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Chapter 5

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Things start looking up.

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The next day, George didn’t want to go to work. However, he went anyway, not wanting Pattie to think she was the reason he’d rather stay home. The biggest reason why was that he didn’t want to have to talk to people, but he knew he’d have to deal with it. I am the “Quiet Beatle”, he thought to himself. Who’ll notice?

The day went by longer than he had hoped, and even when everyone was heading home, Paul stopped him before he could join the others.

“Hey, George, could I talk to you for a bit?” he asked.

“Not now, Paul,” grumbled the younger man, “I wanna go home.”

“I know you do,” Paul replied, “but I want to ask you something.”

George sighed. “What? What is so important that you can’t wait to ask me later?”

“Well, with that attitude, I guess the answer’s ‘no’.”

George sighed again. What was he doing? This was Paul, for Christ’s sake--he was his mate, and close enough to be his brother. He’d always been able to talk to him when he needed help and vise-versa. He didn’t need to be giving him crap like this.

“‘m sorry, Paul... It’s just... Last night... Well...” He then admitted everything that had been going on with him and Pattie. “I’m still kinda down about it... And I know Pattie is... I just want to make sure she’s ok...”

“Wow,” Paul said. “Geo... I’m really sorry... I know how you feel...” He gave him a hug, which felt somewhat strange to George, considering this was one of his best mate. Plus, it was Ringo that was usually the hugger of the group.

“Thanks,” said he quietly. “I gotta go... I’ll see you later, Paul.” And with that, he left the studio.

As he drove home, George came up with a brilliant idea. Once there, he got out of the car and went to the door. Upon coming inside, Pattie was in a slightly cheery mood. “Hi, honey,” he said with a soft smile, kissing her. “Are you feeling any better?”

“A little,” she sighed with a hug.

“Hey... I was just thinking on my way over here... We haven’t had our honeymoon, have we?” She shook her head and looked at him curiously. “Maybe I could talk to Brian and ask him when we could go...”

“Really?” she said with a smile. He nodded and she hugged him again. “Thank you Georgie... That’d be just wonderful!”

The next day, George got permission to take time off for his and Pattie’s honeymoon. Soon the couple were on a plane to Barbado, where they were able to get their minds off of everything for a while.
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