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A Pointless Case of a Doctor and a Plant

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George becomes a doctor and needs to find out what's wrong with a plant.

Category: Beatles - Rating: G - Genres:  - Characters: George Harrison - Published: 2012-11-17 - Updated: 2012-11-17 - 116 words

Dr. George was trying to figure out what was wrong with a plant that needed his help. The poor plant was very out of shape and not itself. Dr. George noticed this terribly as their dialogue grew smaller and smaller. Many of you may think it should be normal for plants to have no ability to keep a steady conversation; however, that is only a stereotype.

Dr. George became worried that he would not be able to figure out its sudden illness. Finally, he found an inference.

“You have a parasite on your xylem,” he said. “We can help you get rid of it.” Thanks to Dr. George, the life of an innocent plant was saved.
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