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All in le title ;)

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Hi guys!

So, as you may have noticed, I deleted School Of Stardom. Don't worry though, because I will be putting it back up. I'm just editing it a little bit.

Anyway, while I was editing it recently, and writing the next chapter, I got a new idea. It's called The Ups And Downs Of Fame. It basically follows our four leading men (Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon, naturally) as they discover what it's REALLY like to be famous. Basically, it's rewinding to the start of their journey, as they become nobodies from Las Vegas, to everybody knowing their names.

However, I realized I'm terrible at coming up with characters without them being a bit of a Mary-Sue. So, I need the following characters:

-Ryan's younger sister/Brendon's eventual girlfriend (16-18)
-Ryan's mom (35-50)
-A young rock star who becomes P!ATD's opening act/Jon's eventual girlfriend (17-20)
-A crazy actress who becomes obsessed with Spencer (17-19)
-An old friend of the boys, who Ryan falls in love with (16-19)
-A tough, mean record producer, who the boys end up working with (male, 30+)
-Record producer's assistant (21-25)

So, without further ado, here is the app:

Part (include back-up, if you like):
Full name:
Nickname(s)/preferred name:
Birthday (just day and month):
Clothing style:
Anything else:

So, yeah, audition!

xoxo Catrina
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