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Audititons of Torture

by OhmyGee 16 Reviews

Hey kids you like violence? Yeah yeah! Audition here.

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  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) StandUpAndScream 2012-09-25 09:17:47 AM

    *Name: Jude
    Age: 17
    *Greaser or Soc: Greaser
    *Gender: Female
    *Hair: Naturally red/ginger
    Height: 5'1
    *Ability: Smart, flexible, very persuasive, quiet.
    Pairing: (You cannot choose a band member): Anyone
    Reason for pairing: I'm not picky :)
    Background story: British girl. From Northern Ireland. Ran away when she was thirteen with her best friend, Alex ( a boy, btw) They got kidnapped, and split up. Gerard found Jude unconscious in an alley
    *Personality: Shy, has an anxiety disorder, but is really crazy and friendly once you get to know her. Huge fan of The Beatles and a bookworm. Really good actress, can fool anyone, but she'd only trick someone in emergencies. Refuses to give up, and doesn't give a fuck, basically
    Anything else?: Jude isn't her real name. She made it up, and decided to call herself Jude because of Hey Jude by The Beatles
  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) StandUpAndScream 2012-09-25 09:20:10 AM

    Sorry, forgot to put the surname in, Jude Granger :)
  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-27 01:27:42 PM


    *Name: Shayla 'Beck' Becker

    Age: 15 but you can change it

    *Greaser or Soc: GREASER PLEASE PLEASE?

    *Gender: AH IS A FEMALE.

    *Hair: dyed an emerald green color (I think they had hair dye back then, if not it's naturally a chestnut brown), pulled back into two small ponytails, thick and pin straight, I have a small fringe on my left side.

    Height: 5"2

    *Ability: Looking like I didn't do anything wrong if I see the cops, very good with ducking and decking in fights, a very good runner because I am in track.

    Pairing: (You cannot choose a band member: Anyone except MCR in this goes. I'm more of a girl person though.

    Reason for pairing: I don't wanna be single in this! eyes girlfriend sitting across room

    Background story:

    *Personality: outgoing, loud, talkative, I make up for my short stature, the kid sister of the group, bubbly, easily angered, quirky, a daredevil

    Anything else?: I don't have an email. . :( You don't need to email me for when I'm possibly in it. I'll just read it.
  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-28 07:30:53 PM

    Background Story: My parents were super strict so I moved in with my girlfriend/boyfriend. My sister Sydney is pretty much a Soc which makes our relationship complicated. Once I had to fight her. I'm usually in trouble at school so I'm good at fighting and acting innocent.
  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-09-28 08:04:49 PM

    *Name: Mia Cassem

    Age: 15

    *Torturer or victim: Victim :D

    *Gender: female

    *Hair: jet black, very curly, I have a Frankie fringe

    Height: 4'&

    *Ability: I'm very good with technology.


    Reason for pairing: He's my hero, my favorite. .

    Background story: (may or may not be featured): I was adopted with my twin brother when I was seven months old. To be up-to-date I just got out of a mental hospital. Ferreals.

    *Personality: talkative, impulsive, I get distracted easily, 'bouncy', bubbly, humorous

    Anything else?: Ermm nope. I really hope you'll like this!

    I want your email so I can email you when you appear. Since this is about like 20-30 chapters.
  • Audititons of Torture

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-30 06:33:09 PM

    *Name: Sam Kassper Alexx (Goes by Kass or Kassper)
    Age: 17?
    *Greaser or Greaser
    *Gender: Female
    *Hair: Neon pink with blue bangs, worn messy
    Height: 5'7
    *Ability: Doesn't back down, is a total smartass and has a really hard right hook
    Pairing: (You cannot choose a band member): Jon from Pani! Or Pete from FOB
    Reason for pairing: Cause their bassists, and I'm already Jon's ho ;)
    Background story: Her parents treated her like shit ever since her mom lost the baby boy she was supposed to have (blames it on Kass for "stressing her out") so she decided to date (said guy) and hang out with the greasers because her parents hate them
    *Personality: Laid back, smartass, doesnt let people walk all over her
    Anything else?: more outgoing style wise

    Author's response

    I'm too lazy to put yours on the actual page so i'll tell ya right here! Sam would be a high ranking member of the female greasers gang. You meet Jon at a rumble. Alright?

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