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All in le title ;)

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  • Auditions!

    (#) Mirazal 2012-10-18 10:26:38 PM

    I'm just really curious, but did you take down your fic because of me? :( I've accidentally made someone really upset from a comment I gave them and I don't want you to feel bad or anything.

    So I am now going to awkwardly audition.
    Part (include back-up, if you like): Ryan's future girlfriend
    Full name: Miranda Zarae
    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Miranda
    Age: 16
    Birthday (just day and month): July 24
    Appearance: short, not skinny but not overly chubby (I mean... I have stomach flab and stuff...), short black hair with two longer front pieces and bangs, brown eyes, olive skin
    Personality: sweet, sensitive, kind of worrisome, caring, usually kind of quiet
    Clothing style: normally wears t shirts with funny captions (or band shirts), jeans, old black Converse, nerdy aviator style eyeglasses- sometimes wears button down flannel shirts, v necks, cuffed shorts
    Anything else: very smart... REALLY LOVES RYAN okay I seriously ship myself with him in my head and wait for the day that he comes to his senses and goes back to Panic! and wears makeup again

    I might audition for other characters later... I like the idea for this fic and it seems like it's gonna be really cute and sweet.

    Author's response

    I actually didn't take it down because of you. I took it down due to small mistakes I made. I wanted to fix them, but I'll be re-posting it shortly.
  • Auditions!

    (#) lastcallforsin 2012-10-18 10:33:46 PM

    Part: Ryan's younger sister/Brendon's eventual girlfriend
    Full name: Brooklyn Nikole Ross
    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Brook
    Age: 17
    Birthday: June 23
    Appearance: 5'6", slim but with curves, long, wavy, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, pale olive skin
    Personality: friendly, funny, sarcastic, nerdy, adventurous, stubborn, confident yet shy, open-minded, smart, realistic
    Clothing style: skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, any type of shoes, any type of accessories. Pretty much if it's cute, it'll be worn!
    Anything else: Do tattoos count? If so, anchor and rope tattoo on right hip. Rope comes out to write a quote above the pant line, saying "Smooth seas never make for more skillful sailors."
  • Auditions!

    (#) AshIsNotOnFire 2012-10-19 04:17:08 AM

    Part (include back-up, if you like): Ryan's eventual girlfriend or Ryan's younger sister/Brendon's girlfriend?

    Full name: Ashlie Harlequin Shadlow

    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Ash, Penguin (for good reason), Ditzy

    Age: 17

    Birthday (just day and month): October 8th.

    Appearance: Pale blond hair, cut to her chin. Hazel eyes, always outlined in black. Pale skin, tall (6"2) and skinny (59 kg). Has long skinny fingers, full pink lips, and a light spattering of freckles across her nose.

    Personality: Mostly a total badass- the life of the party. A rebel. Cheeky, sarcastic, smirks quite a lot. She occasionally has anxiety attacks, though, and she changes, she turns into this broken, shy little thing.

    Clothing style: Anything with a penguin on it! Seriously, she wears white hoodies with penguins on them, shirts with penguins on them, she has a penguin necklace, penguin earrings, penguin Vans.. and normal skinny jeans.

    Anything else: She has a small tattoo of (surprise surprise) a penguin on her ankle. No one knows about it.

    Is that good? :3
  • Auditions!

    (#) atomickilljoy 2012-10-19 03:19:30 PM

    Part (include back-up, if you like):
    young rock star who becomes P!ATD's opening act/Jon's eventual girlfriend or Ryan's eventual girlfriend

    Full name: Jennifer Flores

    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Jen

    Age: 18

    Birthday (just day and month): December 6th

    Hair- Black, wavy, up to shoulders
    Eyes- brown(she has black rimmed glasses)
    Skin- light brown

    Personality: She loves to sing, she loves rock music, she doesn't get mad easily, she can be a bit of a nerd, she loves comics. She's a bit of a badass, loves to make people laugh, and learns quickly. She can be a shoulder to cry on, too. She loves guitars and drums, even though she can't play anything on either. She loves her bandmates as if they were her older brothers(yes, guys if that's possible in your story), and they love her as if she was their little sister. She's a bit protective of them, like they are with her. She's very nice and calm, and gives off a very happy vibe, which makes being around her awesome. She's a bit of a prankster, too.

    Clothing style: baggy band t shirts( The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Green Day, etc.), with skinny jeans and a pair of converse. She hates dresses.

    Anything else:She's Mexican American, which makes touring to Spanish countries MUCH easier for her and her bandmates.
    Can she be Spencer's eventual girlfriend instead of Jon's, if she gets the part? If not, that's ok. :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) Sam41 2012-10-19 07:20:06 PM

    Part (include back-up, if you like): Rockstar/Jons Eventual GF
    Full name: Sam Kassper Alexx
    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Kassper, Kass, Alexx
    Age: 17.5
    Birthday (just day and month): August 10th
    Hair: Bright pink with blue roots, short enough to spike out (the parts not covered by her signature black and grey striped beanie)
    Eyes: Bright blue with a hazel center
    5"6, Skinny, pale but has a natural redness in her cheeks
    Personality: Very outgoing, always trying to make her own style, loves music
    Clothing style: Scemo (Scene/emo)
    Anything else: Plays bass and blunt and is really dirty minded
  • Auditions!

    (#) toni_baloni 2012-10-20 10:43:46 AM

    Part (include back-up, if you like): Ryan's eventual girlfriend

    Full name: Antoni Rose Ortiz

    Nickname(s)/ preferred name: Toni

    Age: 17

    Birthday (just day and month): September 30

    Hair: shoulder length brown wavy hair
    Eyes: hazelish brown
    Skin: light brown

    Personality: outgoing, goofball, overall peppy and bubbly, but sometimes a bad-ass>:)

    Clothing style: formal wear: cardigans, leggings, flats, and what-not

    Anything else: not extremely thin(has curves), glasses(purple rimmed) a mole like Marilyn Monroe, 5'7

    fingers crossed that I get the part(:!!

  • Auditions!

    (#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-10-21 11:39:48 AM

    Hello! This sounds very interesting, so I would like to audition of character of mine :)

    Part (include back-up, if you like): crazy actress that becomes obsessed with Spencer(;

    Full name: Marion Lee Davis (Real Name--Janet Robertson, though she will literally attempt to cut your head off if you even try to call her that)

    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Marion, or Miss Davis to people she thinks are "below her", (at one point she tries to refer to herself as "Mrs. Smith: Spencer's Wife-to-be")

    Age: 18

    Birthday (just day and month): June 31

    Appearance: short, curvy, auburn hair that she keeps perfectly styled at all times, brown eyes, tan, smooth complexion

    Personality: She has definitely let her fame and "talent" go to her head. She likes making ridiculous demands and clapping her hands together while saying degrading things like "chop, chop" or "hop to it" or something equally weird. She tends to look at situations as if it were a play, TV show, or movie because she finds it "helps her deal with stress." If it doesn't go her way, she'll usually say something like, "Ok, that was good, but let's try again. Alright, places, and.... ACTION!"

    Clothing style: She's very girly, and into high heels, skirts, dresses, and likes to wear those big, gaudy, over-sized sunglasses. She tends to practically gawk when someone isn't wearing a name-brand or designer item.

    Anything else: Nope, don't think so

    Good luck with your story :)xx
  • Auditions!

    (#) anonymowriter 2012-10-24 04:59:06 PM

    Part (include back-up, if you like): Old Friend (or Ryan's Sister)

    Full name: Alila Shannon Elia (or Ross)

    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Alli

    Age: 18

    Birthday (just day and month): February 21st

    Appearance: Brown wavy hair just below her shoulders, blue eyes (or hazel if it's Ryan's sister) with a touch of gold inside. She's average build, not too big and not too small. She's the "perfect" size.

    Personality: Sarcastic and witty, she isn't afraid to tell it like she means it. if she sees something one way, she'll tell people. If something is wrong, she never hesitates to snap someone back into place. At the same time, she can be sensitive. She can get hurt easily by things, but joke about her own flaws. She's secretive and doesn't really tell people much about herself.

    Clothing style: Dresses and skirts. Owns two pairs of jeans but rarely wears them. She wears mostly sombre colors (and never puts her hair up unless it's a cute style, but no ponytails). If she's in a good mood, she'll wear bright colors, but she doesn't own much.

    Anything else: She prefers winter over any other season. So she wears coats and tights even when it's hot out.

    (I'm going to audition for another part, since this one seems to be the most popular.)
  • Auditions!

    (#) anonymowriter 2012-10-24 05:04:32 PM

    Part (include back-up, if you like): Record Producer

    Full name: Jackson Neil Larson

    Nickname(s)/preferred name: Jack

    Age: 37

    Birthday (just day and month): November 1st

    Appearance: Brown hair in a fauxhawk style that he keeps styled the same way all the time. He has stubble just around his chin (not on the upper lip). He has a few gray hairs because of stress. He's about 6'3". He is fit (muscles and such) and he has his left arm littered with tattoos that no one knows the significance of but him.

    Personality: He's an asshole (to put lightly). The only living creature that puts up with him is his dog, and even that's stretching it. He doesn't care about anyone's well being except his own. He has a total of two friends and, even then, they don't spend much time with him. He spends all his time in his studio, working. He has no wife, no kids, nothing but a dog (that rarely gets fed).

    Clothing style: Button-down shirts and ripped/stained jeans. Combat boots and various bracelets.

    Anything else: Nope.

    (There we go. Second audition, a part no one has auditioned for yet. Yay for asshole men! Haha.)
  • Auditions!

    (#) anonymowriter 2012-10-24 05:05:30 PM

    Oh, and he may be an ass, but he's amazing at his job. (Forgot to add that.)

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