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Ficwad enters the game, creates a new character, and does other stuff good too.

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  • MegaMistake

    (#) Mirazal 2012-11-13 07:56:06 PM

    Oh my goodness, just saw this.
    I feel like, maybe if I did the Homestuck thing, I might understand this better. You have it planned out REALLY well (oh my god, like, down pat) but all the... terms? Terms, I guess. Well, it all gets kinda confusing because a lot come at one time.
    It might just be me, though. I have, like, half a brain.

    But anyway, this is so funny. Gawd. When you were describing FicWad, I just couldn't. I still can't. It all fits so well, her description.

    Thanks for updating! Please update again soon!

    Author's response

    I was worried that I was a shit author, to be honest. (WHAT IS WRONG? DOES SHE NOT GET IT? I AM GOING TO KILL MY SELF INSERT!!!!)

    Don't do the Homestuck thing. I strongly dissuade you from doing that. I'm switching things around so everything is either Canon or really really close to canon.
    Remember how I mentioned Tumblr's in another session? I have to fix everything so that this session and that session are both sort of canon and make sense.

    I'm not giving you a reference guide. FFN didn't read the rules, so somebody has to explain it to him.
  • MegaMistake

    (#) KelseyChem 2012-11-17 10:10:17 AM

    Okay, first off, I'd like to thank you for the massive review you left me, it was very thoughtful, so I shall return the favour :)

    I'm newish to Homestuck (act 2 n00000b..) but my friend Chloe gloms on and on about it and I pretty much know the entire plot and such (I really should catch up though...but...laziness..anyways.)
    Let's stop rambling about me, I absolutely adore this story. You've embodied the style and creativity of Homestuck and I was laughing throughout the whole thing. Please continue writing this, I'd love to read more.
    The only things wrong with it I can see is that if someone were to be unfamiliar with the insanity that is Homestuck, they'd probably be quite confused. (At least I would be, but I'm a dim bulb in a bright room, okay that made no sense I'll stop talking forever now =_=)

    Author's response

    I'm not writing about Homestuck asomuch as writing about the Homestuck Fandom.
    I have so much planning and forethought in this monster. There is symbolism everywhere. I AM AN AUTHOR BECAUSE I USE SYMBOLISM, BECAUSE SYMBOLISM IS TOTALLY NOT A HUGE JOKE IN THE WRITING COMMUNITY.

    And you're welcome for that massive review. And this thing will hopefully take over the internet. There will be side stories on different sites, and video links, and picture links. This will be huge.
  • MegaMistake

    (#) sampartypoison 2012-11-17 03:57:06 PM

    OHMYGOD. so i just saw your review you put on my reclist, sorry about taking forever. i really like it. kinda confused but thats okay. its really fuckin funny and awesomely written ^.^

    Author's response

    Seeing as the actual Homestuck comic is awesome and kinda (a lot, who am I kidding) confusing, I think I'm doing it right.
    Satire for the masses!

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