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don't you cry

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this was before axls voice was fixed slash has been hurt in more ways then one rate and review

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axl was sent home two days after that
“so axl why do you even bother singing you can draw so well think about that” duff said axl had been sitting on the couch with a few sheets of paper drawing a photo of Steven who had sat still for the last two hours izzy was at the store , slash was trying out his new guitar axl was happy to be home with slash who always made him a drink when he was thirsty no matter what time of day or night “almost done ax my nose itches” Steven said sniffing “guys im back from the store" izzy said . Steven jumped up axl looked at izzy with a death glare “here slash told me to get you these" izzy said throwing a bag of mixed candy at him axl had complained that he missed candy but they where broke “ thanks!!” axl wrote he tore open the bag slash sat by him “you’re going to rot your teeth” slash said he tried to get a piece of candy from axl but a hand swatted slash hand away “get your own candy slasher “ axl wrote taking the candy to his bedroom “can you share one piece?” slash asked the redhead “there” axl wrote throwing him the smallest candy he could find in the bag “ gee thanks i had this before its all still in this tooth “ slash said gesturing to his mouth axl tackled him on the ground “hey Steven want to help me break slashes leg?” axl wrote slash tried to break free from axl’s grip but axl was stronger Steven picked up slashes leg “ great now twist it the other way” axl wrote “please don’t “ slash said he was scared Steven would really do it “now!” then came the CRACK “whoa! I never wanted you to really do it!!!!!!!!!!!” axl wrote he jumped off slash who was screaming in pain “I’ll kill that drummer!” slash screamed “relax” was all axl wrote leaving slash on the ground slash’s mind was on the verge of darkness he was in a lot of pain “easy slash” axl wrote then axl’s pale hands ran down slash’s tan arm trying to sooth the angry painful scene that played out in front of him slash was crying out in pain when anybody tried to touch him duff had ran in there room “slash calm down shh it’s ok “ duff could calm a mountain lion. Izzy was with Steven who was sobbing like a three year old who was in middle of a fight duff stayed with axl and slash izzy called 911 but they were going to be five minutes axl knew of a few things that calmed slash down axl remembered a few weeks ago when slash was in the doctor’s office for a flu shot axl had made fun of his fear of needles due to his “habits”
“your afraid of a stupid needle ?” axl said laughing slash who was messing with the ripped part of his jeans trying to distract himself from the countless kids crying “ your a wimp just go get the shot because WE won’t take care of you if you get sick” axl said returning to some magazine he picked up axl had gotten his shot and even asked the nurse if it was over slash began to sweat and his heart rate picked up he felt dizzy he stumbled as he tried to walk “ hey slash you ok?” axl asked he saw slash sort of stumble back to him he was pale and shaking slash had fallen to the floor by now “slash what’s wrong?” axl said to the man who had began to feel faint “slash shh look at me quit this nonsense and go in there “ axl said he pulled slash up and threw him in the office “hello slash” the doctor said he took out the syringe and tried to inject it in his arm but the doctor noticed slashes appearance and called for a heart monitor he hooked slash to it “I’m sorry” slash said to the female nurse who was hooking him up to thing slash felt like a idiot “no your fine don’t worry but your fear of needles is quite sever mind if I ask why ?” she said she reminded slash of his mom she sort of acted like a mom “It’s stupid but when i was six i was attacked by the school nurse she held me down and stabbed a needle in my arm repeated times then took a allergy pen full of a toxin in my neck I was passed out for 2 hours afterward she put me in a choke hold and told if i told anyone what she did i would die so ..Yeah” slash said he hadn't told anyone that or what happened during that but she got it out of him quickly “ my god that’s horrible I’m sorry “ she said the doctor rushed back in “let’s get this over with i got a date with the new nurse “ the doctor said he was concerned about anything but himself he pulled the shot out again filed it and got close to slash who was sweating and his vision was blurry and he was dizzy his heart monitor was beeping faster and faster he felt the cool metal get closer to his skin but slash jerked away “ok don’t be a wimp I’m used to children act this way not adult males be a man “ the doctor’s word cut like hot knives duff rushed in the room when he heard slashed scream no matter what duff was there for anyone so he was scared for his friend “slash slash shh “ duff said he noticed the shot and the stressed out doctor “ can we hurry up we have other people not just you like hot chicks now shut your girly A** up so we can go back to our lives!” the doctor screamed duff noticed the clouded appearance in slashes eyes he was not ok “slash?” duff said slashes eyes met his duff saw tears forming in his eyes “doctor stop it he has Trypanophobia his heart rate is too high he needs to relax before you- the nurse tried to say before the doctor smacked her in the face he jabbed the needle in his arm slammed down the plunger then left the needle still deep into his vain causing him a great deal of pain “ forgive him here let me help you “ the nurse said but instead of ripping the needle out of slashes arm she put a wet washcloth on his head but then axl ran into the room duff had told him what happened and how they couldn't calm him down and if they couldn't he would die of a heart attack and axl marched into room angry then a rabid dog but he quickly calmed down when he saw how scared he was slash was scary to look at axl grabbed his hand “shh you need to calm down slash do you trust me if so let her work I won’t let them hurt you ever” and with that slash allowed them to take out the needle “sorry for acting childish and all “ slash said trying to get up but was sat back down “ no just yet slash your still to stressed to leave rest and relax then we can let you go” she said leaving them alone “so slash you have Trypan....oph uuhh the word on this sheet of paper” axl said slash smiled axl is a pain but whenever he needed him axl was always there “slasher are you feeling any better “ axl asked him slash shook his head axl remembered a song that izzy said relaxed him at times but he wasn't gonna sing so he thought he tried it “'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believ'd!

Thro' many dangers, toils, and snares,
I have already come;
'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,”
axl said his mind gagging at the idea that he sounded like his father slash laughed at him loudly “thanks pastor rose” slash said “bite me” ....
A paramedic brought him back to life “he’ll be ok don’t worry” the medic said slash was fixed up quickly “I’m so so sorry “Steven said to slash as they walked back to the house slash didn't say much axl noticed and the fact he was so quite “what’s wrong?”Duff said he too was worried slash was silent “you ok?” axl wrote “he…..he….hurt me…..” was what slash said silently “who hurt you?” duff asked axl eyes looked like he was gonna kill who ever hurt slash “the doctor he gave me a strange pill then I was passed out for two minutes just like before “ duff’s heart sank he knew the truest story he was assaulted again …….to be continued
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