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A Pikey fic co-written with Mikeyunicornrawr.

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Pete's Point of view: Mikeyunicornrawr
Mikey's Point of view: Me

Pete’s POV

I anxiously wait, pacing through the bunk area, for us to arrive. My desperate need for caffeine has me on edge. That and, I’m excited to see Mikey. I groan impatiently and go to the restroom to darken my eyeliner. I shove the eyeliner into my pocket once I’m finished, then quickly brush my teeth. As soon as I feel the bus stop I run out, forgetting to wake Patrick. I pout, noticing that we’re the first ones here, then shrug and check Google for the nearest Starbucks. Once I’ve found it, I run the three blocks to Starbucks and walk inside, ordering my coffee and siting where I have a clear view of the door. I take a sip of my coffee before taking out my phone and texting Mikey.

“Beat ya, slowpoke. This coffee is goooood.”

I put my phone on the table and take another sip, glancing at the door ever so often. C’mon Mikes hurry up.

Mikey's POV

I finally get tired of staring out the window at the barren landscape and decide to go do something productive. Which for me means lying in my bunk and texting. I start to walk back there and turn around when I see Gerard smirking at me from his bunk. I make my way to the front of the bus and curl up right there on the rug. I take out my phone and look for the Starbucks nearest the venue. I find one a few blocks away and grin. I check my texts again, but nothing. Pete must be getting ready. I peek up at the window again and see us pulling into the lot. I jump up and look around at the buses. Sure enough, Fall Out Boy beat us there. I run to their bus quickly and knock on their door.

"He went to Starbucks. Without me," a disgruntled and sleepy Patrick informs me after opening the door to my incessant knocks. I check my phone again before breaking into a run. I don't stop until I reach Starbucks. Pulling out my phone as I catch my breath, I go to my inbox and see a text from Pete.

"Beat ya, slowpoke. This coffee is goooood."

I grin as I open the door and walk inside.

Pete’s POV

I take another sip of my coffee as I notice the door opening. My eyes widen as I see Mikey walk in, grinning. I stand up quickly, knocking over my coffee.

“MIKEY!” I run over to him and pull the much taller bassist into a hug.

He laughs softly and hugs me back, “You’ve got a bit of coffee… all over you, the table and the floor.”

My eyes widen, “Shit!” I hurry over to the napkin holders and pull out a few fist full, wiping my shirt and then running over to the table, cleaning it off, and then the floor. Mikey watches me, amused, before going to the front counter.

“What did you spill?” He calls over to me.

“Mocha Caramel Iced Latte!” I pick the cubes of ice up from the floor.

He chuckles softly and looks to the cashier, “Two please, venti.”

I throw away the napkins and walk over to the counter with Mikey, taking out my wallet and take out a Five dollar bill. Mikey slaps my hand as I go to hand it to the cashier and pays for it himself. I pout at him and rub the back of my hand. He rolls his eyes playfully and hands me my coffee before we walk over to take our seats.

“So how’s life been, Mikes?” I take a sip before smiling at him.

Mikey's POV

"It's been good, man. Danger Days was... well that was pretty fun. A bit weird. All Gerard's idea, of course." I place my elbows on the table, leaning forward in my chair and picking apart my straw wrapper absently. "No, but it really was fun. I'm happy."

"Seeing anyone?" Pete asks before looking away. I shrug off the question.

"Nah... no one. It's okay though. I've been so busy that I don't really have time to. And you with the Black Cards, that must have been fun."

Pete nods. "Yeah but I'm so glad to be back in Fall Out Boy. I wasn't sure for a while. I just kinda prepared for the worst. And I'm not seeing anyone either. Um... well you didn't ask me that." Pete trails off and begins to focus heavily on drinking his latte. I raise an eyebrow. I'm not used to seeing him stumble over his words or be flustered at all. He's so cool and collected, I didn't know it was possible for him to be otherwise. I decide to speak up.

"P-Pete? What's wrong? Is this weird? Seeing me again after all this time? I hope I didn't piss you off or anything."

Pete shrugs and grins, all evidence of embarrassment disappearing as fast as it appeared. He crossed his leg under the table and leaned back in his chair.

"Nah, why would you ever piss me off? Little Mikeyway, you don't have the ability to."

I laugh. "You're the only one who can pull off making my name one word. I kinda missed that. I also missed Sweet Little Dudes."

Pete jumps up in his seat, nearly knocking his coffee over again.

"Sweet Little Dudes! The best gang ever. Ah, Warped was fun."

I chuckle and take another sip of my drink.

Pete’s POV

Good. Keep the subject completely away from your idiotic announcement that you’re single. Where did that even come from? He didn’t ask, and he doesn’t care either. Idiot. I take another few sips, feeling Mikey’s eyes on me.

“What?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Pete are you..” his eyes widen, “Are you blushing ?”

I choke on my coffee before shaking my head, “What? Me? What would I be blushing about Mikeyway?”

He shrugs, “That’s what I was wondering.”

I mentally curse myself before finishing my coffee, “So I guess it’s back to the buses after this?”

Mikey shrugs, “I guess so… Unless you have any better ideas.”

I nod, “How about more coffee?”

“Because I’m going to say no to coffee.” Mikey flashes me a quick grin.

“That’s what I thought. And I’m paying this time!” I run to the counter as Mikey chuckles, sipping the rest of his latte.

As I wait in line I glance back at Mikey periodically, noticing that I don’t mind he’s discarded the glasses and beanie. Sure, he looks a bit different and I adored the way he looked then, but I have no complaints about the now either. He looks up and our eyes meet before I quickly turn away.

Mikey's POV

I can't stop staring at Pete. I try to avert my eyes every time he glances at me, but I think he's noticing it. I can't help it. I've seen pictures of him for the past few years with short hair and no eyeliner. He looked fine, but I missed the 'emo.' But now... his hair is growing back and he sure as hell is wearing eyeliner. I smile as he sits back down with two fresh lattes and take mine.

"Whatcha thinking about, Mikes?"

"O-Oh um... nothing much, just reminiscing about Warped '05."

"How awesome was that?" Pete shouts, hitting his fists on the table in excitement. I jump and stare at him, eyes wide.

"And... how many cups of coffee have you had while waiting on me?"

Pete shrugs, the grin never leaving his face.

"Can you blame me for being excited? Our first show back as a band! We're gonna kill it up there! And you... we get to play with you guys again. This time though, don't kick Patrick out of your band." He shakes his head playfully.

"We did not! We just figured you guys might want him back."

Pete nods, and reaches his hands forward slightly. I have the urge to reach out and touch them, make sure this is real.

"Remember the fun we all had? 'Pikey' as the fans called it?" Pete asks suddenly. I nod, cracking a smile.

"Yeah, it was pretty fun. Freaked the hell out of the guys. They really believed it. They still do," I reply, finding it easy to talk to him.

"Best summer of my life, really. And it sure as hell kept the boredom away." Pete laughs, and I notice his hands getting closer. I raise an eyebrow, my heart starting to beat a little faster.

"Y-Yeah, me too," I mumble quietly.

"Wanna give that another go?" he adds, taking my hands quickly in his.
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