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Chapter 6

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Ringo leaves the band.

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Things got both better and worse as time went by. One day, George came home to find Pattie dancing around the house. As it looked as though she were about to fall, he quickly jumped in to catch her. “And she lands with a ten!” he declared.

She smiled. “You’re home early!” she noted.

“Yeah, Paul let us go cos Ringo left,” he said casually.

“What do you mean, Ringo left?” she asked with a gasp.

“He was sick of us, so he left.”

“Oh dear... What will you guys do? You can’t play music without a drummer!”

“We’ll figure something out... But never mind that--What were you doing?”

“Oh, nothing,” she said with a smile. “I just felt really energetic when I got home...”

“Oh really?” George said, picking her up. “Maybe I can add some energy to yours...” He ran off to their bedroom.

“Put me down!” she laughed.

“Alright, if you say so!” He plopped her on the bed and got on top of her.

“Not now!” she scolded. “I can’t do it...”

“What do you mean?” George asked, a little disappointed.

She smiled with a small sparkle in her eye. “Daddy, I’m pregnant again.”

George’s eyes widened as he quickly got off of her. “Are you serious?!” He hugged her as she nodded. “That’s so great!” he cheered, kissing her softly.

She beamed with a small blush and nodded again. “I’ve been so happy all day!”

“So that explains the dancing...” he chuckled. She blushed a little more and he smiled. “You’re so cute when you blush... I hope the baby does too...” The happy parents-to-be then got up to go out for dinner on account of their special blessing.


George got to work the next day fairly excited. He even greeted to Yoko, John’s new girlfriend, without pretending to throw up behind their backs.

“You seem pretty cheery today, Harrison,” John said as the lead guitarist sat down to tune his guitar.

George shrugged. “I guess finding out you’re gonna be a father does make one happier...”

“Ey! Congrats! Ya finally got it in ya!” John said, shaking his hand.

“He’s got what in him?” Paul asked when he came in the room.

George faced him. “Pattie’s pregnant ag--,” he smiled, catching himself before he could say, “again.” The only one who seemed to notice was Paul and Yoko.

“Ag? What do you mean by ‘ag’?”

“That’s great!” Paul said, cutting her off. “Atta boy!” When John wasn’t looking, he winked at the younger man. Yoko raised an eyebrow at them and was about to question when Paul started to speak again. “Well, all we need to do is wait for Ringo...”

“He’s not coming, remember?” John said. Paul looked at him and sighed. “You’re right,” he said, “he’s not.”


The three men in the room the day before were having an argument, and Ringo couldn’t take it anymore.

“That’s it!” he said. “I’m done!” He then left the others, who were too busy arguing to realize what had just happened. When they finally finished, they noticed he was gone.

“Where’d he go?” Paul asked, looking around the room.

“I dunno,” John said.

“He left,” Yoko replied, although she seemed to be talking only to John instead of the whole group.

“What?! He can’t just leave and not tell us like that!” Paul said, appalled.

“He did but you didn’t listen.”

“Oh... Well... Good job paying attention...”

“No problem.”

“I think we should all call it a rest... Go home,” Paul declared since Brian wasn’t to do so. “Go home.”


It really was a shame without good ol’ Ringo around, the boys soon found out, as they attempted to record songs for another album without their drummer.
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