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Because My Favourite Lesson Is Art

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A drawing of Gerard.

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Frank's POV
Art is now going to be my favourite lesson. It's got me motivated to start drawing, and not just because of Gerard Way.. Although that may play a huge part of it.
Seeing as he drew me, I decided to draw a picture of him, and it was going to be perfect, I just know it.
My Bat Cave, that's my room, is so messy it took me twenty minutes to find some decent paper to use for the drawing. There was Misfits and Black Flag posters covering all my available walls, a few tops laying dead on the floor and CD's in every possible corner. But, finally, I found a good notebook under the bed!
I think back to the Art lesson. He was thin and tall, quite lanky so. His hair was black and short with a messy side fringe. Misfits tee and black skinny jeans. And don't forget the black Converse with the rips in the fabric near the soles. His eyeliner was thick and smudgy too.
Soon, my drawing just came to life, almost jumping out at me on the page. 
I studied it closely, nodding in approval of the detail I had included.
For all the effort I had taken into the art, I hope Gerard was pleased by it. 
It was getting pretty late so I decided it was time for some well earned beauty sleep.
-Time Lapse-
When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't find my drawing of Gerard. I remember putting it on my desk, before going to bed.. But now it wasn't there. Quickly, I got dressed, shoving on a Black Flag t shirt and skinny jeans, not caring for how I looked. This drawing was more important than my appearance. 
When I ran down the stairs, I could smell coffee and toast, which meant my mom was already up.
"Mom.. Um, have you seen a drawing of mine? I left it on my desk in my Bat Cave, and now it's gone!" I shouted into the kitchen as I entered.
"This one by any chance?" She asked, showing me the Gerard drawing.
Oh. Well. This could go wrong. My mom has a drawing of a boy drew by a boy in her hand.
Okay. So, she possibly doesn't know about my sexuality.. 
It was when I had just started in Middle School. I thought I was just being stupid you know. But, I found myself attracted to boys, and girls. For months I wondered if it was just a phase, you know. But the attraction got stronger and stronger. I liked boys over girls. It had come to my knowledge I was bisexual. To make it easier for myself, I came out to the other people in my grade and then all the Middle School, I just got crap for it. Even know I came out to others in Middle School, I couldn't pluck up enough courage to tell my Mom. I mean, I was only twelve. It may be better now I'm fifteen.. Let's just see how this goes, if it goes there.
"Um. Yeah." I shrug.
She studies my face for a few seconds before continuing.
"Frank. Would you like to tell me what this is?" Mom asks.
Usually I would laugh at such a stupid question like that, but this is hardly the laughing time.
"It's a drawing." I tell her, which simply, it is.
She nods slowly. "Yes. Of a boy."
"Who's in my Art Class." I add.
"Are you into boys, Frank?" 
"Mom. Okay. Okay. I'm bisexual. I should of told you long ago back in Middle School." I blurt out.
"So what's this drawing about then?" She asks.
So many questions. "I just wanted to draw something. Gerard came into my mind." Gerard. Oh shit. Mom knows his name now.
"Gerard? Boyfriend?" 
"Mom! I only met him today."
I grab the drawing out of her hand and run back up to my Bat Cave.
My clock says it's 7:30. Better hurry up and get ready, school starts at 8am.
I apply some eyeliner today and add hairspray to my fringe to keep it down. I must be really excited to see Gerard.
I race to school and wait in the homeroom for Gerard. Strange though, as I saw him in Art and not in homeroom yesterday. 
"Hey Frank!" Gerard calls, slipping into the seat next to me.
"Hi." I reply casually. "Um.. I actually have something to show you." 
I get out the drawing from my backpack and hand it to him, feeling myself go red.
He studies the drawing carefully, smiling. "Oh.. My.. God.." He says.
"Do you like it?" I ask, hopefully.
"Frank. I love it." He whispers, before pulling me into an unexpected hug, still clutching the drawing.
"God. Fags." Someone says.
That makes Gerard hug me tighter and I grin, smelling the coffee on him. When we finally pull away, I'm blushing red and hiding behind my hairsprayed fringe.
The bell then goes for period one. 
"Hey Frank, wanna skip?"
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