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Brianna's POV Eli's suggestion gets Bri thinking.

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A horn honks from the street below my window. Odd, I don't remember anyone telling me they were going to pick me up. Striding over the window I pull the curtains aside, only to see Eli leaning against his black hearse, Morty.

Opening the window I call down to him. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to give you a ride to school," answers Eli, a half smile - half smirk set on his face.

"And give up riding to school with my brother..." I start giving him a 'this is such a hard decision' look. "Be down in two."

Eli nods as I shut my window, pulling on my over sized combat boots. Standing in front of the mirror I give myself a once over; dark wash skinny jeans with the knee ripped out, an old concert tee under my black jacket, paired with my classic dark make - up and black Sharpie nails. I don't look great but at this point I don't care. Grabbing my school bag I head down the stairs and out the door, not bothering to say good bye to my older brother.

"So truthfully, why are you here?" I ask, climbing into Eli's car.

"As a friend am I just not allowed to drive you to school?" questions Eli.

"Nope," I reply, popping my 'P.'

"Fine, you got me. I wanted to apologize for lying to you person this time," admits Eli, glancing over at me for a second before turning his gaze back to the road.

"Well...since you're going through the trouble of driving me to school...I guess all is forgiven," I state, letting out a laugh as Eli exhales the breath he is holding.

I don't enjoy being on bad terms with Eli. In truth I can't stand thinking about us going one day without speaking...I am much too fond of him to let that happen. Allowing the corners of my mouth to turn up, forming a smile, I lay my head against the comfortable leather seats of the hearse. The sounds of Eli's favorite band, Dead Hand, play in the background; making it unnecessary to say anymore.

"So are you ready for exams today?" Eli asks, pulling into his usual parking space.

"Yup, because today is not French," I joke whilst getting out of the car.

"Why are you so worried about the French exam? You're top in the class besides that other kid," Eli says, linking elbows with me.

"I just don't good feeling about it," I answer as we enter the exam room.

Eli rolls his eyes before taking a seat next to Claire. "Just go in a kill it," he says, turning around to face me.

"I'll do that...if you shut up about it," I reply.

"Will do," Eli answers before turning to face the front of the room.

My hand rests on Eli's right knee, my other holds onto the school's version of a lunch wrap. Claire sits on Eli's left, her nose, as usual, is buried in a book.

"I'm starting to think going to The Dot everyday for lunch isn't such a bad idea," I announce, placing the cheep imitation of a meal back on my tray.

"Only if you can afford it every day," mumbles Claire over the top of her book.

I roll my eyes, popping another grape into my mouth, chewing slowly. Just then Adam stops in front of our table. He eyes Eli, Claire and me before turning to face the table that Fitz and his friends are sitting at.

"Is he still mad about yesterday?" Eli questions, his magnificent hunter green eyes looking into my plain light blue ones.

"Obviously, because he's eyeing Fitz's table," I reply, motioning to what is playing out in front of us.

"Looks like you're lost," Fitz says, looking up at Adam.

"Just trying to find a new place," he answers.

How could he possibly even consider sitting with Fitz? Adam knows as well as any of us that Fitz is no good. "Adam, you always sit with us. Don't be like that."

Fitz glares at me. Something about the look in his eyes causes me to scoot my chair a bit closer to Eli. At this Fitz lets out a snort of laughter, patting the table in front of an empty seat.

"Seriously?" asks Adam.

"Free country," says Fitz as Adam sits down across from him. "I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I'm over it if you are."

Eli grimaces over at Adam and Fitz, "I can't believe this."

"Neither can I," I remark, eyes locked on the side of Adam's face.
"What happened? You two get in a lovers' quarrel at guys night?" questions Fitz, glancing over at Eli.

Instantly I feel the urge to protect Eli, to block him from Fitz's view. Sitting up a little straighter I glare at Fitz until he looks away.

"There was no guys' night, he bailed. Instead Brianna came and watched," explains Adam, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Probably blinded himself with too much guy - liner," jokes Fitz, receiving laughs from everyone sitting at the table.

I stiffen, curling my fingers into a fist. It's one thing for Adam to sit with Fitz, but things change when he laughs at Fitz's offensive jokes towards Eli.

"Bri, calm down," whispers Eli, noticing the change in my posture.

"Probably listened to emo and got all emotional," laughs Adam, only making my desire to knock the stupid grin off his face stronger.

At Adam's words Eli stands, pushing in his chair. I grab my unopened orange juice container and follow closely behind him. Why is Adam doing this? Yes, it was wrong of Eli to ditch guys' night and then lie about the reason, but he doesn't deserve this in return. Live and let die, that's what I'm going with...obviously Adam, is one to hold a grudge.

"Real clever guys, another stunning display of verbal equity," Eli says before walking towards the lunch room exit.

"Another stunning display of verbal equity," mocks Adam with a laugh.

By this point I am more than mad at both Fitz and Adam. "Wanna know something, Adam. Guys don't do this –" I motion to the guys sitting at the table - "to each other either."

"Oh, yeah. What would you know about what guys do?" questions Fitz, daring me to respond.

Not wanting to put up with either of them any more I move to stand behind Fitz, opening my OJ carton as I walk. I stop behind Fitz's chair for a second before pouring the contents of the small container over his head.

"You wear orange well, Fitzy boy," I laugh before walking over to Eli who had stopped to watch.

"What was that?" he asked, giving me a quizzical look.
"Improvising. Now let's just get out of here," I say, pushing past Eli and heading towards the parking lot.

"And where do you suggest we go?" questions Eli, walking a few paces behind me.

"Just...somewhere," I reply.

In truth I hadn't imagined Eli would agree to ditch. This being stated my plan ends here, in the school parking lot. Looking around I awkwardly shift my weight from one foot to another, wracking my brain for something to say.

"I've got a place," announces Eli, opening the passenger door for me.

Not knowing what to say I place three Altoids in my mouth, watching Eli walk around to his door.

"Altoid?" I offer, holding out the tin.

"Nah. I wouldn't want to take any of your drugs from you," Eli smirks as we pull out of the Degrassi parking lot.

"They're not my...I just..." I stutter, eventually giving up.

Eli just continues to wear his cocky grin, turning up the music that is playing. I close my eyes, allowing the sounds of Escape the Fate to wash over me. I enjoy this, being with Eli; his hand resting on my knee...familiar music blasting. With Eli I am free to be myself...I don't have to embody anyone else's version of me. I like that.

"Don't fall asleep," says Eli, flicking me on the tip of my nose.

"I'm not. Simply enjoying the familiarity of everything," I state.

"Of course,” he replies, an eye - brow raised as he moves his hand back to my knee.

The spot where Eli’s hand rests feels electrically charged. If this boy knew what he was capable of doing to me; I’m like silly putty under his touch. Eli begins to drum his fingers against my knee; exactly in rhythm with the lead guitar. I curl my toes, trying to stop the shiver that so desperately wants to run down my spine.

"So were exactly are we going?" I ask, tired of sitting in an almost silence.

"It's a surprise. You can't know till we get there," states Eli, glancing over at me.

I crinkle up my nose, "You know I don't like surprises Eli."
"This one isn't bad...I promise," he says, pulling off the road onto a dirt path. "Let's go."

I slowly get out of the car; still not certain I'm going to enjoy this 'surprise' anymore than the others. Looking down the path in front of me I try to see what lays ahead, it’s just trees as far as the eye can see.

"Ha, Ha Eli, very funny, bring me to the middle of nowhere then shout surprise. Very nice," I say, not at all pleased with him.

"Just stop talking and follow me," instructs Eli, heading down the dirt path.

Letting out a huff I purse my lips but none the less follow Eli through the trees to nowhere. We whined our way through the maze of trees and smallish shrubs, eventually reaching a circular clearing.

"So what'd you think?" asks Eli.

"I think it's a circular patch of grass,” I state, eyes glued on Eli.

He laughs, taking a step towards me, "You don't remember this place?"

"Yes. Yes I do. We buried your goldfish here, right?" I joke, knowing perfectly well what Eli is referring to.

"I am being serious, Brianna," he remarks, though I can see the hint of a smile set on the corner of his lips.

"I know. I remember what happened here," I reply, locking my eyes on his.

Without a word Eli strides towards me, his full lips crashing into mine. I know what he is doing his wrong but I can't help but to allow my lips to move with his. Eli moves one hand to the small of my back, the other on my neck...holding me to him. His lips are soft, inviting even. I intertwine my fingers in his sleek, dark brown hair, the other moving up to caress his cheek.

Suddenly, my eyes pop open. This is wrong...Eli is with Claire. Removing my hands from their places, I push on Eli’s chest, trying to stop him.

Eli detaches his lips from mine, his eyes scanning over my face, "Sorry." he says breathing harder than normal.

"Don't me sorry, Eli. That was amazing, It's just it feels're with Claire," I answer, replacing my hand on his cheek.

"I don't know if I'm with Claire," replies Eli, sounding frustrated.

"You are," I state firmly.

“I could be with you too," says Eli after a few moments of standing there.

I bite my lower lip, as much as I would love to be with Eli I am not absolutely positive I can be with him under these terms. "Let's just head to The Dot, I'm in the mood for a really bad coffee."

"Fine, but I'll get an answer out of you later," Eli says, opening my door for me.

Why is life so completely complicated yet utterly pleasant when I'm with Eli? Can't thinks just be simple? Oh, right I'm Brianna Tyler...simple just isn't my thing.
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