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He Knows

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Brianna's POV Something just isn't right.

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Loud, pulsating music can be heard emitting from the café even as we stand in the parking lot. I hold down my white tutu like skirt that seems to want nothing more than to be blown upwards by the wind as Eli and I walk towards the front door; his arm wrapped around my waist. Is it a sin to be enjoying the fact I'm going to a school dance with another girl's boyfriend?

"Tickets," Eli asks, holding out his hand.

Reaching into the top of my white corset I pull out the two tickets I had bought earlier that week; placing them in Eli's waiting hand.

"Okay…" he says with a smirk, eyeing me as he hands our tickets to the guy at the door.

I roll my eyes, "I like that on you," I announce, motioning to his red blazer.

"Thank you," replies Eli as we head towards the decorated cafeteria, my silver heels making clicking noises each time they hit the linoleum floor.

Various game tables are dispersed throughout the room, large screens flash dice and cards across them and, in the far back corner is a photo booth. I itch to get my hands on the cards, or a set of dice, but as I start towards a nearby table Eli stops me.

"Not there," he whispers.

I glance over towards the table; Claire and Fitz are there, looking as if they might actually be enjoying themselves. Is Eli really going to avoid them all night long? Hardly thinking it will work I decide just to go along with it. I'm at Vegas Night with Eli, if he wants it to be Claire and Fitz free I'm not going to complain.

"Welcome to a Night in Vegas," starts Holly J., standing next to Sav who is dressed like Elvis. "With a little bit of luck anything could happen."

"That's right, and the student at the end of the night with the most chips wins a brand new flat screen TV," says Sav receiving a large amount of applause.

Eli leans towards me, his lips inches from my ear, "Aren't you good at poker?"

"Possibly," I reply with a sly smile. "Wanna find out?"

Shaking his head Eli takes my hand, leading me through the crowd, "Let's find Adam."

I stop a little confused by his suggestion, "Why do we have to find Adam?" I question over the loud music that is once again blaring from the speakers.

"You're kinda his date too," responds Eli, giving me a 'sorry I didn't tell you earlier' look.

Bursting out into a short lived fit of laughter I drape my arm around Eli's shoulders, kissing him on the cheek, "Well…let's go fine the final part of our threesome."

Eli smiles, "Um…why don't you look over there and I'll look in this general area. Meet me back here."

Kissing him once more, this time on his full lips I walk away. Within seconds of leaving Eli's side the vultures descend. K.C. appears on my left and two more guys head towards me.

"Hey," K.C. says.

"Um…hi," I reply glancing over my shoulder, hoping to see Adam.

"Do you want to dance?" K.C. continues.

"No, I'm here with Eli. You haven't seen Drew' s brother around have you?" I ask.

It's not that I mind K.C., he seems like an alright guy. I just know he's with Jenna, or was with Jenna as Allie says. I don't want to be his fall back girl.

"No, I haven't." states K.C.

Just then Fitz bumps into me, "Stealing someone else's boyfriend already, Brianna?" he asks, looking between K.C. and I.

"That was you?" I ask in disbelief.

"You should just be glad I haven't shown it to Claire yet," says Fitz before walking away.

Slowly I start to shake; everything appears to be in slow motion…I need to find Eli. "It was it was um…nice to see you again K.C.," I says before walking away.

Only seconds later I spot Eli. I quickly walk over to him, throwing my arms around him. "He knows," I state.

"Who know what?" whispers Eli, not letting me go.

"Fitz…he knows about us," I reply, clinging to him.

Something about the way Fitz looked at me made my blood chill. I feel safe with Eli's arms wrapped around me, holding me close to him. Yet not even that put the thought that Fitz is up to something out of my mind.

"Don't worry about it Bri. He won't hurt you again…I won't let him. And he's not going to tear us apart either. Just calm down," Eli says letting me go.

Shaking my head to clear my mind I look over at a poker table, "Okay, well, I'm going to play poker with or without you," I announce before walking over to a nearby table; taking a seat.

Eli takes the seat next to me, his adorable smirk plastered across his lips, "What kind of date would I be if I didn't accompany the girl I came with in a game of poker?"

"Not a very good one," I answer laying down my Royal Flush on the table, collecting the majority of Eli's chips.

"Damn. How do you do manage that?" he asks, throwing his cards down.

"Some of us are just lucky, Eli," I responds, giving him a cocky grin, all concerns about Fitz pushed to the back of my mind.
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