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It was now lunch and Gerard and I had sat down to eat when a tall, skinny boy who I had never seen before had came over to us "hey Gee, how has today been?" He asked a little bit too enthusiastically. The boy was tall, very skinny but not too skinny, he had mousy blonde hair, he wore his glasses on the tip of his nose. "Ohh, hey Mikey." Gerard replied. "Oh yeah it was good, how was yours, oh and frank this is Mikey my younger dorkier brother, and Mikey this Frank."Gerard quickly said with smile on his face "it was okay and hey I'm am not a dork am just intelligent." Mikey retaliated while gerard rolled his eyes.
By the time me and Mikey had said our hi's to each other Key and Toni had already joined us. "Hey Frankie." Key said waving at me (oh...oh i think i would give him the sexiest wave hahahaha). "Hey Frank, who's this?" Toni asked with a small smile on her face. "Sorry, this is Gerard." I said pointing towards gerard. "And this is Mikey his younger brother." I continued pointing towards the younger brother.

After a little while Key asked "where Ray and Bob? I haven't seen them since first lesson." "I know it's as id-" Toni started but was interrupted by Bob saying "what's up bitches?" (wow Toni you made Bob sounds like Jeffree Star) And sitting next to Toni, and Ray shaking his head which caused his fro to sway side to side. And then both their eyes went to Gerard a boy they had never seen before.

After about 1 long minute of silence and starring at Gerard. Ray said "Hi, I'm ray and this cuddly idiot is Bob." As Ray said this Gerard let out a small laugh 'Oh god that laugh, it was just too cute' And then he blushed as Bob said "hey, I'm no idiot,just because am not good at math."

After a while everyone was in their own little conversation and I was left there starring at him, he was just to memorisable, his eyes, his lips and the way his hair just laid on top of his shoulder, he was like an angel. All of a sudden I was brought out of my daydream by a poke on my side I turned around to see Key and she asked me. "Are you okay, you haven't been yourself lately?" I answered with just a simple. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks." I gave her a weak smile and she gave me a smile back.

~time laps~ (End of day)

As I looked over the school yard I noticed Key and Toni talking to each other. I quickly ran over to them, jumping on Key's back earning my self a playful smack on my arm (omg this is the best part okay i love you for writing this Toni). "Hey, Frankie." Key said, and only getting a wave off Toni. She was shy so I didn't expect a hi off her, even though she could be the loudest person when she was hyper. "So Toni, Frank, do you want to come over to mine today?" "Yeah, sure what time should I come over?" I asked her. "About 4 o'clock." She said with a smile. "Yeah, do you mind if we go to mine first though?" Toni said after being quite for about 5 minutes. "Yeah sure we can, but why? You normally hate going to your house." Key said to her knowing that Toni spent most of her time either at mine or Key's, with the three of us. "Yeah I need to take this shit home, and I need to check on my mom." Me and Key just nodded to that. The look on Toni's face seemed like as if she didn't want to go any further into the matter

After walking for about 5 minutes we hear a quite "guys, wait up!" It was Bob and Ray. They only lived a block away from Toni so they normally walked her home. "Shit,sorry guys. I forgot to wait, I'm really-" Toni apologised. Before she could finish Bob cut in. "Its okay, no need to apologise." Bob said with a smile on his face then hugged Toni causing her to go a bright red colour. (SO TONI YOU'RE WITH BOB OH OKAY)

"Erm..... If you two love birds are finished, I would like to get home." Ray joked earning death glares from Bob and Toni. As we all walked together I noticed Gerard and Mikey walking a head of us. "Hey Mikey, Gee wait up!" I shouted with out realising what I said. "Who said you could call me gee, eh." Gerard said jokingly an winking at me. "Uh...erm...uh... I just thought you suited it more." I stuttered, while feel the heat rise to the surface of my of my cheeks, omg did I really just call him Gee? He doesn't seem to mind though, he did have a smile on his face.

As we started to walk to Toni's house Key interrupted the small conversation going on. "So Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard. Do you want to come over to mine today, Toni and Frank are already coming over." As soon as she finished Bob said. "Fuck yeah, that would be awesome." Ray and Mikey just nodded with a quite "yeah,cool." And Gerard looked at me with smile and said. "Yeah that would be cool." Key told them to come over at about 4 o'clock.

By not it was already 3:30 and we had already been to Toni's as she only lives about 10 minutes away from the school, and Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard had set off to there houses to get changed. It was my house next, luckily I lived over the street from Key so it wouldn't bother them walking me home first.

As we got to my house, Key told me not to take to long to get changed as it normally took me 20 minutes, I know our school doesn't have a uniform to change out of but in our last lesson art,someone decided to flick paint at everyone so now we have paint on our clothes. It was about ten minutes to 4 now after mine and key's little talk over my slowness of getting ready.

Key and Toni had just got into Key's house. I quickly ran up my stairs successfully avoiding my mother and her small talk. I quickly got changed out of my paint speckled clothes and ran over to Key's in a matter of only 5 minutes. 'Ha yes!, a new record.' I thought to myself.

next part soon! sorry it took so long, i kinda busy! xoxox
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