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A Pointless Fantasy of a Hero

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George becomes the leader of a guerrilla.

Category: Beatles - Rating: G - Genres:  - Characters: George Harrison - Published: 2012-10-14 - Updated: 2012-10-15 - 155 words

The city in which George lived in was furious with their mayor. He was unthoughtful, selfish, and downright rude. They were trying to decide whether they should recede or form a guerrilla. After a unanimous vote, they chose to form the guerrilla and chose George to be the leader.

He was extremely nervous, as you could possible imagine. If something went wrong, the whole town would hate him and frown upon his presence. But to his surprise, everything went smoothly. Dressed in camouflage, the group of angry citizens were able to overthrow the mayor. The town was so proud of George's great leadership they made a mosaic of him.

Suddenly, George was awakened by his scolding teacher. He realized he had fallen asleep in the middle of class and would now have after-school detention; however, he didn't care about being punished. After all, all it was going to do was let him daydream even more.
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