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Chapter Five

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Try and guess

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A/N This is a bit long. But get used to chapters Like this, now that they are older, they content will be better :)

Chapter Five
/(6 years later) /

"Hello, Could I have a Medium iced coffee, light on the sugar please?"
"Your total will be $4.75"
"Thank You"
"There you go"

I slowly walked from the store, sipping on my iced coffee. A light breeze tickled my face as I smiled. If all went well today, I would be getting a promotion. Our boss Alex is retiring, so he is giving the company to his most prized employee. That would be me, the girl who spent the last six years working up the chain, to get to assistant manager to him. So if he is as sane as I knew him to be, that job would be mine. Along with the best job in the city, it was also the best paid. In just two months I would have enough money to move to London, buy and art shop, and have enough left to spend on whatever I pleased. Which is exactly what I planned to do. I had always dreamed of owning my own art gallery and now was the time to put that to action. When I had first moved to New York I really needed a job to pay for an apartment, so I went into LGH records and got myself a job as a Secretary. LGH records is home of the best band managers in the world. I knew I would be safe here because Brendon refused to associate with the 'big kids'.

Apparently lost in thought I walked the three blocks no problem. I was here. The building that would hold my future. The building that held my dreams. I took in a big breath and entered as if it was just another day. Which it was not. Suzie my secretary ran up to me instantly, "You have a meeting at 12, and Mr. Adam's wants to know how that CD cover is going" I continued walking to the elevator, coffee in hand "Tell them to cancel my meeting, and Mr. Adams has called four times now, and needs to realize it takes more than just a week for us to get a layout ready for him. I will call him when it's ready" and I walked into the elevator as she began to scribble away madly. I loved her. She did everything correctly and was the best secretary anyone could ask for. Before the doors closed I poked my head out and said "I like your new hair cut, very professional" she smiled at me as the doors closed.

As the elevator neared floor twelve I looked into the mirror on the side and began to fix my suit coat, and brushed my hair back. Okay, perfect. I wanted to look my best when I took over the company. The doors opened and I walked out and down the hall. Getting to my desk I barley had time to put my things down before I was called in.
"Meg could you come in here please" I could not hold in my smile any longer. Walking in I noticed him standing by the window
"Please take a seat" and so I did.
"This has been coming from the moment you entered the bussiness. I have been taking much notice in your work and it may come to a surprise to you, but I noticed you are perfect for the job I am about give you" I could barley sit on my chair, this was it, finally after so many years I was going to have..
"Your first band. That's right, you are now officially a manger to your first band" My heart fell as did my mouth. A band? But that was two steps down from the job I had now, and it paid much less.
"A band? But sir, I can't handle a band. I am the type to sit and work, not be out on the road. That is for the kids who want it. Those adults that can't grow up. I am more professional than that, and you know it" I pleaded. This wasn't happening. Maybe if I talked my way out of it.
"Are you doubting me? I know your going to do well. This band asked for the best, and that is what you are. The best. Besides me of course." I had had it
"I do not wear old band shirts and dirty jeans, that's not me! Alex, please you can't do this to me."
"Meg, you are going to take this job, and you are going to like it."
"Who is going to be taking my job?" I asked
"Suzie, your secretary" and for the second time my mouth fell.
"Who is taking over for you?" He smiled
"I decided not to retire. I am still young. I can play a few years longer. Oh yeah, here is a packet filled with all the information. Have fun."
I was angry. Angrier than I had ever been before. I went to my desk and pulled out the box underneath. Cramming everything into it, my pictures, folders, everything. I stormed out of the office in plain view of everyone. They were all laughing because apparently the word that I was being put into the "Mang" job. This was a disgrace. On that crummy job, I would have to spend four years slaving just to move to London. So it meant another to just get a place to have the art, and another to get stuff to put in the gallery.

How I got home safe and sound was amazing to me. In this attitude, I'm surprised I actually stopped for cars. Sitting on my bed I looked at the manila folder in front of me. This was it. What band to I have to follow around for five years. Opening it I began to read. And I'd have to say I took what was inside pretty well. I only broke my phone, computer, alarm clock, and T.V. That was all okay though, considering I had to leave TOMORROW to go on tour with Fall out Boy. Yeah, that kid-centered band with that stupid 'Pete Wentz' and Patrick hump or something like that. This was not good, not good at all. Good bye life.

I was sitting at my desk after calming down and putting together a schedule for the band. I was to be the new Manager because their old one retired. Just like I hoped Alex to.. but he didn't. So I needed to get all of this crap done by tomorrow morning and then fly out to Chicago. After landing in Chicago they will have a photo shoot the following day, and then start the tour off the next. I would be following them around, sadly, and then finally coming home in October. For those who didn't know it was currently May. My birthday was ,on the 28th. And I couldn't even spend it with family.

"Flight 48 to Chicago now boarding" I grabbed my luggage and got onto the plane. Sitting in my assigned seat I immediately went to sleep. I had been up all night doing those damn schedules for the band members. Then I had to call everyone and leave messages about where I was going. Then I had to pack. Then I had to eat, because all I had yesterday was an Iced Coffee and a Banana. I dreamt that a Pig was laughing in my face as a Camel took my job. I awoke only when the flight attendant told me we were to land in five minutes. I thanked her, and slowly got up. Rubbing my eyes I took a sip out of my water bottle and buckled myself up for the landing. 'This was going to be a long summer' was all I could think as the plane touched down in sunny Chicago.

"This must be it" I said to myself as I entered one of two tour busses. This one had some odd FoB sticker on the window inside, so I thought it would be the right tour bus. Putting my luggage down I grabbed my work bag, changed into heels (who fly's in them?) and walked into the hotel. Meeting the security guard I got my pass, and walked up to the floor they had rented out. Knocking once on the door I swiped my card and entered.
"Hello, I'm Meg your new Manager" I said, and was shocked to see the band sitting there with a look of surprise on their faces.
"You're a girl." Said one I knew as Patrick.
"Why yes, I am" I smiled, as I stepped forward and greeted them personally.
We talked for about five minutes, and got to know each other a little bit. I looked at my watch and noticed it was getting late and they needed their schedules.
"Okay, now down to Business. I have put together a schedule for each of you. I color coded it and made a key that can be found at the top of the first page." I said pulling out the individual schedules and giving it to the owner.
"Tomorrow you have a photo shoot, then afterwards you will all---" Pete cut me off as someone entered the room
"Oh Brendon, have you meet our new Manager Meg?"
The color in my face drained, as I stiffened up. Turning around slowly I saw him in the door. His expression was one that could be found on a kid who was told he couldn't have an extra scoop of ice cream. I turned around quickly, and cleared my throat, "As I was saying, afterwards you will go out to lunch with Todd, who has offered to do photo's for the group while on tour. Don't worry, I planned it at the place you guys wanted, the Vegan Bar. Well, meet me outside tomorrow at 10 am sharp. No later." and I smiled at them as I grabbed my work bag and pushed past Brendon who stammered into the door. I practically ran to the elevator. Once I was inside I was relieved to see the doors begin to close. Then all to soon an arm reached in, and Brendon came in. The doors closed. We stood for a moment, him looking at me, and myself just looking at the door. The elevator was going down, and I had about 20 more floors to go. Oh please, hurry up. Please.

Brendon cleared his throat. "Ummm. I really don't know what to say." he said.
I looked at him "Then don't say anything" Finally it was my floor.
Walking off the elevator I began to walk to the bus. I noticed Brendon was following me.
"Please, stop." I pleaded, looking into his eyes.
"I want to talk to you" He said.
"I don't know what to say, you don't know what to say. So why talk" I said, continuing to walk.
"I know what to say now"
"Well that's good. But I am late, and need to go" I said. That was a total lie.
"Please Meg. Just give me a chance to talk" I stopped yet again. And didn't turn around.
"Okay." I said. I new I had to face him sooner or later. But of course I hadn't expected it right now.
"Can we go somewhere more private?" he asked. I sighed, and nodded my head. He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the elevator. "What are you doing?!" I protested as we entered it again "Taking you to my room" I was appalled.
"What? No, I can't go to your room. It would give the idea we are going to do something" he raised his eyebrow
"We have slept together you know." I blushed.
"That was a long time ago" I said, looking away from him. Once we were on floor 16 he grabbed my arm again and lead me to his room. Opening it up let go of my arm and held the door open for me. I walked in, regretting my decision to finally face him. I went over and sat on his bed as he began to pace. I put my bag down and he turned to face me.
"Okay, I know you don't want to talk to me. But promise you will listen to everything I have to say?" He said, and I nodded. Here it was. He must be really mad at me.
"How have you been?" he asked.
"Um. I've been good. I would ask the same about you, but I see your doing well" I said. He came over and sat down on the bed next to me.
"So, how did you become the manager of Pete's band?" and I began the story about my stupid boss, and the job I wanted, and the job I got. I just kept going. I needed to rant to someone. But I suddenly became uncomfortable as he cut in and said "Why did you leave?" It was so sudden. I new I needed to answer it though.
"Brendon. I am so sorry. It was just best for us. You were never going to forgive me, and I new it. So I left with my brother to run after one of my dreams. I didn't want to leave. I hope you know that. I haven't had contact with anyone since." I said, as he looked away. When he turned back I was surprised to see he had a look on his face that meant he didn't believe it.
"Your lying. Why did you really leave?"
"I didn't lie!"
"Yes you did"
"No, I didn't! How would you know my dream?"
"Why did you leave"
"I told you"
"No you didn't"
"Because of YOU! That's why. I couldn't stand the fact that if I stayed I would have to talk to you. I left so I wouldn't have to. Ever." I gasped and put a hand over my mouth. I can't believe I just said that.
"I-I'm glad you told me the truth" he said, hanging his head.
"No, Brendon I didn't mean that."
"Yes you did." he said. Getting up and he began his pacing again.
"I still loved you" he stammered.
"But, you were so angry"
"Yes I was angry. But I still loved you. And then you left."
"I have had time to think about what I did" I said. He looked up
"And I didn't pull back. I didn't. Because I enjoyed it. And I'm sorry for saying that. But it is the truth. I enjoyed it. But I wouldn't do it again if I had to. Because having you was enough."
"You enjoyed it?" I nodded.
"I never forgot you." he said.
"I'm happy that you got what you wanted" I said quickly, trying to change the subject.
"What do you mean 'what I wanted?'" he said. Staring me down.
"Your famous. You've got it all. And I don't want to ruin that." and I quickly left his room.

It was hard seeing him again. Our conversation was very confusing right now, and what I really needed was a drink. I hadn't had one in years. Heading to the bar I shivered in the light breeze. This was going to be really hard. Especially because I still love him...
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