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Read the note, too! It's important!

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    (#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-09-09 10:34:09 PM

    And here's another one for you ;)

    Name: Jared McLaughlin

    Age: 24

    Part: Teacher

    Appearance: Has shaggy black hair with red tips. Has pale blue eyes. Has an infinity sign tattooed on his wrist, with "Ali" under it. Has snakebites. Pale
    Personality: Blunt. Will tell you if you're fucking up. Very flirtatious but loyal to his girlfriend, Ali. Funny. Is known as the 'awesome' teacher. Very laid-back. Doesn't care what you do in class, as long as you don't do any major damage. Is not afraid to swear in front of the kids.

    (If you're auditioning for a teacher) Subject: Music, Art or History. Either one :3

    Clothes: Wears dark red shirts, with black vests and black skinnies and Doc Martens. He also wears dog tags and a studded black bracelet.

    Anything Else: He looks a bit like Jared Leto because I've a crush on him. Heh.

    (#) Pretty-Odd-Lion 2012-09-10 01:25:18 PM

    Name: Alicia Roberts
    Age: 16
    Part:Jons Girlfriend
    Grade: ....Ermm I'm english so I really have no idea about grades? I'll just say Grade 11 :)
    Appearance: Bright orange hair with side bangs (Pretty much Hayley Williams hair, because lets face it, she is perfect. Okay enough of my lesbian crush), electric blue eyes that are constantly outlined with black eyeliner, pale complection, has her ear pierced twice in each ear and has a lipring :)
    Personality: One of those people who just need to open their mouth and they instantly become the funniest person in the room. She's kind of shy but when something pisses her off SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN BRO. Witty and sarcastic.
    Clothes: She likes wearing vintage clothes, like floral patterns but not granny style. Mainly wears playsuits, dresses, skirts and over sized knitted jumpers. ALWAYS wears a hat, either a beanie or a bowler hat. She has a on-going love affair with her converse and Dr. Martins.
    Anything Else: She's a super geek for comics. Gets emotional reading spider-man. FUCKING MARY JANE STEALING PETER PARKER, GWEN STACY IS THE SHIT.... Sorry. Had a slight rage there...

    Name: Delilah Goodman
    Age: 37
    Part: TEACHER :D
    Appearance: Long ginger hair thats always in a fish-tail plait, green eyes, rosey red cheeks and pouty lips
    Personality: She's one of those kick-ass teachers that dont take any shit. She'll laugh and joke around but if she catches any shinnaigans (did I spell that right :o? ) she is not a happy bunny. Pretty much 'burns' all the smart-arses with witty comebacks.
    (If you're auditioning for a teacher) Subject: Art, Music or Drama
    Clothes: Dungarees that without fail have paint splashes on, summer dresses or long skirts.
    Anything Else: She's pregnant. So if you anger her; she WILL eat you.

    Good luck with the story sunshine :) xox

    (#) LaurentheHuman 2012-09-11 03:56:21 PM

    Bout time I got around to doing this. :P
    Name: Carolen "Lenny" Murano
    Age: 16
    Part: Andy's bff or little Petey's girlyfriend, whatever works for you.)
    Appearance: Naturally platinum blonde hair cut into a pixie. Dark green eyes that twinkle when she smiles. No makeup, very natural kinda girl. Little thing, she is. 4'10, 104 pounds.
    Personality: Suffers from social anxiety. Shy as can be. Takes a long time before she warms up to anyone. Considered impolite, but can't bring herself to say hello. Once comfortable around you like she is with her best friend/boyfriend, you see the amazingness of her. Loves punk music, but no one at school needs to know that. She's seen the kinda stuff they do to kids that listen to the bands she likes. Extremely strict vegan. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Star track runner. Scared to be alone.
    Clothes: Loves shorts. Everything from soffees to denim. Steals a lot of shirts from her bestie/boyfriend(whichever part you give her) and wears them. Likes ankle boots with long socks. Has a braclet that she wears all the time that reads, "Keep Calm, Everything Will Be Okay."
    Anything Else: Remember to change anything you don't like. :D


    (#) Pancake_at_the_disco 2012-09-13 12:31:18 PM

    I saw you had a bit about making up parts, and I kinda noticed Ryan doesn't have a girlfriend, is that part available? Because if it is, I'm auditioning for that one. It's fine if it isn't.

    Name: Kayleigh Parsons
    Age: 14
    Part: Either Ryan's girlfriend ( if that's available) Jon's girlfriend or Joe's girlfriend.
    Grade: 10 (I'm from Britain so that make make no sense whatsoever)
    Appearance: Dead straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin with a small band of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

    Personality: she is normally nice, and she has a very dirty sense of humour. Sometimes she gets violent and her boyfriend is the only one who can calm her down.

    Clothes: band t-shirts and hoodies, and black or blue jeans. Bands on said hoodies and t-shirts are MCR, Greenday, ATL, Paramore and BFMV.

    Anything else: she is hyperactive, and practically bounces to everyone she meets. Her headphones are permanently attached to her ears. she hates bodily contact with anyone apart from her mum and her boyfriend.

    This character is a mix of me and my best friend Kayleigh. I'm the hyperactive, permanently attached to headphones one.

    This character is a mix of me and my

    Personality: she is normally quite nice, but she can be quite violent. Her boyfriend

    Author's response

    Ryan isn't available, for reasons that will become clearer later on in the story, once I start it, but I'll try to give you a part :)

    (#) mynerdyromance 2012-09-13 02:15:34 PM

    This sounds cool! I'll give you two characters, but you don't have to use both.
    Name: Amelia Brightman

    Age: 16 or whatever else fits.

    Part: One of Pete's girlfriends, or whatever fits best.

    Grade: 11

    Appearance: Chin length, naturally blond bob that she's dyed red. Not a really bright red, but y'know, red. Blue gray eyes, light skinned, has some light freckles on her nose. Slightly curvy, weighs 100 pounds, is 5'3".

    Personality: Shy, sweet, a little naive, likes to make jokes.

    Clothes: Vintage band tees, denim skirts with funky leggings underneath, armwarmers, ballet flats, and usually some sort of headband. Has a bit of an obsession with shoes, and owns several pairs of them.

    Anything else: Her parents are dead and she lives with her sister (My other character.) and her sister's girlfriend.

    Name: (Mademoiselle) Nora Brightman

    Age: 24

    Part: Teacher

    Appearance: Has shoulder length, platinum blond hair, bright blue eyes. Fair skinned, but not pale, if that makes sense. 5'5", around 110 pounds. Fairly small in the chest area, if you know what I mean by that. Has sort of a pixie-ish figure.

    Personality: Can seem a bit cold at first, but she isn't so bad once you get to know her. If the students are halfway decent to her, then she'll be nice. If they aren't, she won't hesitate to punish them. The kids that behave well like her a lot, and the ones that she has to discipline hate her guts.

    (If you're auditioning for a teacher) Subject: French.

    Clothes: Mainly wears sundresses, button up shirts, straight leg jeans (Not skinnies.), and something like this (Sorry, I fail at description.);

    Anything else: She's a lesbian (Has a girlfriend named Matilda who she wants to eventually marry.) and she likes to cook.

    Hope you like them!

    (#) AlySkittlez 2012-09-15 08:32:52 AM

    Name: Lydia
    Age: 18
    Part: Spencer's gf
    Grade: Senior
    Appearance: Dark brown hair with purple highlights
    Personality: Headbanger, minorly bipolar, hilarious, loves fun and taking risks
    (If you're auditioning for a teacher) Subject:
    Anything Else: She's always up for a game of Truth or Dare no matter the cost!

    Author's response

    The auditions are closed. Well, some parts are still up for grabs, if you want one of those parts. I can give you one of those parts, or you can make up a part and I'll see if I include it.

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