out my favourite misfits tee, black skinny jeans and my black zip up hoodie.

Slowly I walk into the bathroom, I turn the shower on and I don't bother looking in the mirror, I already know how bad I look and I don't need reminding. I step into the shower glad to feel fresh, warm water on my skin, about 10 minutes later I step out of the shower and walk to the mirror patting down my fringe, I put my jeans and misfits tee on and start to put my eyeliner on and then smudge it around my eyes, I then run down stairs and shove my black converse and hoodie on and leave to go to school.

I quickly walk to school so that people don't notice me and so I can quickly get to my first class which of course has to be maths.'Ughh' I say to my self, who the hell puts maths first thing on a monday morning, I am sure the teacher are trying to bore me to death (and I'd rather skip class if this is ever happen to me), not that any body would care, see am an outcast, no one other than my four friends talk to me, I only have Ray, Bob, Key and Toni as friends. (Yay Toni puts my name!!)

Soon I arrive at hell it's self, I walk into my form room to find a boy sat next to my seat, 'no one normally sits there, I always sit alone.' I thought to myself. "Erm hi, I'm Frank."
I say, okay this guy is cute, he has shoulder length raven hair, his nose is kind of turned up at the end, its so cute (TOO CUTE), god I sound like a teenage girl, and omg his eyes they're a beautiful hazel colour, I realise soon after I have been starring at him for about a minute, 'shit.' I think to myself. "Hi frank, I'm gerard." Okay so I think I just fell in love with his voice.

"So gerard, what lesson do you have first?" I asked, I hope he is in the same class as me, maybe we can skip it together, "ughh I have maths with mr. Smith."

"Omg you're in my lesson, let me see if you're in any other of my lessons." I said whilst taking gerards timetable. I was shocked and excited to see that Gerard was in all my lessons. While jumping up and down in my seat I said. "Omg you're in all my lessons." I said this too quick and I thought he wouldn't understand what I said, but he did thankfully. "Really,yay! Least I will have one cool person in my lessons." He said this with a slight blush on his face. "Really you think I'm cool." (Yeah you're so cool so marry me Frankie. Okay)

Gerard slightly blushed again as I said this and then answered me. "Yeah well it looks like you clearly like the same bands as me." He said this while pointing to my tee. "Ohh so you like the misfits too?" I asked him, he looked at me as if I was being the dumbest person on the planet. "Yeah, they're like one of my favourite bands." "Omg really, they're my favourite band too." I said this with the biggest smile on my face.

The bell sounded for the start of our first class. As me and gerard walked don't the hall way to maths we heard such things as. "Oh look iero got himself a new boyfriend" or some other ignorant twat would shout "fags." At us. Then all of a sudden I felt a shooting pain up the side of me, I then realised that Tom one of the school jocks had thrown me into a locker and hailed more abuse at us.

I turned to gerard and said. " You do realise that if you hand with me, you will get this for the rest of the school year." He looked at me with a smile on his face and said to me. "Its okay, I like you frank, and I want to be your friend." (Awww)Oh if only he knew that I wanted to be more than friends. 'Shut up, frank, you can't think like this and anyway he probably isn't even gay.' I said to my self in my head.

Review pleaase! Oh well the next chapter will be posted as soon as Toni send me the next chapter. Xo
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