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Welcome Home, Jonny

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When he'd finally arrived at his flat, the door was unlocked. He'd thought this was strange, but left it at that. He opened the door and went inside. There right next to the door laid suitcases. And not just any suitcases; his girlfriend, Melanie's.

"Mel?" he called out. "Melanie, darling?"

Melanie walked out from their bedroom with a pile of folded clothes.

"I was hoping I'd be done, before you came home."

"What?" Jonathan asked obliviously.

Melanie walked over to a brown suitcase that lay open on the couch.

"I'm leaving, Jonny," Melanie said as she placed the folded clothes inside of the suitcase.


"I said that I'm leaving. I've packed my things and I'm leaving."

Jonathan reached into his coat pocket and clutched the small box that lay inside.

"But Melanie, darling. Why now?" he asked as he paced around the main room of his flat. "Why leave me now? I mean we've come this far, haven't we?"

"That's just the problem, Jonny. Isn't it?"

"What? I don't understand. As daft as this may seem to you, I'm still failing to see the problem here? Because you know, from where I'm standing, I thought we were happy."

Melanie laid her suitcase down on the floor, "Happy, Jonny? Really?"

"Yes, Mel. Happy."

Melanie walked closer to Jonathan, "Happiness my darling is to feel pleasure, contentment, or even joy. Happiness is feeling satisfied that something is right or has been done right. Jonny," she said as she touched his face. "When can you with all honesty tell me that you've felt for me even the slightest one of those things that I just described? Hmm? No, Jonny, my dear. What you feel is comfortable. Familiarity."

"Comfortable? Yet another synonym for contentment."

"Jonny you know what I mean. I can't carry on with you like this," Melanie said as she walked back over to her bags. "I'm sorry, I ever let it drag out this long."

Jonathan picked up a large blue dictionary that lay on the shelf of his computer desk.

"Familiarity," he said as he muttered to himself while turning the pages. "Ah, here we are. Familiarity. Closeness and friendliness in a personal relationship."

Melanie picked up her bags, "Exactly, Jonny. We're not close."

"Not close?"

"No. And we haven't been for a long time. Come on, Jonny. You must know this as well as I do."

"Tell me the truth, Mel. What's this really about? Why now? Today?"

Melanie dropped her bags, "I've been meaning to do this for the longest time now and I just haven't had the courage to."

"Oh, well in that case..."

"Listen, Jonny. It's better this way, you know? It's better me to leave now than risk doing something later that would hurt you even more."

"Hurt me? Even more? I don't know, Mel. I'd say right now I'm just about as gutted as gutted could possibly get."

"And I know that," Melanie said as she opened the door. "And I'm so sorry, for all of this. But just trust me on this one, Jonny. You're going to be far better off."

Suddenly Melanie's mobile rang.

"Yes," she said. "Here already? Well just hold on. I should be down in just a bit."

"Who was that?" Jonny asked.

"Just a friend of mine, who's been helping me gather all of my things from here."

"I can't believe this," Jonathan said as he began pacing again. "I can't believe this is happening to me right now. How could you just spring something like this on me, Mel? Huh? After all we've been through together?"

Melanie picked up her bags and headed for the door.

"Look, Jonny. I could probably apologize all evening, but it wouldn't make a difference. I've got to get on with my life and now, so do you."

"So do I? Well from the looks of it, I've got no other bloody choice, now have I?"

"No, I guess not."

Melanie's mobile rang, again.

"I said I'd be down in just a bit," she said before hanging up.

"Well, Jonny. I've got to go now," she said as she looked towards him. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "Goodbye, darling."

Jonathan looked out of the window as Melanie walked outside. He watched as she made her way towards a small red car. A man got out of the car and began helping Melanie place her things inside. After they had finished placing everything inside, the man shut the car's trunk, walked over to the left side of the car and opened the door for Melanie. Melanie hugged the man, then looked around as if to make sure no one was looking. When she was sure that the two were out of sight, she kissed the man, then got inside of the car.
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