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How To Get Kicked Out Of Walmart in Ten Minutes

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Pete's Point of view: Mikeyunicornrawr
Mikey's Point of view: Me

Pete’s POV

I look to Mikey, a bit too hopefully as a blush makes it’s way onto his cheeks.

“I-I dunno Pete...Gee’s still teasing me about years ago...” Mikey looks away, though not moving his hands from mine.

“R-Right, yeah..” I let go and sip my coffee, “Dumb idea, I guess...”

Mikey frowns slightly, “Do you really want to?”

I shrug a shoulder, “I dunno... I just think we’ll get teased anyways, why not have a bit of fun with it?”

Mikey's POV

I nod, he does have a point. They'd think we were together even if we didn't continue the PDA.

"Well... I guess. I'm a bit reluctant, though." I tell him as I chew on the tips of my fingers.

"Why?" Pete asks, frowning.

I sigh and lean forward. "It kinda seems like a cheap thing to do. Yanno, lie to the fans? I'm not too happy about it, and I wasn't before. As incredibly fun as it was."

"Who's lying?" Pete looks at the table, avoiding my gaze.

I choke on my coffee. "I-I'm sorry, what?"

"I said... who's lying?"

"Y-You... but I... wh-what?"

Pete's POV

I bite my lip and look up at a wide-eyed Mikey Way. I know it’s been a while since we’ve been around each other, but the way I felt about him then never left. It was all in good fun then, but I missed him to death when the tour ended. We’d hang out some a while after but it wasn’t long after our lives just got too busy to really keep in contact much. The random phone calls or text messages, though, made me grin like an idiot. Patrick knows how I feel about Mikey, even if I’d refuse to admit it. I know how I feel about him, even though I’ve been trying to hide it from myself. I’m sick of hiding it. If I get turned down, this will be a pretty awkward tour, but if I don’t, it could be amazing. And not just until the tour is over. I want to be with Mikey much longer than that.

“P-Pete what are you saying?” Mikey presses the subject, going mad from my silence.

I take in a breath before pulling his hand into mine again, “I’m saying... Mikey I don’t want to pretend we’re together. I don’t want to hug you just to portray some fake relationship. I... I do want, to hug you, hold your hand, a-and hopefully kiss you. I... I want this, without it being a joke. I.. I want to be with you, Mikes.”

Mikey’s eyes widen.

Mikey's POV

My heart pounds in my chest and I open my mouth, trying to speak.

"Mikes?" Pete's looking at me, obviously nervous. I avoid his gaze and stare at our entwined hands. It feels so familiar, so usual. As if no time had passed at all. He sees me looking and squeezes my hand. I glance at him for a second and he looks sad, yet hopeful.

I think back to summer of '05, when we first toured together. I was reluctant to agree to our little prank. I didn't want people getting hurt due to our lies. Pete tried to make me feel better by saying it was just fun and no one would get hurt, but I was still on the fence about it. Finally I realized that it wouldn't have been as bad as I thought. And he was so persuasive. Every time he would ask, he'd take my hand like he did just now. He'd look me in the eyes with his beautiful brown ones and practically beg. I couldn't say no to that. But what really justified it for me? The fact that it wasn't entirely a lie. I felt for him too. I didn't know the fullest extent of it at first, and I guess not even when it ended. But after we left Warped... I sure as hell knew what had been there all along. The reason I agreed to pretend to be with him is because I wasn't pretending at all.

"Is that true?" Pete asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

My eyes widen in confusion. "I-Is what true?"

"What you just said," Pete replies. "About Warped."

"I said that out loud?"

He nods.

Pete’s POV

“S-So is that a yes?” I ask hopefully, “I-If you don’t want to... If you aren’t sure, th-that’s okay. N-No weirdness, or awkwardness. I.. I just..” I look down.

It’s rare for me to put my heart on the line, for anyone. I hardly ever show real emotion, and keep this fake happy, cocky attitude. But around Mikey, it falters. Around Mikey, I’m the Pete I wish I wasn’t too afraid to be. I’m the Pete only Patrick has ever seen, and that has been in rare times. I look to Mikey hopefully, desperately. If he says no, I might break. I don’t regret telling him, and I’m comforted in the knowledge that he has feelings for me too. But, he might not be up for an actual relationship. I do have a pretty awful track record. I’ve broken many hearts and used many people. I’ve manipulated, cheated, and lied. But I could never do something like that to Mikey, ever. He’s too perfect. He’s too sweet. He’s too pure. He’s everything good wrapped up into a skinny, adorable frame.

“M-Mikes?” I bite my lip hard, “Pl-Please.. Just say something. I won’t be mad if it’s no. I’ll still be your friend. I won’t hold any resentment towards you. I don’t want you saying yes to spare my feelings. I.. I want this more than anything in the world but if you aren’t sure, than that’s fine with me.” I look up into his eyes.

Mikey's POV

There are those beautiful browns again, looking into my eyes pleadingly. I've never seen him this vulnerable. I could be wrong, but it seems as if he's about to cry. I squeeze his hand and try to get the words to speak. How could I be so stupid as to mumble my thoughts aloud? Guess my self-control is slipping. This is what adoration does to a guy, I guess. All those post-Warped years of texting and tweeting each other. How could I possibly deny for 7 years what had been in my heart all along? Maybe I'd denied feeling that way for another man. Maybe I had denied feeling that way for anyone. I didn't trust myself. I didn't think I deserved happiness. And hell, it was just a summer fling at most. Fake... I think we're past fake. Neither of us seem to believe that much anymore. A fling. Yeah, that's what it was. And I want more. I definitely want more. Especially from Pete. I love how brave he is. He never gives a shit what others think. If someone gives him shit, he's quick to retort. In some cases, his fists are involved. He punched a merch guy for calling me a skinny twink. I was incredibly embarrassed, but... I wish I had the ability to do anything other than just stand there and bite my lip till it bleeds whenever someone treats me like shit. He's everything I could hope to be. And he's everything I want. I'd love nothing more than to spend a lot more time with him.

I smile shyly and nod. "N-No, I..." I clear my throat as he leans forward slightly.


"I do want this. I have for a while. I guess I never realized it until now. And yet I did." I shake my head quickly in embarrassment.

"God, I'm a dork," I mutter.

Pete grins slightly. "The greatest dork there is."

Pete’s POV

He blushes, pink painted over his normally paler cheeks. I grin, and pull him into a hug across the table, knocking over both of our drinks this time. He chuckles softly and hugs me back awkwardly across the table. I’m extremely glad he didn’t say no. I honestly almost cried, which is something I do not do in front of people. All feelings of doubt fade away as I press a few kisses to his cheeks, reddening them even more.

“P-Pete, they’re gonna ban us from Starbucks if you keep spilling drinks everywhere.”

“Oh!” I quickly let go and pick up the cups, throwing them away and grabbing handfuls of napkins to clean up the mess. Mikey shakes his head, smiling as he helps me clean up the coffee. Once we’ve cleaned up the mess, excluding the spilt coffee on our shirts, I appologize to the staff and offer to mop it up for them.

The cashier rolls her eyes and gives me a disgruntled, “I think you’ve done enough.” before mopping up the rest of the mess herself.

I shrug and walk back over to Mikey, pulling his hand in mine, “Wanna see if I can create havoc somewhere else?”

He rolls his eyes, but smiles and gives my hand a squeeze, “Yeah, okay. Just don’t break anything you can’t afford.”

I grin and pull him out of Starbucks, walking down the sidewalk with him aimlessly, “So, you like me, eh?”

He blushes and looks at his feet, “Pretty sure we just established that.”

I grin and kiss his cheek, “I was only hoping to hear it again.”

He rolls his eyes, “Pete, I like you.”

My grin widens as I grab his other hand and spin in a circle. Mikey clumsily spins along, chuckling at my childish display of happiness. Who cares if I’m childish? Mikey’s in love with me!

“So, you have no destination in mind, do you?” he raises an eyebrow.

“Nope!” I grin at him and pull him into a hug, “But walking is good exercise, isn’t it?”

He smiles, “I suppose so, but we’ll probably get hungry and sleepy sooner or later.”

“I’m sure we could find somewhere to eat and then...” I frown slightly.

“What’s wrong Pete?” he asks worriedly.

“When we get sleepy we can just go back to the buses..two separate buses...” I sigh and look down, hoping desperately to hide my blush, “I won’t get to see you until tomorrow.”

Mikey's POV

I smile and kiss his cheek nervously. "Maybe the two bands can all just have dinner together tonight. First night of tour, why part to separate buses so soon? I'm sure everyone else will love the idea. Plus, we've got tons of food. We've got options, Pete. Don't worry."

Pete nods, his eyes still disappointed. I try again.

"What if... you room in our bus tonight? I'm sure Patrick would love a break," I say playfully.

Pete's eyes light up and he kisses my cheek again. "Sounds like a plan. Dinner as a group and then well..."

"Lights out," I reply simply.

He jumps up and down like a kid, tugging repeatedly on my arm in the process. I carefully remove my hand from his and rub my shoulder. He shrugs apologetically before skipping ahead. I roll my eyes and follow at a slower pace. As Pete sees this, he turns around and takes my hand, walking backwards.

"Pete, you're gonna fall. Walk right for once and we can go kill time at Walmart. You won't have to behave."

Pete looks at the Walmart looming ahead of us a few blocks and breaks into a run. He shouts over his shoulder, "Race ya!"

I follow him quickly without hesitation, laughing at his childishness. This is why I love being around him. He's so energetic and enthusiastic that it kinda just radiates onto everyone else.

We reach Walmart and he runs in, hurrying down the aisles. He goes to the bikes first. Before I can stop him, he's lifting a bike out of its rack and setting it on the floor.

"Pete, no! You're gonna get us kicked out!"

He grins and replies with, "You said I don't have to behave. Besides, that's the point." With that, he takes off. I sigh loudly before grabbing a bike of my own and chasing after him. We swerve around display stands and small children, nearly crashing as we go. I've lost track of how many times I've yelled "Sorry!" but Pete just keeps shouting in joy as we speed down the aisles. Finally, an employee starts chasing us, yelling at us to stop. Pete brakes suddenly in front of me, causing me to nearly crash into him. We quickly turn our bikes and ride them back to their racks, which earns us more yelling from the irate employee. When we finally put them back, we run to another part of the store. We're about to start playing with swords when a woman appears and tells us we're never to come into her store again and to leave immediately.

"Well that was fun," Pete says once we're back out on the street, chuckling and trying to catch his breath.

"It was, actually. I'd never want to admit it, but... it truly was." I take his hand and we start walking back to the venue, and the buses.
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